Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"I would cheerfully trade a battalion of Ridgefield Barbies for one LTC Allen West."

Make no mistake about it: my top five most admired national politicians has LTC Allen West, (R-FL22) among its ranks.

Imagine. Imagine if we had a plain-spoken, knowledgeable, courageous Member of Congress; a brand new voice with conviction, a non-scripted individual, full independent who doesn't have to get clearance from anyone to do whatever it is they do.

Someone who could take a position on the bridger/loot rail project; the Mohegan/Paskenta/Cowlitz/Barnett megacasino, the Constitutional amendment on anchor babies... or much of anything else... and then have the testicular fortitude to defend those positions... one way or another.

Allen West is such a person.

Ridgefield Barbie is not.

Here's a little number, via BLACKFIVE, where Rep. West "exchanges views" with an unindicted co-conspirator CAIRS (Council on American-Islamic Relations) apologist.

West is everything Jaime Herrera is not. And what is that going to cost us in the future?

I expect this kind of knowledge on the part of those who would make the decisions at the national level. Does anyone here believe, for one second, that Herrera has this type of institutional fortitude? This kind of awareness... this kind of historical ability?

If she had been confronted by this CAIRS guy... what do you think would have been her response?

Paraphrased, my fear is that it would be something like this:

"I don't want you to know my position, because if I tell you what it is, it might be the wrong one... and my puppetmaster hasn't given it to me yet."

I may not agree with everything West has said to date. But much like Chris Christie, I don't have to agree with everything he does to respect and admire their undeniable courage, their undeniable ability to take a stand... and there undeniable ability to make a mark.

What has Babs gotten out in front of? Where has she taken the lead?

Does anyone know? Because if you do... drop me a line and I'll post it right here.

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