Sunday, January 31, 2010

Just took a research trip down to Arizona to check on some land deals and hotel meal prices.

Jaime Herrera has already shown a troubling ability to waste our taxpayer dollars on herself... in this case, burning a hole through $475 or so for meals for a 3 day boondoggle to Spokane as detailed here.

I have major heartburn with anyone wasting that kind of taxpayer money as a staffer... or as an elected official like the Bell of Botox.

But actually charging the taxpayers enough money for some family's groceries for a month for three days worth of meals?

No. That's not what I want to have happen to my money.

So, I went on down to Arizona here over the last few days to look at some land deals. Stayed in a Hilton Resort Hotel while I was there... and for 4 days. my bill was....

.... $176.

So, Herrera nukes $475 in 3 days, while I, 4 years later, when things are a LOT more expensive... manage to do the same thing for... 1/3 of the amount she nailed us for.

Arrogance towards taxpayer dollars is one of the issues responsible for getting our economy INTO this jam. Spending it like a drunken sailor, having your boss approve that kind of waste....

Well, isn't that the kind of thing Baird was/is doing? Isn't that the kind of thing the Bride of Frankenstein is doing?

If Herrera wants to BE a leftist democrat wasting out money.... then why doesn't she just switch parties and get it over with?

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Democrat Vancouver City Councilman Pat Campbell stops on by to defend Herrera's SEIU sell out.

Look, I get that Jaime Herrera pledged to "be a friend to organized labor" when she lied her way into her appointment to the 18th District House seat a couple of years ago. But co-sponsoring SEIU bills to provide collective bargaining to child care workers and then twice voting FOR such a moronic bill?

Well, how "Republican" is that?
I guess it boils down to who you want caring for your children and grandchildren? Folks who have some substance or folks in extreme poverty? Having been a day care licensing caseworker and a parole officer, I have an opinion on this. Herrera is consistent in wanting the unborn and born protected. You folks are also consistent...

-Pat Campbell

(Anonymous) 1/30/10

I appreciate former Republican Pat Campbell stopping by to share his vision and union cheer-leading, a view that dovetails no closely with Herrera's.

So, let's get this straight: both democrat Campbell and faux Republican Herrera like the idea of jacking up the cost of child care/day care so much that it will make it impossible, for any practical purpose, for low-income wage earners to be able to afford the much higher rates for day care this kind of idiocy will ultimately cause.

It is frightening that either of these two were ever elected to anything, of course, given their obvious inability to determine the long term impacts of their efforts. And, of course, Campbell's vision includes such outright stupidity as ramming an unneeded and unwanted bridge with loot rail down our throats (And act that will ALSO hurt hundreds if not thousands of daily commuters who will have to PAY for this bridge and loot rail that we do not want... and do not need.) as well as getting rid of the sales tax exemption for Oregon shoppers; and who moronically enough has requested that "God forgive" those smart enough to oppose that tribal blight on our community, the massive Cowlitz megacasino.

At the end of the day, if child care workers don't like the money.... well, they can certainly find some other line of work. Slamming those least able to afford his moronic view of the world along with that of our empty suited faux Republican who co-sponsored and voted for the SEIU-inspired bill?

Why would any Republican ever vote for Herrera, again?

Because with friends like fringe-leftist democrat Campbell, there's no percentage in voting for a fake Republican when the real deal happens to still be available.

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Friday, January 29, 2010

Why Shannon Barnett is unfit for any elective office.

Well, it looks like Shannon Barnett has made it official: he's jumped in to the race to replace abysmal congressional candidate and Republican empty suit Jaime Herrera who bailed from the job she wanted so badly for one of those other jobs she "couldn't imagine" having in 2 brief years.... the congressional slot she was parachuted in here to grab from the getgo.

It was a corrupt process involving a local county commissioner and Cathy McMorris-Rogers that led to including Herrera in the first place.

