Thursday, February 24, 2011

Chance to whack the federal budget another $20 billion. How'd Ridgefield Barbie vote?

That's a tough one.

You can read it all for yourself:

UPDATED: House Fails to Adopt $20B in Additional Cuts

Republicans Miss Opportunity to Honor Pledge to America

Washington, D.C. – The House of Representatives voted 147-281 against an amendment offered by RSC Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH), which would have cut an additional $20 billion in spending from H.R.1, the bill to fund the government for the remainder of fiscal year 2011. Heritage Action for America was an outspoken proponent of the amendment.

“The failed vote on Jordan’s Amendment is a missed opportunity,” Heritage Action CEO Michael A. Needham said. “This amendment would have put House Republicans in full compliance with their Pledge to America, which promised to rollback non-security discretionary spending to 2008 levels.”

Currently, H.R.1 cuts non-security discretionary spending to approximately $398 billion, $20 billion shy of the 2008 level.

“We congratulate the 147 Members who voted to uphold their Pledge,” Needham continued. “And while the underlying bill takes an important first step forward, we know they can and must do more if America is to remain an exceptional nation.”

Today’s vote was just the first of many legislative battles over spending, and the future of our country. Heritage Action for America will encourage Congress to cut spending to put our country on the path towards prosperity and will hold Members accountable to their Pledge and their constituents.

The following 92 Republicans opposed the amendment, along with every Democrat:


Doc Hastings (WA-04)

Jaime Herrera Beutler (WA-03)

David Reichert (WA-08)

One thing surprises me.

That Barbie got permission from McMorris to vote the opposite from her. But that's it.

Voting with the left is something Babs is absolutely qualified on, given her SEIU history and her efforts to help the fringe leftists vaporize the last $229 million in the Washington State Budget Emergency Fund shortly before her abortive tenure as my State rep ended... thank God.

The more she votes... the more she's going to show her true colors.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"I would cheerfully trade a battalion of Ridgefield Barbies for one LTC Allen West."

Make no mistake about it: my top five most admired national politicians has LTC Allen West, (R-FL22) among its ranks.

Imagine. Imagine if we had a plain-spoken, knowledgeable, courageous Member of Congress; a brand new voice with conviction, a non-scripted individual, full independent who doesn't have to get clearance from anyone to do whatever it is they do.

Someone who could take a position on the bridger/loot rail project; the Mohegan/Paskenta/Cowlitz/Barnett megacasino, the Constitutional amendment on anchor babies... or much of anything else... and then have the testicular fortitude to defend those positions... one way or another.

Allen West is such a person.

Ridgefield Barbie is not.

Here's a little number, via BLACKFIVE, where Rep. West "exchanges views" with an unindicted co-conspirator CAIRS (Council on American-Islamic Relations) apologist.

West is everything Jaime Herrera is not. And what is that going to cost us in the future?

I expect this kind of knowledge on the part of those who would make the decisions at the national level. Does anyone here believe, for one second, that Herrera has this type of institutional fortitude? This kind of awareness... this kind of historical ability?

If she had been confronted by this CAIRS guy... what do you think would have been her response?

Paraphrased, my fear is that it would be something like this:

"I don't want you to know my position, because if I tell you what it is, it might be the wrong one... and my puppetmaster hasn't given it to me yet."

I may not agree with everything West has said to date. But much like Chris Christie, I don't have to agree with everything he does to respect and admire their undeniable courage, their undeniable ability to take a stand... and there undeniable ability to make a mark.

What has Babs gotten out in front of? Where has she taken the lead?

Does anyone know? Because if you do... drop me a line and I'll post it right here.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Revisionist history on Ridgefield Barbie's Wiki.

Look, we've all heard the crap, the exaggerations, the overblown resume' of our very own Congressional empty suit, Jamie Herrera.

So, I suppose it should be no surprise that she tries to plug the huge holes in her empty resume' by making something out of her multi-week gigs as a gofer in the state senate and the White House.

But her continued insistence on lying about her nonsensical claim that she was a SENIOR Legislative Aide to Meddler McMorris, the woman who slammed the empty suit together out of spare parts and had her planted here after a decade-long plus absence so she could run against Baird for Congress is puzzling indeed.

Herrera was never a "Senior Legislative Aide." Every time she said she was is just another instance of her overblown sense of self-importance.

Now, I really don't give a damn that she was just another low-ranking office flunky. That she hung around the Longworth or whatever doesn't make her any more qualified to be in Congress then the fact that my Spaniel can chew on a bone qualifies him to be a rancher.

But it is a troubling mental issue that requires individuals to lie about their background to pump up their sense of importance... a trait shared by Jon Russell, come to think about it, famous for lying about his background.

