Thursday, August 19, 2010

A true story in the Columbian comments.

In the comment section of this story is a remark by the person below. I happen to know this to be true... and the source was Lorraine Pier, the assistant in question and a former fellow staffer who I knew for a decade.

I knew that Hedrick/Herrera were a team put together to safeguard her chances for winning. Now Ray_Menlo, you have confirmed that for me. There is something I never mentioned prior to the campaign because it would have been considered a smear tactic, but I'll tell it now. Jaime Herrera was given the seat of Richard Curtis when he stupidly shamed himself out of office. She refused to hire his assistant because she was "too old". Herrera told my friend that she wanted someone "younger" who could "keep up with her". The fact that she cut my friend out of a job due to age discrimination is bad enough. The fact that she actually said it out loud to my friend reveals not only her prejudice, but her lack of sound judgment. She is no class act, believe me. She just had everyone else (Hedrick's goons) doing her dirty work for her, and believe me there was plenty of it. By the way, my friend, who was one of the nicest people I ever knew, had cancer and went without medical coverage because she lost her job. We buried her last year. Now, that's the truth about the person that you and Hedrick were so busy protecting and promoting.,

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The kind of people supporting Herrera

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By Anonymous on Who I voted against. on 8/18/10
I would pay to see you dive face first into a vat of boiling hydrochloric acid. Then and only then the world would be a better place.

By Anonymous on Who I voted against. on 8/18/10

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Who I voted against.

Well the first ones were easy. I'd dive face first into a vat of boiling hydrochloric acid before I'd vote for Ridgefield Barbie or Jon "No Traction" Russell.

For senate, it was tough, but the coin flip determined that GoodSpaceGuy gets the nod (The other choice was "Mike the Mover" but he doesn't stand a chance. heh.)

For Congress, I voted against the empty suit and Hedrick. The military issue was just too big to overcome. And while I haven't yet received confirmation of anything (ahhh, bureaucracy) the web site and DD 214 issue were just too much for me to get past. Jaime Herrera Watch explains the dozens of reasons to vote against the political waste of skin foisted on us by Cathy McMorris, who doesn't even live here.

In the 18th, I voted against Russell and Bittner and Carson. Jon Russell Watch lays out the 100 or so reasons to keep Russell from getting elected to anything; Bittner is a disgrace to the electoral process, and Carson just flipped out in a despicable effort to gain attention for himself.

For judges/justices: I voted against "democrat party endorsed" Wiggins, Chushcoff, Rumbaugh and Johanson

For County Commissioner, I voted against Steve "I can be bought if the price is right" Stuart. As a wholly owned tribal subsidiary, voting against Stuart was an easy choice.

For Assessor, I voted against Weaver and Horowitz. Neither are remotely qualified.

For Prosecutor, I voted against Golik. He's a union thug, supported by union thugs, and unfit to de-weed the Padden Parkway, electorally speaking.

For Clerk, I voted against Parker, since she's also a union thug and has no problem breaking the law with her campaign signs.

For Treasurer, I voted against the democrat.

While it sucks for the local GOP, there's a major likelihood that I'll be the next PCO from this precinct. And I do so look forward to reorg this December.

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Herrera Kool Aid drinker Nan Malin has lost her mind: Calls Sen. Benton a liar.

You know, there's a reason why the GOP in Pacific County is so utterly worthless. And I think I just discovered why.

Nan Malin is chair of the Pacific County GOP, a pathetic chair of a deep, dark, blue county where, under her inept, nonexistent leadership, Malin has managed to put together such a pathetic political organization that not a single, solitary Republican filed to run for ANY elected position in this county.

Malin seems to have a tremendous amount of time to flitter about the state for the greater glory of Nan, when she SHOULD be staying home and doing something to at least get SOMEONE from the GOP to run for SOMETHING.

Instead, the simple idiot lies about a letter from a sitting state senator who has served us for the last 16 years.

Malin's lies about HB 1329, the SEIU legislation co-sponsored by Herrera that would have not only forced daycare workers into unions but then, according to Herrera, force the daycare owners to pay their union dues, clearly are from a kool-aid drinking idiot looking for a post-election job working for Herrera.

Herrera helped the democrats waste the last $229 million dollars from the state emergency fund, burying any "fiscal conservatism" cred Malin is desperately trying to get for the empty suit.

Herrera got 60 percent in a district where almost anyone gets 60%. To acclaim that as some sort of accomplishment just goes to either prove Malin's massive ignorance about the 18th and yet another Herrera stroke designed to move her, Malin, who sees herself as a legend in her own mind, up the political ladder.

That a lame, inept, incompetent organization like the Pacific County GOP "unanimously endorsed" Herrera is reason enough to vote for anyone else.


