Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ridgefield Barbie's election gives pause: how could someone so clueless hold office?

It is to our misfortune that we elected the highest level of vacuousness in the history of SW Washington.

Well, except for Tim "The Liar" Leavitt.

That said, these minuscule cuts give this empty suit "pause?" This budget dust is a problem for her?

The gutless wonder has "misgivings" over the indescribably minor cuts she's voted for so far?

God Help Us.

Does she have misgivings about being one of two democrats to vote against defunding Obama's worthless, painful, laughable mortgage program that has failed so miserably to save mortgages from foreclosures?
Last week, Herrera Beutler was one of only two Republicans to vote against a cut to a Housing and Urban Development program that provides short-term loans to unemployed homeowners who are in danger of losing their homes.
She is obviously unaware that this program HAS NOT WORKED and in fact, HAS DRAMATICALLY INCREASED THE NUMBER OF FORECLOSURES, because those dumb enough to believe in it have been told, by the thousands, that they must go 90 days in arrears to qualify for a program that then dumps them.

Is anyone surprised? This is the kind of thing our resident RINO did when she voted with the democrats to strip out the last $229 million in our emergency fund, and to support her co-sponsored SEIU legislation to force daycare workers to unionize while forcing day care owners to pay their union dues.

Is anyone surprised by her abandonment of conservative principles, which she completely lacks in the first place?

Let's put this cut into perspective: The cut she is experiencing so much trepidation about was $10 BILLION out of $3.7 TRILLION.

It is the functional equivalent of a dime... out of $37. And considering that, right now, the debt is projected to reach $15.476 trillion this September, we are literally talking about a dime out of $154.76.

Barbie is a huge part of the problem, because she has failed to find some courage and dive into the budget battles. She obviously does not understand that our budgets for non-service member related defense spending must be slashed by HUNDREDS of billions of dollars.

This coward's failure to understand that we are heading off a fiscal cliff into a financial abyss is part and parcel of why she has proven herself incapable of leading, incapable of representing, and incapable of understanding what she was sent there for. Clearly, her Number One concern isn't us. Instead, it's her own re-election.

That kind of corruption usually takes longer then 2.5 months, unless you were infected by that virus while you were a minor staffer in someone else's office.

Of course, I knew that all along. Others are starting to get a clue, as some of her more rabid supporters have been given pause by her CONTINUING failure to take positions on the issues such as her wimp out on the Birthright Citizenship Act of 2011 (HR140)

How could anyone believe she'd do... or be... anything different?

I tried to tell you all about her, precisely like I tried to tell you all about Tim "The Liar" Leavitt. And you wouldn't listen. I called her out on her continuing cowardice over both her failure to take a position on the Bridger/Looter program and her ongoing cowardice over the criminal enterprise known as the Megacasino.

Now, we have someone "representing" us in Congress with the intelligence of a board fence, possessed of full-blown cowardice, a lack of awareness and a lack of intelligence... tenets of her tenure that will become even more obvious as time goes on and she fails us more and more.

You know, I've got to wonder why the DNC wasted so many hundreds of thousands of dollars here. After all, WE elected a democrat... so why did they worry?

Can any of you even begin to imagine Col. West prevaricating like this wimp?

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