Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Nan Malin: ever the liar.

So, I was taking a look at the latest idiocy of Ridgefield Barbie, when I stumbled across an article that contained the usual lies and distortion from arguably the worst county party chair in the history of the WSRP: Nan Malin.

Unfortunately for Americans for Prosperity, they decided to give Nan Malin Kirby Wilbur's former job. Now I get that Kirby had to throw her a bone to get her rank incompetence of the WSRP Executive Board, but this?

A brief reminder: Malin ran a tiny county organization that failed to field a single Republican candidate for anything.

Let me repeat that:

Malin was in charge of an utterly worthless GOP county organization that failed to field a single candidate, anywhere in the entire county, who ran as a Republican in the last election.

She brought those same mad skillz to the WSRP E- Board, so I get that she had to go... and I have to wonder what those in the 3rd CD organization were thinking by electing a psychopathic liar to the state executive board, but there's no telling for taste...

Anywho, here's the barf-bag special:
Nan Malin introduced Herrera Beutler, saying the party “made a list of who we could get to run for Brian Baird’s seat. We hounded Jaime. Pacific County played a huge part. We all did what we could to get her elected. I’m so excited she’s representing us.”
Malin, who has been an unmitigated political disaster in every position she's held, was all too modest. She also was lying here, just like she lied about Senator Benton.

Pacific County played NO part in Barbie's election; in fact, due in large part to Malin's pathetic, nonexistent efforts, Pacific HURT Babs at the polls, with 54.25% of the voter actually going for Bab's OPPONENT (5,169 for Heck, 4,359 for Ridgefield Barbie)

She violated every tenet of her position by endorsing in a contested primary, as did Ryan Hart. But Hart was bribed with the offer of a 6 figure job as Barbie's district director in return for his abrogation of integrity. What did Malin get?

While Malin is "so excited" this cardboard cut out is representing us, I am sickened by the thought of it.

And oddly, in the rest of the article, Babs provides no explanation as to why she was only one of TWO Republicans who voted against defunding Obama's idiotic, non-functioning, mortgage savoir plan.

As long as we have people like either of these two making the decisions for us, we are going to be in very, very, serious trouble.

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Barbie writes a letter.

I spit up coffee all over my keyboard when I read the first line:
I was not elected to Congress because of my foreign policy experience.
This must amount to the political understatement of the decade.

You weren't elected because of ANY experience you have, foreign policy or no. Ever since you looked me in the eye and told me that your extended absense from the district you should never have been allowed to represent in the legislature... your time of parties, and internships and jobs that scrupulously avoided the private sector was the same thing as serving in the military.

It wasn't. But that's when I knew you were unfit to hold office.

You HAVE no experience, knowledge, or education worthy of election. You've never worked in the private sector, never owned a business or a house, never had a family... in fact, when it comes to the experience issue, you've never had a job save a minor, $3200 per month staffer for McMorris.

What you have had is a knack for being in the right place at the right time, and an amazing ability to lie.

You ran a campaign modeled after Obama's in every detail: he had no experience worthy of the presidency (and haven't we suffered because of it?) you had no experience worthy of even being a state representative, let alone a member of congress. He had no specifics, because if he had, he would have been destroyed at the polls. You had no specifics because you're an empty headed, vacuous egomaniac who actually believes she's EARNED whats been handed to her on a silver platter.

He has a history of fringe left, union thuggery, you have a history of fringe left, union thuggery. He lies. You lie.

Our nation is trillions in debt, and you fuss about a paltry $10 billion cut when we must have hundreds of billions in cuts, showing that you have NO IDEA of the depth and breadth of the trouble we're in as a Nation.

I don't give a damn what you think about going to war. In reality, your utter lack of experience, knowledge, or vision concerning ANYTHING military when we had a veteran with Defense experience we COULD have elected just points out what a colossal error in judgment you manipulated the voters into.

Millions of people in this country have forgotten more about the military in one day then you will EVER know. And as for foreign policy, the newest Infantry private in Afghanistan has more foreign policy experience then you will ever have.