My pet cocker spaniel, who announced for Congress on the 15th of December, had more time as a resident of the 18th District than Herrera, who had not lived in the district for the prior 10 plus years before her appointment and who, literally, knew absolutely nothing about the issues confronting us before the rigged process led to her appointment.

And now, we discover that Shannon Barnett was not only an empty suit supporter, but that he was, in his mind, anyway; a critical element in the corrupt process that rammed this clueless dilettante down our throats, BRAGGING about it as part of HIS candidacy announcement!

County chairs have a unique role to play in local politics, particularly in what amounts to "primary" type situations. They are, under any shape or form, specifically forbidden by the tenets of their office from interfering with, or endorsing, any one's candidacy in such a situation.

They know this. Such conduct is unethical at best, and despicable at worst. This is why I continue to call for Ryan Hart's resignation; he has endorsed the simple idiot that is Jaime Herrera for the congressional seat early in the primary season and he has done so KNOWING that taking that step is improper and violates his unique and fair position as chair of the county party.

In this instance, the same standard applied to Shannon Barnett; who, although he lacked the character and integrity needed to complete his term as Cowlitz County Republican Party Chair; was the Chair at the time of the appointment.

His take, from his own campaign announcement?
No stranger to the political scene in SW Washington, Barnett has volunteered a great deal of time and energy over the years to promote common sense conservative values. Barnett started at the grass roots level as a Precinct Committee Officer, and has evolved into more extensive roles where he has served as Chairman of the Cowlitz County Republican Party, and Chaired many campaigns within the district. Barnett has served as a Precinct Committee Officer (PCO) and as PCO Coordinator in Cowlitz County where he coordinated the PCO process that led to the appointment of Jaime Herrera to the 18th District House of Representatives seat Barnett now seeks election to.
No deal there, eh? No.... "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours," right?

As a county chair, Barnett had no right to act as a tool for someone HE liked or, apparently, had made some sort of deal with. His job was to stay out of it and allow the process to take its course based on the merits of the candidates involved... not the candidate he had made a deal with.

As a result, Barnett is certainly not fit to hold any elective office, particularly representing ME. He should withdraw his candidacy and do it now. Otherwise, he's got some quite embarrassing explaining to do.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fake Republican Jaime Herrera votes FOR collective bargaining of child care workers.

It's bad enough that Jaime Herrera lacks any experience that qualifies her to run for Congress.

It's bad enough that she was handed an appointment to the 18th District she didn't deserve after a 10 year absence.

It's bad enough she portrayed herself as being "a friend of organized labor."

And it's even bad enough that she co-sponsored this democrat garbage bill and voted for it last session.

But within the hour, she compounded all of that by DOING IT AGAIN.

And then she calls herself a REPUBLICAN?

Ask yourself: what would Brian Baird do?

And then ask yourself: If you want a Republican to win this... then why would you vote for Herrera?

SHB 1329

Childcare ctr col bargaining
House vote on Final Passage

Yeas: 62 Nays: 35 Absent: 0 Excused: 1

Voting Yea: Representatives Angel, Appleton, Blake, Carlyle, Chase, Cody, Conway, Crouse, Dammeier, Darneille, Dickerson, Driscoll, Dunshee, Ericks, Finn, Goodman, Green, Haigh, Hasegawa, Herrera, Hudgins, Hunt, Hunter, Hurst, Jacks, Kagi, Kelley, Kenney, Kessler, Kirby, Liias, Linville, Maxwell, McCoy, Miloscia, Moeller, Morrell, Morris, Nelson, Ormsby, Orwall, Parker, Pedersen, Pettigrew, Priest, Probst, Quall, Roberts, Rolfes, Santos, Seaquist, Sells, Simpson, Sullivan, Takko, Upthegrove, Van De Wege, Wallace, White, Williams, Wood, and Mr. Speaker

Voting Nay: Representatives Alexander, Anderson, Armstrong, Bailey, Campbell, Chandler, Clibborn, Condotta, DeBolt, Eddy, Ericksen, Fagan, Haler, Hinkle, Hope, Johnson, Klippert, Kretz, Kristiansen, McCune, Nealey, O'Brien, Orcutt, Pearson, Roach, Rodne, Ross, Schmick, Shea, Short, Smith, Springer, Taylor, Walsh, and Warnick


Excused: Representative Flannigan
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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Once again, Jaime Herrera changes the story.

