Friday, May 21, 2010

As one of Herrera's constituents, I just got a copy of her, ahem, "Legislative Seesion Report."

I looked it over with reasonable care, given that my shot record is up to date. I was struck be a few things: First, that she would even send out a newsletter.

I haven't seen one from her seatmate, Ed Orcutt. But then, Orcutt didn't co-sponsor or vote for any SEIU legislation to require collective bargaining in private day care centers if only ONE child is paid for with subsidized day care payments.

I haven't seen one from Joe Zarelli; but then, Zarelli voted against helping the democrats dramatically INCREASE spending by stripping out the last $229 million from our state emergency fund; in order, to hear her tell it, to avoid tax increases, something that she has stated she would even do AGAIN.

The problem?

Taxes got jacked up ANYWAY.

So, either she was hosed when she was one of 4 Republicans to vote for this idiocy, or she is just stupid.

Because her own campaign-piece-masquerading-as-a-newsletter, (which, by the way, wasted additional thousands of taxpayer dollars) lists a dozen tax increases that, to hear her tell it, WEREN"T SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN BECAUSE SHE VOTED TO BLOW THESE 100'S OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS.

But I've got to wonder: WHY didn't she mention her yeoman's work for the SEIU? Why didn't she mention that she had cosponsored and voted for this bill, discussed in detail over at Lew Waters' blog?

WHY didn't she mention her brilliant move to help the democrats spend our money?

Could it be... that she doesn't want you to know about it?

Yeah. It could.

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