Further, sending out a letter that someone else has obviously written while you put your name on it does nothing to increase confidence in your complete lack of experience or vision. And frankly, if you had any conscience at all, you would resign and let someone else who has experience, education, knowledge and a record of achievement take your place.

But then, this isn't about serving your country, is it, Babs? Because if you gave a damn about that, you would have worn a uniform and put your ass on the line for it. But that would have kept you from the parties and your multiple, few week internships that made up the length and width of your professional accomplishments... and we can't have that... can we?

That you were elected our congresswoman is the primary reason I have done all I can to keep my son out of the military. Because if the decisions effecting his life are going to be made by people like you and your hero Obama, then he should have nothing to do with it.

And no amount of op eds written by someone else and signed by you can fix that.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ridgefield Barbie's election gives pause: how could someone so clueless hold office?

It is to our misfortune that we elected the highest level of vacuousness in the history of SW Washington.

Well, except for Tim "The Liar" Leavitt.

That said, these minuscule cuts give this empty suit "pause?" This budget dust is a problem for her?

The gutless wonder has "misgivings" over the indescribably minor cuts she's voted for so far?

God Help Us.

Does she have misgivings about being one of two democrats to vote against defunding Obama's worthless, painful, laughable mortgage program that has failed so miserably to save mortgages from foreclosures?
Last week, Herrera Beutler was one of only two Republicans to vote against a cut to a Housing and Urban Development program that provides short-term loans to unemployed homeowners who are in danger of losing their homes.
She is obviously unaware that this program HAS NOT WORKED and in fact, HAS DRAMATICALLY INCREASED THE NUMBER OF FORECLOSURES, because those dumb enough to believe in it have been told, by the thousands, that they must go 90 days in arrears to qualify for a program that then dumps them.

Is anyone surprised? This is the kind of thing our resident RINO did when she voted with the democrats to strip out the last $229 million in our emergency fund, and to support her co-sponsored SEIU legislation to force daycare workers to unionize while forcing day care owners to pay their union dues.

Is anyone surprised by her abandonment of conservative principles, which she completely lacks in the first place?

Let's put this cut into perspective: The cut she is experiencing so much trepidation about was $10 BILLION out of $3.7 TRILLION.

It is the functional equivalent of a dime... out of $37. And considering that, right now, the debt is projected to reach $15.476 trillion this September, we are literally talking about a dime out of $154.76.

Barbie is a huge part of the problem, because she has failed to find some courage and dive into the budget battles. She obviously does not understand that our budgets for non-service member related defense spending must be slashed by HUNDREDS of billions of dollars.

This coward's failure to understand that we are heading off a fiscal cliff into a financial abyss is part and parcel of why she has proven herself incapable of leading, incapable of representing, and incapable of understanding what she was sent there for. Clearly, her Number One concern isn't us. Instead, it's her own re-election.

That kind of corruption usually takes longer then 2.5 months, unless you were infected by that virus while you were a minor staffer in someone else's office.

Of course, I knew that all along. Others are starting to get a clue, as some of her more rabid supporters have been given pause by her CONTINUING failure to take positions on the issues such as her wimp out on the Birthright Citizenship Act of 2011 (HR140)

How could anyone believe she'd do... or be... anything different?

I tried to tell you all about her, precisely like I tried to tell you all about Tim "The Liar" Leavitt. And you wouldn't listen. I called her out on her continuing cowardice over both her failure to take a position on the Bridger/Looter program and her ongoing cowardice over the criminal enterprise known as the Megacasino.

Now, we have someone "representing" us in Congress with the intelligence of a board fence, possessed of full-blown cowardice, a lack of awareness and a lack of intelligence... tenets of her tenure that will become even more obvious as time goes on and she fails us more and more.

You know, I've got to wonder why the DNC wasted so many hundreds of thousands of dollars here. After all, WE elected a democrat... so why did they worry?

Can any of you even begin to imagine Col. West prevaricating like this wimp?

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Monday, March 14, 2011

What's up with Ridgefield Barbie? Votes with the democrats... again? Has McMorris created a monster?