You know, it's got to be tough to be the local version of Barack Obama, experience-wise.

Herrera has proven she's no more qualified (or, apparently, mature enough) to be a member of Congress than she is to, well, be a state representative.

But the "how all this came about" story keeps changing, doesn't it?

First, she was being recruited for 6 months before she announced;
"The former aide to Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) has been groomed for the seat, and WA Dems privately concede she'll be a tough candidate."
Perhaps in McMorris-Rogers' MIND she had been "groomed."

But.... how can that be? "Groomed?" Why, back at the appointment meeting with the commissioners, she look at them, batted her baby brown eyes, and TOLD them "there is not a job in the world I would rather have."

Now, if she says something like that, knowing she was being "groomed" for Congress, doesn't that make her a manipulative liar?

"Grooming" requires accomplishment. And except for what McMorris-Rogers has done by spoon-feeding her an appointment she was wholly unqualified to hold, what has Herrera accomplished?

Absolutely nothing.

And now? Well, now, the story is this:

Most political observers, and certainly those at the national level, started hearing Herrera’s name associated with the phrase “third district” immediately after Baird announced that he would not seek another term in Congress, and it was rumored she would jump into the race. But, she told me, she began thinking about running long before then—as early as the infamous “town hall” period last year. Herrera and her then-fiancĂ© (now husband), Dan, “were actually on our way to the town hall in Clark County that Brian Baird had had and I received a phone call from a constituent at the time—he’d left a message and said ‘I really think you need to take on Baird,’ and I shared it with my husband and we kind of smiled about it and went into the town hall.” Afterwards, she said, more of her constituents echoed that caller’s sentiments. Her initial reaction? “Well, I’m very happy with what I do, I love representing the people of the 18th district so this is not a decision I’m going to take lightly,” she thought, adding that she did begin talking to friends, family—and those that she represents. But, “when Brian Baird announced he was going to retire, that really escalated our decision-making process and we decided now is the time.” During our conversation, Herrera conceded to me that “It’s a big risk to do this,” but quickly added that she felt that it was a bigger risk not to run. “Quite frankly, the people of Southwest Washington don’t exactly fit with the views of Nancy Pelosi and the liberals that are running Congress and I’m tired of having our vote being cast to support that agenda. And so this is important enough to put everything on the line and to run.”
All of this is a crock. That is not to say that Liz Mair is misstating what she was told; on the contrary. Even her failure to mention McMorris-Rogers, without whom, none of this would be possible. Herrera actually wants people to think she's doing this on her own. That it was her decision, like anybody else... that she's not a rank political opportunist who wouldn't eat a bagel if McMorris-Rogers didn't tell her what kind and how to do ti.

Baird announced he was not going to run on December 9. Herrera announced that SAME DAY.

Of course, her handlers smacked her. Kids, as you know, can be so impetuous. So, on December 10th, an article came out saying that she was only "considering" a run.

Finally, on the 15th, getting McMorris-Rogers' approval and making sure that Vanderstoop was on board, she finally announced for the seat.

But she had NOT been "recruited," and, in fact, even though there is no doubt that McMorris-Rogers entire reason for parachuting her in over here was to position her for a congressional run, Herrera has managed to accomplish even less in the House than she did has a go-fer for M-R.

It was far too soon to run this babe in the woods who lacks any of the essential ingredients to be a Member of Congress, starting with integrity and character and moving to experience and guts.