Malin knows this... but Malin doesn't care.

Her letter and her words, lying as they did, was a despicable act of an incompetent clown of a county GOP chair who seems much more fixated on issues outside her county then in it. And the fact that precisely zero Republicans are running in Pacific County condemns her far more than anything I can write.

In the email below, excusing her efforts to get Herrera then Pacific County GOP endorsements (as if that ever mattered) Malin made this clear:
I am also aware that you feel I am working against Castillo. - which is not true. as I have done much to help him garner press both nationally and locally.
Well, it looks like you are now, doesn't it? Angling for a job? What did Herrera promise you?

When the Pacific County GOP drank Herrera's kool aid, for whatever the reason, Malin felt compelled to email me:

----- Original Message -----

From: Nansen P Malin

To: Blocked

Cc: Blocked

Sent: Sunday, March 28, 2010 7:56 PM

Subject: pacific gop convention

Dear ,

I wanted to personally let you know what happened at our county convention this weekend. The press release is below, but short version is that the county gave a pre-primary endorsement to Jaime Herrera. I want to tell you that I spoke against giving this. but the county grassroots were very strong in their opinion. They have had opportunities to listen to the candidates and to speak to them individually. Further I told them that I will help all Republican candidates, they said "fine, go ahead." I am also aware that you feel I am working against Castillo. - which is not true. as I have done much to help him garner press both nationally and locally. I would like you to know -the Castillo campaign. blew our convention off. We never heard from them.

I know that we have some differences in opinion and differences in how we express those opinions on line. I want you to know that I respect and appreciate you. I hope we will not take shots at each other - and, I also hope you will focus on beating up Heck and democrats. If you want to talk with me about things, please call 360.244.xxxx. My skype is nansen.xxxxxx


Pacific County GOP elects state convention delegates and endorses Herrera for Congress.

Seaview. The Pacific County Republicans held their convention in Seaview on Saturday, March 17. An unprecedented number of grassroots and teaparty activists participated as delegates, having been elected through the caucuses last February 13. The first order of business was to elect delegates to represent Pacific County to the State Republican convention to be held in Vancouver in June. Elected were Jean Harrington, Daniel Turner, Bill Nickila and Jack Smith, in addition to county leadership Nansen Malin, Karla Webber and Brett Malin. The official delegates to the State Convention will be voting on the State Party Platform, attending workshops, events, a campaign school and hearing speeches by Mitt Romney and noted author Michelle Malkin.

A very lively debate took place during the county platform discussion. Delegates holding differing opinions passionately presented their thoughts on key planks in the county party platform. After much consideration, consensus was reached and the official county party platform was adopted. It will be available on the party website

After a discussion weighting the pros and cons of pre-primary endorsements and the new Top Two Primary ballot, their attention moved to learning about candidates for U.S. Senate and the 3rd Congressional District. The delegates had the opportunity to hear the candidates speak and meet with candidates one on one the previous Saturday at the annual Lincoln Day Dinner. Delegates shared their impressions and asked questions of each other about reasons for supporting candidates. A straw poll was conducted for the position being vacated by Brian Baird. State Representative Jaime Herrera won the poll with 95% of the vote. Upon announcement of the poll results, long time South Bend community leader Vince Shaudys placed a motion to endorse Herrera, explaining his desire for the grassroots to "get behind one candidate." The motion to endorse passed unanimously. Pacific GOP Chair Nansen Malin observed, "As county parties we are normally very reluctant to make pre-primary endorsements. Despite my cautions, it's really exciting to see the grassroots so inspired by a candidate."

It certainly seems she's long past her concerns now, doesn't it?

Monday, August 9, 2010

Ambassador Pat Herbold endorses Castillo.

Former US Ambassador to Singapore Patricia Herbold has endorsed David Castillo for the 3rd Congressional District.

"His diverse qualifications make him uniquely suited to be an outstanding leader
for the people of Southwest Washington," said Patricia Herbold.

This as reported in the Seattle PI

A former U.S. ambassador and high-profile Republican activist has endorsed
David Castillo in the battle for the Republican nomination to Congress in Washington's 3rd Congressional district.

"His diverse qualifications make him uniquely suited to be an outstanding leader for the people of Southwest Washington," said Patricia Herbold.

Herbold was U.S. Ambassador to Singapore during the Bush Administration. She earlier served on the President's 21st Century Workforce, and sought to rebuild the King County Republican Party during a stint as its chair.

State Rep. Jaime Herrera has seemed the GOP establishment candidate in the 3rd District race. She is supported by former Sen. Slade Gorton and U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris-Rodgers. Herrera is a former aide to the Eastern Washington congresswoman.