Continuing with her long-established pattern of voting with democrats on fiscal matters (so much for that nonsensical "fiscal conservative" tag) Herrera once again went with her true political allegiance when she voted "no" on cleaning out the nest of unneeded cash from The Empty Suit's worthless, essentially unused "Emergency Mortgage Relief Program," a colossal waste of what money it vaporized in the first place and a bill that wisely eviscerated the remainder.

Barbie, who co-sponsored and voted for SEIU legislation in addition to helping democrats clean out our state emergency fund of its last $229 million during her yawn of a legislative tenure, has shown she's willing to take the "tough" vote for her union masters. Fortunately, in this case (unlike her prior efforts) the legislation went down to defeat.

And all of this begs the question: has McMorris created a monster?

McMorris was a "yes" on this bill... and Herrera was a "no..." one of two Republicans to vote with her fellow leftists.

One of two.

Where does that put Babs on the political spectrum of the GOP?

One has to wonder: you would think that McMorris would remind Barbie that without her, Barbie would still be getting Cathy her coffee from the House cafeteria every morning.

Apparently, Babs don't care. How's that working out for you? And why are we not surprised?

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ridgefield Barbie continues to lie.

I really don't get it. In this day and age, the internet can pretty much check you out in a few seconds.

So, imagine my surprise when my wife got a fund raising letter from Babs that led off with this lie:
"I have been in office for less than three months and the national Democrat machine is already targeting me for defeat."
We should be so lucky.

Here's the Oregonian's take on it:

Another sign of Herrera Beutler's political

Published: Monday, January 31, 2011, 9:07 AM Updated: Monday, January 31, 2011, 9:27 AM
The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is spending really early money on radio ads and other media blasting 19 House Republicans it believes are potentially vulnerable in the next election.

What's telling is that the committee targets one of the Washington House Republicans. But it isn't Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler, the freshman from Camas who won what has been often described as a classic swing district.

Instead, the committee is going after Rep. Dave Reichert, who represents a suburban Seattle district and has survived tough opponents in both big Democratic years (2006 and 2008) and in the last, more Republican-friendly, go-around.

That just may tell you something about how the Democrats are viewing the next go-around. Washington is gaining a seat because of population growth and the district lines will really be shuffled.

There's a lot of talk that Herrera Beutler's district will lose Olympia, the most reliably Democratic part of the district. That could really cement her in place despite the truism that lawmakers are never more vulnerable than when they're running their first reelection race.

The DCCC may have picked Reichert - one of only two non-freshman on the the list - because his district could also get heavily redrawn, and not necessarily in a good way for him.

So, like usual, Herrera tells us one thing... when the truth is something entirely different.

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Monday, March 7, 2011

The democratian joins Ridgefield Barbie's PR Staff; justifies her upcoming addiction to earmarks.

You know, most members of Congress are satisfied with their communications director. But for whatever the reason, Babs seems to have an entire paper at her disposal.

How else can you explain this kind of nonsense?

Though she’s fiscally conservative, Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler, R-Camas, is also hesitant to banish earmarks, despite proposals from some Republicans to do just that.

“She’s never been comfortable supporting a complete ban on members of Congress being involved in how funds are directed,” said Herrera Beutler spokesman Casey Bowman.

Herrera Beutler would like to see more competitive bid allocations, rather than direct handouts to favored businesses, Bowman said. “Whatever happens, we’ll work to make sure that Clark County gets its share.”

Courtney Sherwood is The Columbian’s business and features editor. Reach her at 360-735-4561 or

The idea that Barbie is fiscally "conservative" has long since been put to bed. The list of millions of payments in this article as some sort of pork that isn't "wasted," much of which is in fact, pure waste, like dumping another $2 million down the CRC rat hole shows that whoever wrote this is politically ignorant and just another Herrera kool aid drinker.

Bab's support and co-sponsorship of SEIU legislation, her efforts to help the democrats to strip out the last $229 million from the state emergency fund right before her thankfully short term as my state representative ended... and now her reliance on earmark pork?

Sorry, Courtney. "Fiscal conservatives" don't think that way, and don't do those kinds of things. Sell it somewhere else... I ain't buying.

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