And the story of the how of it continues to change. And before this is over, you can be sure it'll change again.

It's alleged hat Will Rogers once said that he hated to lie because it gave him too much to remember.

That's an anecdote that Jaime Herrera should write on her forehead with a magic marker so she never forgets it.

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Monday, January 25, 2010

A FASCINATING look at Jaime Herrera from an Hispanic political site: NuestraVoice

You KNOW things are getting bad when such a "bright light" as our Jaime comes under THIS kind of scrutiny:

This brings us to Jaime Herrera the third minority candidate mentioned in the Politico article. Herrera is not missing like twenty-two of the other minority candidates but her fund raising figures are. Herrera’s website contains none of the usual bragging about how much cash she has raised or that presumably that the GOP house machine has raised for her. Another item noticeably missing from the Herrera’s’ website are any endorsements from Latino community leaders or Latino elected officials, odd for an incumbent State Senator that the GOP is touting as a banner carrier for diversity.
Odd, indeed.

They were wrong, of course, about labeling Herrera as a state senator;l we have one, and he ain't her.  The writer is also wrong that Herrera was "recruited."  She announced far too soon for that, long before Baird's political body was even cold.

And, of course, since the Politico plant was from interested parties back in DC, the article neglected to mention any other minority candidates running in the 3rd Congressional.

But it brings a somewhat different perspective to light and asks some rather pertinent questions.

Time, of course, will tell.  But if Herrera doesn't have a substantial fund-rasing lead when the numbers are released, then she's gonna have a lot of 'splanin' to do.

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Jaime Herrera and the experience issue.

As anyone reading this blog for more then 30 seconds knows, I have major heartburn with Jaime Herrera. I have challenged her assertion that she was EVER a "Senior Legislative Aide," as she has never held that title anywhere.

Since I've known of her, she has engaged in lies and exaggeration in every aspect of her presentation.

To put a new coat of veneer on this picture, here we have what USED to be listed as her biography.

Assistant Republican Floor Leader
Olympia Office:
416 John L. O’Brien Building
P.O. Box 40600
Olympia, WA 98504-0600
(360) 786-7850

District Office:
109 SW 1st St, Suite 262
Battle Ground, WA 98604
Phone: (360) 687-0489
Fax: (360) 687-1271

Technology, Energy and Communications
Health Care and Wellness

Family Policy Council
Title and Registration Advisory Committee

Grew up in Hockinson and was homeschooled from the 1st through 9th grades; family has lived in what is now the 18th Legislative District for over 17 years.

Prairie High School graduate
University of Washington – Bachelor of Arts in communications with an emphasis in political science

U.S. House of Representatives, legislative assistant for Congresswoman Cathy McMorris-Rodgers
The White House, intern for director of Political Affairs
Victory 2004, event coordinator for co-chair
Washington State Senate, intern for State Senator Joe Zarelli
Generational Leadership, director of development for Youth Leadership Development Program

Note the accurate listing of "legislative assistant" to McMorris-Rogers.

Note what it has to say about her now:

State Representative Jaime Herrera grew up in Southwest Washington. A Prairie High School graduate and member of the Prairie women’s basketball team, she also participated in activities like 4-H, fishing at Battle Ground Lake on opening day and swimming in the Lewis River. She also joined her family in climbing Mt. St. Helens. These activities have given Jaime an understanding of the natural resources unique to Southwest Washington.

Jaime attended the University of Washington, earning her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications. As a college student, she had the opportunity to intern in both the Washington State Senate and in Washington, D.C. at the White House Office of Political Affairs. From 2005-07, Jaime worked in Washington, D.C. as Senior Legislative Aide for Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-Spokane). Jaime served as the Congresswoman’s lead advisor[sic} on health care policy, education, veterans’ and women’s issues.

As Senior Legislative Aide, Jaime helped draft proposals for Congresswoman McMorris Rodgers, including a health information technology bill and an education-based competitiveness bill. Both measures passed the U.S. House of Representatives overwhelmingly.