Denny Heck, an Olympia entrepreneur and co-founder of the TWV public affairs network, has locked up Democratic support in the 3rd District race.

But Castillo has waged a spirited campaign, even though the National Republican Congressional Committee began puffing a Herrera candidacy hours after incumbent Democratic Rep. Brian Baird announced that he was leaving Congress. Castillo was
already running.

Castillo is an Olympia financial adviser who held sub-cabinet jobs in the Departments of Veterans Affairs and Homeland Security in the second Bush administration.

Castillo has received most genuine GOP endorsements that actually matter, such as Attorney General Rob McKenna, Former Congressman Randy Tate, Republican Leader Richard DeBolt, Dr. Rick Jackson, Rick Forcier; FreedomWorks and the National Defense PAC as well as as well as every daily that endorses in the primary.

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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Strange uptick in blog visits.

I'm mystified but appreciative: my blog traffic has recently skyrocketed, with many of those visiting becoming return readers.

I guess providing easily accessible evidence that supports conclusions and observations has it's own reward.

Do you suppose it's the campaign season? Traffic on Jon Russell Watch has at least TRIPLED. Many of those numbers came from a rabid Jon Russell-supporting swindle sheet (oooppps. I mean blog) called CWWatch, where any criticism of Jon Russell is usually deleted immediately, because, well, after all, facts have no place in the political discussion over there.

But it took several hours for a link to Russell Watch to be taken down there over the past couple of days, allowing around 100 people to actually experience the freedom of thought, expression and opposing views this blog represents.

But, anyway, thank you all so much to those behind this major influx of readership. It's appreciated.

More later, but now it's time to go out and wash and wax my big ol' red truck.

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Why would Hedrick and Herrera be at the same meet and greet.... now?

Yesterday, I suggested that David Hedrick produce the real owners of the web site "" to put the idea that he, in fact, owns the web site totally to bed.

There was no response to that as I expected.

Now, we have a history with Ridgefield Barbie, where one of her Winged Monkeys made the offer to pay Chris Boyd's filing fee if he would just stay in the race (Right, Nan?) and then, we connect another dot and see where Babs and Hedrick are making a joint appearance at the Capitol of Kool Aid, Cowlitz GOP Headquarters.

Doesn't that seem just the tiniest bit.... well.... odd?

Why would Hedrick, who, in his world, has presented himself on radio ads as the "leading Republican candidate" in the 3rd CD, want to spend any quality time in public with the empty suit?

As usual, Lew Waters drills down to the sub-atomic level and asks the questions that both of them should be answering:

Herrera & Hedrick Primary Victory Party, 12 Days Before the Primary?

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I see where the state Realtors endorsed Ridgefield Barbie...

Seems she's getting all the democrat endorsements.

Let's not forget that this same group endorsed Patty Murray several months back.

Besides gender, I wonder what Murray and Herrera have in common that got them both the same gig?

Washington Realtors

Washington Realtors

“Realtors are proud to endorse Sen. Murray as she has been a tireless advocate for housing affordability and the American dream of home ownership. She has also been keenly aware of the state of the housing market and its importance to our economic recovery.”

Guess this is another reason to vote for anyone else.

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A suggestion for David Hedrick.

I caught Hedrick on Victoria Taft's show today, dissing David Castillo pretty hard and dismissing the earlier allegations that he seems to own the unheard of before now or whatever it is.

The suggestion is simple:

Find out who owns and operates the site, and put them on the Taft show.

And if you can't do that, stop referring to it.

There's rarely any such thing as "coincidence" in politics. That this poll magically appeared right when you needed it to is kind of weird.

So, the fix is simple. Whoever owns this site would love the publicity, I'm sure, and be thrilled to defend their methodology.

If you can’t figure out who actually owns it and how they got where they are, then dude, you need to get away from it and stop deluding yourself into believing that you’re the “leading Republican” about anything.

And if it turns out that you are behind this web site, then you will have destroyed your political career almost as much as you will if I find out your portrayal of your military record isn’t quite what you claim it is.

If you're not, then you've got nothing to worry about. But as of now, it almost seems like Herrera is paying you like she tried to pay Boyd to yank votes from Castillo. But that can't be true.... right?

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Herrera seems unable to find a reason to criticize Brian Baird. So here's 100.

Unbelievably, the local girl wanting to live in the big city said she couldn't find any particular reason to criticize the actions of the guy she's seeking to replace... which tends to lend itself to the obvious conclusion that if she doesn't have a cl;ue about that, then what we're doing is replacing one Brian Baird.... with another.

Not once have you heard me criticize Brian Baird’s performance in Southwest Washington.”

