Sunday, May 30, 2010

As we ponder this Memorial Day...

I look at those we have running for Congress here in the 3rd District, and on the GOP side, I see that of the 4 GOP'ers running, 3 of them felt strongly enough about their country to actually serve it in uniform.

Jaime, of course, was far too busy being a professional intern to actually consider joining the military.

She was far too busy pouring coffee and taking credit for what others accomplished... like taking credit for raising $2 million at a Bush fundraiser in Bellevue when she wasn't anything more than a receptionist for those who actually put that money together... or answering phones in the White House for a few weeks, or working for Zarelli for 20 minutes or so in Olympia.

While she despicably told me to my face that her decade-long absence from this district was the SAME THING as "serving in the military," I pointed out to her at the time: "No, Jaime... it isn't."

Any one of the other 3 candidates are better qualified to serve us in the midst of a war. Any one of the others have displayed their patriotism and sacrifice for this country by strapping it on and standing a tour on the Wall.

The only place Herrera has "stood on the Wall" is at any one of her legendary clubbing expeditions.

As i go out to my flag pole to lower it to half-staff on Monday in remembrance of those who've gone on before in defense of this great country, I will ponder: How ANYONE support this woman for Congress or any other elective office is simply beyond me.

The choice is clear: we can vote for someone who has already exhibited the best of us by putting their lives on hold and serving this country, or we can vote for someone who's most complex decision has been to choose a color of fingernail polish... since it damned sure wasn't to serve this country.

It's simple, really.

Friday, May 28, 2010

The rank hypocrisy of a Herrera supporter.

Imagine my surprise when I read this nonsense from a Herrera kool aid drinker, in this case, one who doesn't even live in the district!
hint 4 @castillo_2010 from Benton: http: // "Contrasts R 1 thing...attacking w/ negative charges isn’t appropriate" #wa03
Hhhhmmmm..... lessee... How about a "negative charge" that emanated from the very slimeball who tweeted the above, along with the ubiquitous Nan Malin, self-appointed political matriarch of the 3rd CD??
Eric Earling - lame: @castillo_2010 can't do big push w/out lying abt @JaimeLHerrera. latest Dick Armey email = laughable. #wa03
Nan Malin - .@billiegirltoo I dont like Maddow, but i know @freedomworks lastest email is full of BS. Complete lies!! Shocking!!! So sad. #wcot #wa03
Nan Malin - Lies frm @freedomworks> RT @ericearling: lame @castillo_2010 cnt do big push w/out lying abt @JaimeLHerrera latest Armey email #wa03 #wcot
Nan Malin - Never thought I would see day @Freedomworks spread outright LIES against a GOP candidate.Complete LIES against @JaimeLHerrera #wa03 #wcot

The hypocrisy here is obvious. The bizarre aspect that someone who doesn't even live close to this district (What's the deal, Eric... you looking for a job?) that put this kind of garbage out... the stunning dimension of hypocrisy that after piling crap on those supporting Castillo for doing the very same thing you and the other Winged Monkeys have done, you would come out with THIS trash?

The very conduct that YOU have engaged in. The very conduct that YOU have now condemned in others. The very conduct that YOU fostered and allowed uncondemned by you when it suited your purposes.

Rank hypocrisy on the part of Herrera's supporters are hardly grounds to vote for her. In fact, they're grounds to do just the opposite.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Another establishment "Young Gun" bites the dust: Labrador takes out Ward in the ID1

So, a clone of Jaime Herrera got clobbered in the ID1 primary when GOP Idaho State Representative Raul Labrador dough-popped Vaughn Ward, a rather clueless young man who joined with Ridgefield Barbie in achieving the allegedly "coveted status" of NRCC "Young Gun."

You remember all the babble about it a few weeks back, don't you? "Young Gun" this, and "Young Gun" that. Well, Ward WAS a "Young Gun." And I emphasize WAS. Unfortunately for Ward, plagiarizing the Hope-a-Dope doesn't get you elected.

Even more shocking was that Ward was a Sarah Palin endorsed-and-campaigned-for-as-late-as-last-Friday candidate... and it did absolutely nothing for him.

This, of course, is our empty suit's future. Being the establishment's candidate gets you clobbered.

Just like Ward.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

You have GOT to be kidding me: Herrera is stupid enough that giving the democrats control of the House was a GOOD thing?

It takes a genuine, unvarnished political moron to indicate that the loss of the House by the GOP was a "good thing?"


Look, we were spending too much; I'll be the first to admit it. But comparing Bush spending to Obama spending... well, that's like comparing a fender-bender with "8 killed in the intersection."

If you love massive increases in government, spending, taxes and debt, it was just swell.

But then, the SEIU endorsed Jaime Herrera pretty much DOES love those things if her record is any indication.