So why does she keep doing it?

Who knows?

The other bit of revisionism is this tidbit:
Herrera moved back to the 18th legislative district, and was appointed to the Washington House of Representatives in 2007 to replace former Rep. Richard Curtis, who resigned amid a sex scandal.

Words, of course, have meaning. And these words represent a lie... not so much that they didn't happen, but that they didn't happen in that order.

Barbie had been gone for over 10 years. She knew nothing about the issues confronting us in the district. She got the job because McMorris made a deal with my brother-in-law, Clark County Commissioner Marc Boldt, who's had it bad for McMorris since our days in the Legislature together.

Without Boldt, there would be no Barbie.

But the FACT is this: She got the appointment... only THEN did she move back here... because if she had NOT gotten the gig handed to her on a silver platter as a result of the deal, then she would have continued to work on McMorris's staff... getting McMorris her morning danish with coffee, two sugars or whatever.

Now, I can see her actually wanting people to believe she had lived here... at least awhile, before she scammed an appointment that she didn't deserve and lied about from the getgo. (What is it she said, lying to the commissioners? Oh yeah... something like this:

Every step I have taken since high school has been preparing me for this. There is not a job in the world I would rather have.”

Lightning should have struck her dead on the spot for lying so blatantly, because seconds later, what do we have?

The fact that she didn't take any real steps... never held a private sector job, never owned a business or a house... you know, the kinds of steps that would tend to put her in touch with us common folk? That kind of thing?)

So, what do you do? You mislead. You exaggerate.

You lie.

You know. Kinda like Herrera's Wiki?

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Did anyone catch Ridgefield Barbie's speech at CPAC? What's that? She wasn't invited? COL West ROCKS THE HOUSE!

When you've got a girl playing big shot Congresswoman... and you compare her to a member of Congress who is everything she isn't... you can cringe at the differences.

She never served her country. She never ran a business or held a job in the private sector. She's never taken a position that can be ferreted out, save a position to co-sponsor SEIU legislation and help the democrats strip out the last of our emergency fund.

THOSE are positions she's taken.

Now, she straddles the fence in painful ways to avoid taking positions on the issues that confront us with an immediacy that is striking in their impacts.

Babs, do you support or oppose wasting billions to replace a serviceable bridge so we can get the curse of loot rail into our community?

Babs, do you support or oppose the organized criminal enterprise known as the Mohegan/Paskenta/Cowlitz/Barnett megacasino?

Babs, do you support or oppose the constitutional amendment to end the right to U.S. citizenship now held by everybody born in the United States?

These are simple questions. They require simple answers... like "yes," or "no."

Can you even begin to imagine a warrior like Rep. West failing to take a position on these, or any other, issues?

I can't, either. And while we do not deserve BETTER representation then COL West, we don't deserve worse, either.

And "worse" is what we've got.

While OUR freshman congressmember disappears from the national scene with her empty-suited ineptitude, another freshman's meteoric rise continues unabated.

Here is Rep. Allen West (R-FL22) giving the keynote at CPAC (He starts at about the 8 minute mark. CSpan cut him off shortly before the end of his speech.)


No where to be seen.

If only we had an Allen West representing us...

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The democratian's unseemly affair with Herrera: get a hotel room, already.

Man, the local rag has fallen for her as hard as if she was a fringe-left democrat instead of a more moderate RINO.

The democratian, best known for shilling leftists, supporting city lawsuits against constituents and psychopathic lies about the increasingly criminal I-5 Bridge/loot rail project, has completely gone off the deep end over Ridgefield Barbie.

I had no idea her attributes would cause presumably otherwise sane males to lose their collective minds. The most recent of many examples? Their drivel over Herrera's letter to Interior. The letter was a politically brilliantly piece of work which said, effectively and in real terms, absolutely nothing. Barbie contributed her signature to it, which resulted in a great deal of Sturm and drang but little else when it comes to Interior's Cowlitz Casino scam.

I call it "brilliantly written" knowing what the rag, apparently, does not: that SHE didn't write it. Thus, I spit up all over my keyboard when this pig slop hit the screen:

The Congressional rookie wrote like a seasoned veteran about other troubling aspects of the BIA decision:

Are those shilling for a bridge we don't need and can't afford so ignorant about Congress and it's internal workings that they actually think that empty suit did ANYTHING with this letter? Except possibly... and ONLY possibly, read it?

As I pointed out before the rag ever heard of this worthless effort:

The beauty of this scam is that people will read into this letter whatever they like. The more ignorant, who lack either experience or understanding of this oh-so-sincere non-response will believe she opposes the mega casino. She asks what seems like tough questions as the crusading young congresswoman, demanding answers.... except for one thing: there's no "Or else."

