Sunday, January 31, 2010

Just took a research trip down to Arizona to check on some land deals and hotel meal prices.

Jaime Herrera has already shown a troubling ability to waste our taxpayer dollars on herself... in this case, burning a hole through $475 or so for meals for a 3 day boondoggle to Spokane as detailed here.

I have major heartburn with anyone wasting that kind of taxpayer money as a staffer... or as an elected official like the Bell of Botox.

But actually charging the taxpayers enough money for some family's groceries for a month for three days worth of meals?

No. That's not what I want to have happen to my money.

So, I went on down to Arizona here over the last few days to look at some land deals. Stayed in a Hilton Resort Hotel while I was there... and for 4 days. my bill was....

.... $176.

So, Herrera nukes $475 in 3 days, while I, 4 years later, when things are a LOT more expensive... manage to do the same thing for... 1/3 of the amount she nailed us for.

Arrogance towards taxpayer dollars is one of the issues responsible for getting our economy INTO this jam. Spending it like a drunken sailor, having your boss approve that kind of waste....

Well, isn't that the kind of thing Baird was/is doing? Isn't that the kind of thing the Bride of Frankenstein is doing?

If Herrera wants to BE a leftist democrat wasting out money.... then why doesn't she just switch parties and get it over with?

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