In 2007, a vacancy occurred in Washington State’s 18th Legislative District. County Commissioners Betty Sue Morris (D-Clark), Mark Bolt (R-Clark), Axel Swanson (D-Cowlitz) and George Raiter (D-Cowlitz) appointed Jaime as the new State Representative to fill the open position. Jaime has since been elected to continue her post as the Representative of the people in the 18th Legislative District.

In the Legislature, Jaime serves on the Health Care and Wellness Committee, the Human Services Committee and the Transportation Committee. In her time in the Legislature, she spearheaded a successful proposal to expand affordable health insurance options for Washingtonians. She was also instrumental in protecting a transportation project in Ridgefield, central to improving the economic opportunities along the I-5 interchange. Representative Herrera’s first bill, a bipartisan proposal to give tax relief to business owners serving in the military, was signed into law on March 27, 2008.

Jaime and her husband Daniel Beutler currently reside in Camas.

Besides her magic elevation from "legislative assistant" to "Senior Legislative Aide," we note that, golly... 2 democrats voted for her along with one Republican.

Why... it's almost like there were more than 1 Republican and 5 democrats available TO vote... and that she had... well, democrat support!

Let's remember, that when it came to party.... democrats HAD to vote for a Republican.

Minor detail.

And as finessed as this situation might be (The reader might be asking themselves, "what difference does it make?" The answer is that this entire situation just goers to her juvenile pattern of exaggerating her own sense of importance... and, in the alternative, if it's important enough for her to lie about it, it's important enough for me to point it out.) the FACTS is that she NEVER was what she CLAIMED to be.

And you know what?

We get that a lot from her.

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Herrera votes to expand Insurance Commissioner's arbitrary powers.

In keeping with a political philosophy that makes her a "friend to organized labor," Jaime Herrera voted to expand the Insurance Commissioner's powers, working to enable him to arbitrarily set health care insurance rates.

Here's what Kreidler has to say about a bill increasing his authority at a time when we need LESS government authority and power... not more... particularly when that commissioner is infested with Bush Derangement Syndrome.
“Consumers who purchase their own health insurance can rest easier today knowing someone is watching over the shoulder of the health plans,” said Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler. “For eight years, anyone who purchased their own health insurance had to take the word of the health insurers on blind faith. Under the new law, consumers will know that someone took a careful look and made sure that the rate they’re charged is justified.”
How can Herrera support this expansion of government powers? How can Herrera weaken the private sector even more, while letting government bureaucrats interfere in the free market that is SUPPOSED to be the hallmark of conservatism?

If she will take such a vote here, why wouldn't she vote like this at the federal level?  How would she stand up to Pelosi's socialist health care agenda?

Given her support of ACORN/SEIU bills in the recent past, does anyone think that she represents the people and the true values of the 3rd Congressional District?

FINAL BILL REPORT    ESSB 5261   C 303 L 08

Synopsis as Enacted

Brief Description: Granting the insurance commissioner the authority to review individual health benefit plan rates.

Summary: The Insurance Commissioner may disapprove rates for the individual market if the rates are unreasonable in relation to the benefits provided.

(Guess who decides if they are 'unreasonable' rates? Doesn't this sound a lot like the authority Congress is trying to take over insurers?) Link to bill report:

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Ryan Hart, Clark County GOP Chair, should resign.

I work on campaigns, and those who hire me know beyond any doubt that what I tell them is based on hard fact and analysis, unencumbered by partisanship.

When I say, for example, that I believe no Clark County democrat can win in the 3rd, that's not because I used to work in the position of this state's GOP Executive Director chair.

It is because I see the political landscape, review the bidding, see their massive vulnerabilities and determine that, when combined with the, to them, horrific damage to the democrat brand.... it makes it impossible for a Clark County democrat to win.... unless...