Herrera sat on her wide-glide keister for 3 years in office up here, and we rarely heard a peep out of her on this issue. This crap pile has been intended to be built in what was HER district. And she's just now getting around to asking these questions or making these noises?

It reads like it was written by a "seasoned veteran" because it WAS written by a seasoned veteran, which means Herrera, once again, had nothing to do with it and is doing what she's told.

And in the end, the letter is meaningless, start to finish, since the local empty suit's "concern" does not in any way equate to "opposition."

Because for Barbie to oppose this... or to support this, for that matter, she would have to take a position. You know, like a courageous grown up? Like an adult?

And so far, for the most part, she has shown herself genetically incapable of doing that.

So now, we have a letter. And if the tribe starts yammering at her, she can truthfully say "There's nothing in that letter that says I oppose the casino."

And the useful idiots around her can continue to laud her as if she's doing ANYTHING for us instead of her Master, Cathy McMorris, the one that made this nightmare all possible.

Meanwhile, those shilling this crap from the democratian? Get a hotel room. It would be less embarrassing.

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

The democratian's press affair with Herrera.

A friend's wife said: first on her to-do list should be to get an eye-lift and a fashion consult: greens and browns are not her friend.

Reading this morning's self-serving pap about the "I haven't been given a position yet by McMorris, so I'm not going to take any" Empty Suit from the 3rd has me mystified.

In every other respect, the democratian lives up to it's name.

Massive over-endorsement of fringe leftists? Check.

Lies about fringe left union reward projects we don't want, need or can afford? Check.

No concern about 65,000 families paying their extortion each time they cross the bridge to go to work? Check

Major lies and propaganda about the completely unnecessary loot rail they shill every chance they get? Check.

So why is it they write about the simple-minded McMorris sock-puppet like she was paying them?

Why is it they continually fail to hold her up to the critical examination they seem to thrive on when it comes to anyone else to the right of Lenin?

Why is it that they continue to give her pass after pass on her failure to oppose the megacasino, or even to take a position on it one way or the other?

Why is they allow her to come in here and posture like she would ever DARE to vote in any way except the way McMorris, who owns her like the 13th Amendment and the Emancipation Proclamation never happened, tells her to?

Anyone familiar with her Frankenstein-like construction knows that she's going to vote the way McMorris orders her to 99.5% of the time... I mean, do you people actually believe that McMorris built Ridgefield Barbie and unleashed her on the mostly unsuspecting of the 3rd District out of some altruistic sense of doing the right thing? Seriously?

Based on her political history, in the far distant future when Herrera finally leaves this mortal coil, expect her tombstone to say something like this:

"Declining to do so during the entirety of her political life, Herrera finally took a position."

That she can play the local rag like a violin is astounding. That they softball her like she was a 6 year old runner up in a beauty pageant is astounding in the face of how they worked so hard to crucify Peter Van Nortwick, Brent Boger, Don Benton and, well, me.

Besides lying to us for years over the loot rail requirement on the CRC, the democratian delights in burying most republicans in the mud when they're opposed to their agenda. Of course, there is a possibility that they're afraid of Barbie, in that if they actually anger her, Her Arroganceness might actually work to kill the bridge... and these clowns would kill their own mothers before they'd kill the bridge... or support anyone actively working to do that very thing.

The money quote in this shlock?

She declined to say how she would vote on a constitutional amendment to end the right to U.S. citizenship now held by everybody born in the United States. Her father, Armando Herrera, is of Mexican descent.

She "declined to say," which is a more polite way of telling us she "refused to say" which is a factual way of telling us, her constituents, that "I don't want you to know how I'm going to vote... why is it any of your business?"

But her worthless political career is replete with "she declined to says," and "She declined to take a position" observations.

As a result of her multiple failures to have or show any guts (Do you believe for one second that COL West would "decline to say" on ANY position our warrior congressman from Florida actually has?) she just wants to avoid any hassle before she votes "no."

And this, perhaps, sums it up best of all:

Although she’s clearly in the Republican mainstream, it appears that Herrera Beutler has not fully immersed herself in the partisan fervor of the nation’s capital. Though she attended President Barack Obama’s State of the Union speech on Jan. 25, she didn’t watch the televised GOP responses to the president’s speech.

Durbin's bizarre editorializing aside (She's clearly NOT in the Republican mainstream to anyone but Mainstream Republicans. To the rest of us who know and despise her, she's a RINO thru and thru) that Herrera's only purpose that day was to act like a democrat/Obama groupie is hard to deny.

