Saturday, August 7, 2010

Strange uptick in blog visits.

I'm mystified but appreciative: my blog traffic has recently skyrocketed, with many of those visiting becoming return readers.

I guess providing easily accessible evidence that supports conclusions and observations has it's own reward.

Do you suppose it's the campaign season? Traffic on Jon Russell Watch has at least TRIPLED. Many of those numbers came from a rabid Jon Russell-supporting swindle sheet (oooppps. I mean blog) called CWWatch, where any criticism of Jon Russell is usually deleted immediately, because, well, after all, facts have no place in the political discussion over there.

But it took several hours for a link to Russell Watch to be taken down there over the past couple of days, allowing around 100 people to actually experience the freedom of thought, expression and opposing views this blog represents.

But, anyway, thank you all so much to those behind this major influx of readership. It's appreciated.

More later, but now it's time to go out and wash and wax my big ol' red truck.

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