Big H/T to Lew Waters: on the case as always!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Seems ol' Jaime was liked by a LOT of unions and not just in the SEIU.

I remember her We The People vetting. She claimed she couldn't be bought for $500.

Do you 'spose $5000 would do it?

Here's the list from 2008 for our fake conservative:





SERVICE EMPLOYEES LOCAL 925 SEATTLE, WA $500 08/03/2008 Public Sector Unions



VANCOUVER FIRE FIGHTERS LOCAL 452 VANCOUVER, WA $250 06/14/2008 Public Sector Unions




Yup. Sure looks like Ridgefield Barbie DEFINITELY wanted to be a "friend of Labor," because they have sure showed THEIR appreciation to her... in just over $5000 ways.

Friday, May 21, 2010

As one of Herrera's constituents, I just got a copy of her, ahem, "Legislative Seesion Report."

I looked it over with reasonable care, given that my shot record is up to date. I was struck be a few things: First, that she would even send out a newsletter.

I haven't seen one from her seatmate, Ed Orcutt. But then, Orcutt didn't co-sponsor or vote for any SEIU legislation to require collective bargaining in private day care centers if only ONE child is paid for with subsidized day care payments.

I haven't seen one from Joe Zarelli; but then, Zarelli voted against helping the democrats dramatically INCREASE spending by stripping out the last $229 million from our state emergency fund; in order, to hear her tell it, to avoid tax increases, something that she has stated she would even do AGAIN.

The problem?

Taxes got jacked up ANYWAY.

So, either she was hosed when she was one of 4 Republicans to vote for this idiocy, or she is just stupid.

Because her own campaign-piece-masquerading-as-a-newsletter, (which, by the way, wasted additional thousands of taxpayer dollars) lists a dozen tax increases that, to hear her tell it, WEREN"T SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN BECAUSE SHE VOTED TO BLOW THESE 100'S OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS.

But I've got to wonder: WHY didn't she mention her yeoman's work for the SEIU? Why didn't she mention that she had cosponsored and voted for this bill, discussed in detail over at Lew Waters' blog?

WHY didn't she mention her brilliant move to help the democrats spend our money?

Could it be... that she doesn't want you to know about it?

Yeah. It could.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lies of omission; lies of co-mission.

Clearly, Ridgefield Barbie has shown there's no lie she won't tell; no exaggeration she won't use to get elected.

Take, for example, this crock on yet another of her waste-of-time fund raisers (Which are becoming more and more threadbare.)

Not the clearest picture, but the upshot is both what this contains... and what it doesn't.

Herrera has proven herself utterly delusional. Her SEIU support and financing; her vote to strip out the last $229 million in our state emergency fund; the repeated lie that she "...served in a senior Congressional staff position," the despicable lie that SHE is "the leading Republican" in this race,or that she's anywhere NEAR "her party's leadership team" (She is in no way or stretch of the imagination a "party leader.")

This invitation contains one of the most frightening things about her imaginable: That she would take the same RINO philosophies, lies and exaggerations to Congress. You don't "control spending" by voting to waste $229 million of your states budget voting with the democrats... You don't "create jobs" or "lower the cost of health care" by shilling for the SEIU.

You DON'T represent US by ditching us for what seems to have been a disastrous fund raiser in DC during session; and you DON'T stay away from your seat for hours at a time like this empty suit did to fund raise during the time the legislature is in session so that your seat mate has to vote for you so you can fraudulently claim you were these instead of screwing us with your non-representation while you were out getting owned by the special interests that own you.

That's what you DON'T do.

But that's what this excuse for a representative did.

And now you know the rest of the story... the story she doesn't want you to know.

Memo to McMorris: Comparison of WA03 with Kentucky KYSEN GOP.

Memo to McMorris:


Dealt fresh blows from an angry electorate, Republican and Democratic leaders in Washington on Wednesday studied the defeats of Senate incumbents and hand-picked candidates in hopes of learning lessons to avoid losses in other upcoming primaries if not the fall election.

By now, we all know the outcome of the Kentucky GOP Primary: the anti establishment candidate won.
Among Republicans, Paul's victory over Secretary of State Trey Grayson was a rebuke to the GOP Senate leader, Mitch McConnell. McConnell recruited Grayson to the race after pushing the incumbent, Sen. Jim Bunning, into retirement out of concern that he would lose the seat to the Democrats.
Let's reroute that through the local filter, shall we?
Among Republicans, Castillo's victory over State Representative Jaime Herrera was a rebuke to the House GOP Leadership who bought into Conference Vice Chair Cathy McMorris Rogers' lack of vision; who foolishly supported Herrera from a junior staff position in her own office to the race after the incumbent, Congressman Brian Baird, announced his retirement out of concern that he would lose the seat to the GOP.
Or something like that.