Unless the morons running the show on the GOP side screw it up.

Jaime Herrera seems to think she's been anointed to become our next member of Congress. She believes this because politically, everything she has, has been given to her on a silver platter. If Baird had stayed in, we'd have never heard of her in this race.

She's a tool. She's being used by others with an agenda, and she carries with her an infectious political disease. It's the disease of lies, exaggerations and misleading those she would represent into thinking she's been something she's not.  And as one of her constituents in the Legislature, I resent that she's campaigning on state time instead of representing ME and the tens of thousands of others in the 18th district in this crucial legislative session. I, in fact, resent that she didn't have the decency to resign so she could run full time and we could have full time representation in the House instead of what we have now... not that she ever accomplished anything while she WAS representing us full time.

I do not share the idea that Herrera is the second political coming. I can admire those pulling her strings; they perceive that GOP political power in this state is in a vacuum, and no one has stepped up to fill that vacuum. They believe they can, at minimum, become another king maker like Jennifer Dunn.... and at maximum, aspire to become president.

So, they rounded themselves up a pretty little empty-headed girl who they now lead by the nose in their quest to fulfill their agenda at the cost of quality representation to 700,000 plus people.  They pick out someone they believe they can control... someone shallow enough that they are absolutely sure they're not creating a monster... someone that, even if elected, will continue to do what she's told.

But the one thing they believe that requires is to set the table. And part of that is this experiment... this program to take a nobody and through force of charm and political corruption, begin to fill out the empty slots with their people.

It's a long term project. And so far, everything has gone according to plan because those who know better, those who should be concerned with providing us with the BEST representation, instead lay down on us and their duty to the people and engage in political expediency that has been dressed up in pretty little ribbons and bows.

I have yet to meet anyone who can explain to me what on earth makes them or anyone else actually believe that Jaime Herrera has done ANYTHING to merit such political consideration.

In that regard, it's Obama all over again.

It has gone so far as to cause an otherwise honorable county chair to make an endorsement in a primary, something completely forbidden and unacceptable... something that even the democrats won't do. And in this or any other case, any county chair endorsing in an open primary under any circumstance should resign from their position as county chair.

Then they can endorse away.

There is no way to dress this up.  Endorsing in the primary is an obvious conflict of interest, and obviously bad strategy that can divide the party infrastructure and slatther the appearance of favoritism over a political scene where none should exist.

And that's the nature of this go-along to get-along philosophy exhibited by the Herrera camp.

It's never been about representing the people. It's always been about positioning for Congress... proving she lied from the very beginning. But those with the short memories, don't care that she lied. They don't care that she's a "friend to organized labor." They don't care that she's voted to support SEIU bills. They don't care that she wasted taxpayer dollars for "meals," much like Stacey Sellers. They don't care that she's offended so many of us by likening her multiple internships and 10 year long absence to "military service."

Well.... I care.

I'm not concerned with Hart's early personal endorsement of an empty suit with no depth, accomplishment or experience (much like the moron elected to the presidency... and how many times do we need to do THAT before we wise up?) But I am concerned that Hart would put aside what he clearly knows to be his duty by endiorsing when he knows he must not... because he improperly promised he would.

I am not the only one arriving at this conclusion.  He's been hearing it.

But this is not the only problem.

As of this writing, we have no candidate to take out Steve "Corruption is my middle name" Stuart.  Why is that?

As of now, we have only one credible candidate running in the 17th District, while a regiment of has-beens and wannabees have lined up to run for Herrera's open seat on the GOP side... while one, and one candidate alone, has declared on the democrat side.

Why is that?  Why don't we have someone to take out Stuart, who suffers both from his brand, his verified corruption through being bought by David Barnett, his rabid support of a multi-billion dollar waste of money in the form of a bridge and loot rail, his desire to enslave 65,000 commuters and their families into paying $1300 per year just to go to work in Oregon, a state ripping them off with a multi-hundred million dollar per year income tax as it is?