That she didn't bother to watch her leadership's response to Obama's propagandizing?

Not surprising at all. After all, why should she pretend to presume to know?

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

When they're right... they're right: Herrera is a "health care hypocrite."

Earlier, I challenged Ridgefield Barbie to put talk into action.

Since her arrival back here after her decade-plus absence in the carefully choreographed dance and, well, conspiracy, that resulted in the election of the emptiest suit in Congress, Herrera has yet to show vision, courage, or integrity.

Even now, she fails... on a daily basis... to take positions on the issues confronting us, or to act in our best interests against those who own her like she was black and this was 1856.

So far, her tenure has been utterly predictable. Unfortunately for those of us she "represents," as I suspect, the person she actually represents is the one who really built her... Cathy McMorris.

As McMorris's puppet, she blew off taking her married name until it became politically tenable, and used her half-hispanic heritage as if it were a reason to elect her... when, of course, such covert racism is absolutely unsupportable.

Well, as I suspected, Babs is in this only for her self. The idea that she would show integrity like Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Illinois) and turn down the "gold plated government-sponsored health insurance plan" is as unlikely for Barbie as showing intelligence, understanding, knowledge or actual concern for these she is SUPPOSED to represent.

Well, the democrats are nailing her for her obvious hypocrisy. And I am much more concerned about truth then I am party.

In the few minutes she actually met with constituents in Longview last night, the following exchange too place, according to TDN.COM

But Gary Bruner of Battle Ground stood and said his daughter was denied health coverage until now because of a pre-existing condition. He said his daughter is healthy and athletic and takes no medication, yet insurance companies wouldn't cover her until the health care reform law went into effect.

Bruner said that when he called Herrera Beutler's Capitol office to discuss the matter, a staffer hung up on him. "Do you not want to hear from people unless they agree with you 100 percent?" Bruner asked the Congresswoman.

"I have no explanation for why someone hung up on you," Herrera Beutler (How about, "the fish rots from the head down?) responded, adding that her staff knows she "would be very upset" if she learned of such treatment of a constituent.

"I don't have all the answers," Herrera Beutler said. "I want to hear both the good and the bad, regardless of whether we agree on the issues.

Barbie is SUCH a kidder.

Her staff projects a mirror image of Her Worthlessness.

The article detailing her hypocrisy is here.

But really... based on who she is and what she's "done," did we expect anything better or different?

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Question for our esteemed congress-critter: the campaign is over.... has McMorris given you your position on the megacasino yet?

The people of the 3rd District of Washington have been cursed with an empty suited, kinda representative, who must wear the yoke of her Master's Voice (Cathy McMorris) without whom no one would have heard of Herrera and because of whom, Herrera is as owned as if Mr. Lincoln had skipped the Emancipation Proclamation.

It's not like you don't know what's going on here... because you do.

Unlike the complete ignorance you displayed to the commissioners who were manipulated into selecting you over the two other quality candidates for state representative, either of whom... and, come to think of it, one of whom who has already put the entirety of your sorry tenure of 3 years to shame in the 1 month she's been in office... could have done a much better job; you presumably have a clue about the Mohegan/Paskenta/Cowlitz/Barnett Megacasino that has been approved for YOUR district.

So tell me... has McMorris hammered out your position, yet?

I mean, look... after your "me, too" name game, where you failed to use any imagination on how to deal with your husband as anything but a fashion accessory, so you do the exact same thing as McMorris, and proceed to bury your one/half hispanic heritage behind his name... and the fact that you couldn't seem to find any reason to criticise your predecessor, I was just wondering if McMorris had told you what your position on the Casino is going to be.

Because you damned sure lack the courage, the knowledge, the care or concern to have one on your own after Brian Baird so skillfully blew off any substantive position on that issue.

Here, for once, I can admire the actions in the most recent election of a hardcore leftist, Sen. Diana Feinstein (D-Kali-fornia) who single-handedly stopped the reservation shopping efforts of a tribe in her state while killing the Carceiri Fix... which the White House then proceeded to ignore while dumping this in your lap.

I can see the triangulation on this issue now:

"Hey, neither Murray nor Cantwell go to the Ladies Room without tribal permission, and that Herrera girl is a joke. Let's find a way to dump this all on her... because we KNOW what HER 'position' is going to be."

Or something like that.

So, surprise us, Barbie.

Take a position. Fight for us. Do the right thing. Try to remember: as much as you admired Brian Baird, if we had wanted him, we'd have voted for him... so stop being him.

Or do what I believe you will do: curl up in a corner, crying and whining... because your boss won't let you show some guts... and the deafening silence from your office is kinda comforting to you.

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