Here, there are a few similarities on the GOP scene:

First, we have David Castillo; inarguably the most qualified of the Republicans running, but an outsider (Like Paul.)

Next, we have Jaime "Ridgefield Barbie" Herrera; the anointed by Cathy McMorris/Slade Gorton but few others wing of the GOP, because, frankly, she's as exciting (and intelligent) as drying paint.

The choice is rather stark: vote for someone qualified with vision, maturity and experience... or vote for an empty suit who hasn't even lived here for 11 of the past 13 years.

Vote for one with private sector experience... or vote for one endorsed and financed by the SEIU in the past.

I'll be the first to admit the situation between KY and WA is not precisely the same.

But the similarities are startling when viewed through the lens of what's been happening out there.

We'll know before not too much longer.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Is there trouble in Herrera Land?

I've been waiting since the news broke for the backlash against the Christian conservatives who endorsed Castillo.

It wasn't that long ago that the Winged Monkeys around Herrera threw a massive and prolonged fit over both the Castillo Robocall and the coveted FreedomWorks endorsements of David Castillo.

So, when, among others, Randy Tate and Rick Forcier, et al, endorsed Castillo (Who is, after all, actually a conservative in this race, unlike Herrera) I and many others thought the Herreraites would come just as unhinged.

Well, by golly, there wasn't a peep out of them.

Then, of course, there was the Lameness in Longview for Herrera, where she indicated her trademark cluelessness when anyone draws outside the lines and she has to rely on more than her pre-packaged responses.

So, here we are. The hubbub surrounding Ridgefield Barbie seems to have subsided into nothingness. The incessant twittering, even among her strongest supporters who use that device seems to have dried up. The drum beat of written-like-they-paid-me nonsense from Liz Mair seems to have stopped. Herrera's campaign seems to have entered the doldrums... because people have examined her and found her wanting.

In the world of politics, I must make snap judgments. The absolutely unsupportable appointment of this empty suit to the vacant 18th District seat; the debacle of her campaign for Congress; her coldness, her lack of grasp of the issues; her support of and finance by SEIU, her democrat votes to empty out our state emergency fund... the fact she stupidly looked me in the eye while she likened her internships as the same thing as military service... the fact that she can't seem to eat a bagel unless Cathy McMorris tells her too... her lack of experience in the private sector; the fact she's only lived here for 2 of the last 13 years, her lies about being "courted" by the NRCC for several months before Baird announced he wasn't running; her complete lack of experience at the executive level, her complete lack of experience on security matters... these things make her inherently unsuited to represent us in Congress.

So, I've been waiting for those few remaining in her web to start whining and moaning and bitching like cut cats.

The result?


Their allegations against FreedomWorks, as hypocritical as they were, involved the idea that their endorsement of David Castillo came without even talking to Barbie.

Of course, Slade Gorton and Cathy McMorris Rogers didn't talk to Castillo before they endorsed Herrera, but that was, well, "different" somehow.

Man, they threw fit after fit over THAT one.

So, did Tate and Forcier and the others talk to Herrera before they endorsed Castillo?


Hhhhmmmm. Why no sniveling about that?

Herrera is coming into a cloud. A cloud of people who are paying attention and who actually have figured her out. A cloud of people who now know she's been a lackey for SEIU. A cloud of people who are aware she helped to empty the treasury and then lie about it.

They know. And they don't like it.

So.... what do Herrera, Pridemore and Heck all have in common?

Why, they've all been endorsed and financed by labor unions!

The most recent announcement from uber-fringe leftist Pridemore? His fellow fringers at the WSLC said he was the most fringe left of the lot and endorsed him.

Heck's received his share of union endorsements as well

Monday, May 17, 2010

Hhhmmm... Word's getting out: even though Herrera is the establishment candidate, Castillo gets conservative support (Roll Call)

So, the tiny cracks in the Herrera campaign are getting big enough for Roll Call to notice... and they're not so tiny lately.

3rd district
Open seat: Brian Baird (D) is retiring
Outlook: Tossup

Both parties have primaries in this open-seat race, although there’s no doubt that Baird’s retirement makes this seat a competitive pickup opportunity for Republicans.

After Baird’s announcement, national Republicans appeared to be most excited about state Rep. Jaime Herrera, although now it appears there will be a competitive race for the GOP nomination. Former Bush administration official David Castillo got into the race before Baird said he was leaving, and he appears to have a great deal of support from conservative activists in the area. Accountant David Hedrick is also running, but he is not expected to win the primary.

For Democrats, former state Rep. Denny Heck appears to be the favorite over state Sen. Craig Pridemore. Not only does Heck have personal funds to put into the race, but he’s also got the backing of much of the local party establishment — including Gov. Christine Gregoire (D).