Why is it that he hasn't exercised some leadership and judgment to cull the herd that threatens the loss of a seat through divisiveness and a lack of strategic vision?

Where's a monthly party newsletter? The democrats have one... free to download off their web site, along with archives. Where's our presense in social media? Facebook? MySpace? Twitter?

How is it that the democrats don't have this problem... and the GOP does?

It starts at the top.

And Hart should resign.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

So... what's my problem with Jaime Herrera?

It's simple, really, and two-fold: she is completely unqualified to be a state representative, and now she wants to compound that fiasco by using her powers of political opportunism to become get to Congress...


She's a total and complete puppet for Congresswoman Cathy McMorris-Rogers of Spokane.

The Cliff's Notes version is this:

Jaime Herrera has no practical experience of any kind. She has never worked in the private sector, has taken credit for issues that were not hers (such as raising $2 million for Bush in a Washington State fundraiser back in August 04… a fundraiser where she worked… as an intern.) knows practically nothing about the district (she hadn’t lived here for the 11 years prior; has no apartment or house) When she was appointed to take over the seat in the 18th District, her only connection to the area for the prior decade had been her absentee voter registration. She knew nothing about the issues confronting us; she lied about her experience (still does) had done nothing and knew nothing that qualified her to represent me in the 18th District or any other district.

Her lackluster performance since her arrival has shown her lack of intelligence and her lack of chops needed to actually get the job done.

Herrera had no intention of running against even a weakened Baird, and yet she needed to lie about "being recruited for 6 months" to run against Baird. Had Baird not bailed out, we wouldn't have heard of her this time around.

Now, McMorris-Rogers sees a political vacuum in Washington State. She sees herself as a latter-day Jennifer Dunn.... or more.

So, there’s a full court press on the PCO’s. Some state and local heavyweights go to work on these fine folks, who cave to the pressure. Twenty-five of them list Herrera as first choice.

They list a girl they’ve never heard of. With no job experience. With no business experience. A girl so ignorant she has no idea about the local megacasino issue or impacts, even going so far as to believe there had been a vote on the issue, a girl with no home here of any kind and that hasn’t lived here for eleven years.

I can’t deny the effectiveness of the program... unfortunately I’m still in the dark as to what methods they used to pull it off. But I wish I knew, because selling her to 25 out of 40 was an exceptional feat.

But all of that begs the issue: why? This girl is NOT the second coming of John Locke, Jean Jacques Rousseau, De Tocqueville, Jefferson, Lincoln or Madison. Why the flexing of political muscle for someone on the other side of the state from her own district, and for someone with a minor staff position in DC? (Jaime's false claims of having held the position of "Senior Legislative Aide" are just that: false.)

So, when she stood there in front of the commissioners and told then, with a straight face, that "there is not a job in the world I would rather have," knowing that she had been parachuted in to this position specifically for a run against Baird, that became yet another of the many reasons to take the position that she is unfit to serve in government in any capacity.

So… Why did McMorris-Rogers do this to us? Why does she feel so compelled that she has to interfere in an area that is none of her fricking business? Have we reached the point where, because Doc Hastings HAS risen to his nadir, Cathy has decided in the sense that both politics and nature abhor a vacuum, that she, therefore, is going to fill it?

I will serve as a voice of opposition to Jaime Herrera's and McMorris-Roger's efforts to corrupt the system, as they corrupted it before for her initial appointment, to manipulate her ascension to Congress. I don't believe her cult of personality will be enough.

Surrounding herself with Rossi's people and having every thought in her head placed there by McMorris Rogers, Vander Stoop and the rest of the Rossi crew doesn't qualify her to be my Congresswoman.

And as this election continues, you will all come to know everything that I know about her... and in time, arrive at the same conclusion I have: ANYONE else seriously running for this position would be a much better choice.

Much more to come.

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