So, here's a few dozen reasons to "criticize" Brian Baird. In this case, they're all about his moronic vote for the Porkulous.

Hopefully, she'll have one of her people read it to her, and then she won't be able to keep saying that.

Most any sentient being could have come up with dozens of reasons to bust Baird's chops, from his fake death threat issue to his massive waste of taxpayer dollars spent on his many vacations.

So what does that make our Ridgefield Barbie?
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Monday, August 2, 2010

What we need in our next Congressman.

I've been amazed by Army LTC (Ret) Allen West's campaign from the get go.

Here's a man who's laid it on the line, risked and ultimately lost his Army career as a sacrifice for his troops, and did so unhesitatingly as he would do it again, even now.

I look at this man's experience, sacrifice, education, command presence, grasp and vision.

Then I look at Barbie's. I look at her lack of experience, sacrifice, education, command presence; her cluelessness, lack of understanding, empathy, and a vision which consists of Obama style glittering generalities in packaging so transparent, so obviously bereft of substance, that a blind dog could see it in a minute.

Who would you want in Congress? Which one would you support, between the two?

Colonel West is an extreme example of the kind of leadership this Nation must have during a war. Herrera is an extreme example of the kind of leadership that we cannot afford.

The choice, of course, is clear. And the choice ain't Herrera.

Castillo sweeps endorsements

It's not surprising that a candidate who is all marketing and no substance can't seem to get any meaningful endorsements.

Herrera's lame plea for voters.

This blog is full of reasons to make sure that Herrera's political career ends here and now.

And the desperate plea with made up reasons from Herrera does nothing to change that.

Here. Read it for yourself.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Opening the floor : As I expected from Herrera supporters...

I'm getting quite a few of the same "you lie " comments about her as I am for the Russellians.

OK... same offer. I open the floor to you all.

First of all, Castillo has been endorsed by all the dailies in the district who endorse in the primary and the Seattle Times. Herrera... once.

Herrera is the GOP Establishment candidate.

Herrera can't find it within herself to criticize any of Brian Baird's actions.

Herrera co-sponsored and voted for SEIU legislation while repeatedly lying about why she did it.

Herrera voted to strip out the last $229 million from the state emergency fund.... claiming she's the only one to "cut wasteful spending."

Herrera received $5,000 from the SEIU and other unions for her 2008 election.

Herrera hadn't even read the "Dream Act" before she met with a group of Latino kids a month ago.

Herrera left session to go to a Washington, DC fundraiser.

Herrera's people lost their minds over the FreedomWork's endorsement going to Castillo because Dick Armey never talked to Herrera... while neither McMorris or Slade Gorton ever talked to Castillo before endorsing Herrera. FreedomWorks endorses Rossi, no doubt after not talking to anyione else... and what do Herrera supporters say?


Herrera has never served in the military.

Herrera has likened her absence from this region for the ten years before her appointment as the "same thing as being in the military."

Herrera hasn't live here for about 11 of the last 13 years.

Castillo has superior education, experience and background.

Herrera rarely talks specifics, instead packaging herself precisely like Obama.

Herrera lied to the Vancouver Business Journal about when she began to campaign.

Herrera refused a one on one debate with Castillo.

Herrera managed to blow almost $500 on a 3 day boondoggle trip as a staffer from McMorris's office.

Herrera has continually lied about her title as "senior legislative assistant" in McMorris's office.

Herrera lied to the county commissioners during the appointment process by telling them "there is not a job in the world I would rather have," which, of course, explains why she's dumping it so soon.

Herrera has been endorsed by the GOP organizations of 3 counties in the 3rd Congressional District, and every one of those counties are overwhelming democrat strongholds, including Pacific county, where Nan Malin has done such a fine job with the GOP there that not a single, solitary Republican is running... FOR ANYTHING.

There are many, many other issues. But no matter what they are, I extend the same offer to all Herrera supporters: come on in and set me straight. Point out where I've got it wrong... I misunderstood... or I'm flat lying.

Just be prepared top prove it.

But I'm, not going to hold me breath about her, either.
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Castillo batting a 1000, Herrera struggles to get on base..

Who'da thunk it?

The scrappy David Castillo, who's had to work for everything he's got, is the ONLY congressional candidate to receive the endorsement of every daily in the 3rd District that endorses in a primary, AND the Seattle Times.

Herrera, on the other hand? Well, she did manage a single endorsement out of the Columbian, along with Castillo, which is perhaps one of the strangest endorsements imaginable... in that a qualified democrat, qualified in every sense of the word with the possible exception of his party affiliation, whereas Ms. Herrera is.... not.

The Chronicle's endorsement joins that of the Columbian, The Daily News, And the Seattle Times.