It’s also important to note that Washington state has a unique primary where the top two candidates regardless of party go on to the general election. It’s unlikely that this will influence the final result in a competitive district like this one, but it could influence other races across the state.

The problem is the scrutiny and Herrera's inability to withstand it.

Like the guy she's modeling her campaign after, Obama, glittering generalities aren't going to cut it.

Get her away from her pre-programmed responses and she's politically DOA. And far too many people have been fooled by a package once before that's damaged us beyond comprehension to go that way again.

But then, that's why Castillo gets the support from the Conservative activists around here... and not Ridgefield Barbie.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tony Benegas

Pat Holten

Marcy Collins

Dave Cummins

Teri Schwiethale

Brent Boger

Nancy DeLeo

Dwight Richter

Graden Neal

Marion Holcomb

Greg Beeler

Nicole Prasch

Paul Weimer

Diana Ruchert

Kyle Lynch

State Committeeman
Paul Sander
240 Fieldstone Ct
Ellensburg, WA 98926

State Committeewoman
Susan Martin
160 Spring Valley Ln
Ellensburg, WA 98926

State Committeeman
Herb Hardin
995 NW Loop Rd
White Salmon, WA 98672

State Committeewoman
Karron Buchanan
440 Schilling Rd
Lyle, WA 98635

State Committeeman
Col. Ron Averill
2523 Graf Rd
Centralia, WA 98531

State Committeewoman
Olga Miller
PO Box 119
Napavine, WA 98565

State Committeeman
John Nelson
51918 Alexander Rd E
Reardan, WA 99029

State Committeewoman
Carol Paul
PO Box 112
Edwall, WA 99008

State Committeeman
Dan Griffey
290 E Lakeland Dr
Allyn, WA 98584

State Committeewoman
Dinah Griffey
290 E Lakeland Dr
Allyn, WA 98584

State Committeeman
Charles Short
PO Box 210
Grand Coulee, WA 99133

State Committeewoman
Nicole Kuchenbuch
891 Conconully Rd
Okanogan, WA 98840

State Committeeman
Brett Malin
PO Box 57
Seaview, WA 98644

State Committeewoman
Karla Webber
PO Box 1141
South Bend, WA 98586

State Committeeman
Wayne Antcliff
PO Box 931
Newport, WA 99156

State Committeewoman
Lila Antcliff
PO Box 931
Newport, WA 99156

State Committeeman
Tom Swanson
710 La Grande Blvd
Puyallup, WA 98373

State Committeewoman
Andrea Innes
5801 89th St Ct E
Puyallup, WA 98371

State Committeeman
Dave Vandaveer
9 Boulder Ln
Friday Harbor, WA 98250

State Committeewoman
Rebecca Johnson
PO Box 397
Orcas, WA 98280

State Committeeman
Mark Hulst
3200 Shelley Hill Rd
Mount Vernon, WA 98274

State Committeewoman
Claire Eberle
9570 McGlinn Drive
LaConner, WA 98257

State Committeeman
Monty Buettner
PO Box 172
Stevenson, WA 98651

State Committeeman
Jason Bontrager
20418 127th Ave SE
Snohomish, WA 98296

State Committeewoman
Dullain Ehrlich
15716 25th Dr SE
Mill Creek, WA 98012

State Committeeman
Curt Fackler
3327 W Indian Trail Rd, Apt 165
Spokane, WA 99208

State Committeewoman
Joanne McCann
2211 E 35th
Spokane, WA 99203

e Committeeman
Grant Peterson
2845D Burnt Valley Rd
Chewelah, WA 99109

State Committeewoman
Linda Peterson
2845D Burnt Valley Road
Chewelah, WA 99109

State Committeeman
John Darby
9305 Eld Ct NE
Lacey, WA 98516

State Committeewoman
Milly Rice
PO Box 275
Olympia, WA 98507
360-412-8087 x27

Ross Kolditz
4 Hillcrest Dr.
Cathlamet, WA 98612

State Committeewoman
Lilly Kolditz
PO Box 820
Cathlamet, WA 98612

State Committeeman
Mike Fredrickson
2 W Main St
Walla Walla, WA 99362

State Committeewoman
Sandra Richardson
2499 Cottonwood Rd
Walla Walla, WA 99362

Charlie Crabtree
329 W Hemmi Rd
Bellingham, WA 98226

State Committeewoman
Barbara Reilly
1433 St Paul St
Bellingham, WA 98229

State Committeeman
Francis Benjamin
600 SW Fountain St
Pullman, WA 99163

State Committeewoman
Vangee Harrison
4251 Ed Hamilton Road
Endicott, WA 99125

State Committeeman
John Tierney
835 S 4th Street Loop
Selah, WA 98942

State Committeewoman
Sandra Scherr
905 S 26th Ave
Yakima, WA 98902