Saturday, June 26, 2010

The growing List of Reasons to Vote Against Herrera

I make no bones about it: I despise Jaime Herrera.

Ever since Cathy McMorris Rogers made the deal with my brother-in-law, Marc Boldt, that got Herrera appointed to the open seat in the 18th District, I have despised this empty suited political manikin.

Herrera is the same kind of empty suit we elected as president.

She lacks the education, the experience, the vision, the courage, the intelligence and even the experience of living here to be our Member of Congress.

Clearly, if it weren't for McMorris Rogers' interference here locally and Boldt's desire to do McMorris' bidding, we'd have never heard of Herrera, a blank slate with leftist tendencies that I do not want to represent me in ANYTHING, let along Congress.

We just got rid of one leftist in the job. Why replace him with the fake variety she represents?

This blog, as of this writing, has 130 posts detailing her lack of experience, her lies, her efforts to ditch us during session, her support of the SEIU and her efforts to help the democrats to strip out the last $229 million from our state emergency account because she stupidly believed it would stop the leftists from jacking up our taxes.

Herrera has:
Lived outside the district for 11 of the last 13 years.

Equated her decade-plus absence, to my face, as the same thing as being in the military.

REPEATEDLY lied about her job with McMorris Rogers.

Lied about being "courted" by the NRCC to run against Baird.

Never worked in the private sector.

Never owned property

Had her people throw a snit and lie about her loss of the FreedomWorks endorsement.

Ditched us during session to go to a special interest fund raiser in DC... put on by her keeper and master, McMorris Rogers.

Never served in the military and has no concept of their/our sacrifice or that of our families.

Cosponsored and voted for SEIU legislation (HB 1329) and then lied about why she did it.

Spent almost $500 taxpayer dollars for meals for 3 days while on a legislative staff boondoggle trip.

Left the floor of the House for hours at a time to fund raise for Congress, leaving her seat mate to vote for her in her place... and then lies about it.

Voted to strip out the last $229 million from the state emergency fund.

Received $5000 from her union buddies for her state house re-election bid in 2008.

Has become the undisputed establishment candidate because of McMorris-Rogers, who wants Herrera in Congress representing McMorris Rogers instead of the people of the 3rd District.

Has gained county GOP endorsements ONLY from the counties in the district that are DOMINATED by democrats and run by incompetent Republicans who frequently can't even get GOP candidates to run.
Herrera, or "Ridgefield Barbie" as I like to call her, lacks ANY record. It appears she got precisely one bill passed into law, the "give-the-new-guy-a-bill-to-teach-them-the-system" type bill that EVERYONE got passed.

She has been a waste of space in Olympia, and she will be a waste of space in DC.

How anyone could possibly support her as a conservative is simply beyond me.


  1. Thank you for your site, I had mixed feelings and basic distrust of Jaime because she is republican, now with your help I will feel better with her in office and not assume everything she says has an underlying twist to screw the working class of which you are apparently not one of. The way the repubs are screwing the middle class I just assumed that all repubs were the same. I stand corrected, it seems as though some are standing on their own two feet and doing the right thing for "the people"

  2. So, that I despise this cardboard cut out of a fake congress critter means I'm not a "member of the working class?"

    Have you had that looked at? You CAN be helped.

    That you're gullible enough to fail to understand that the only purpose of her self-serving, screw her own caucus vote was to appeal to the more ignorant... such as yourself... shows how politically unaware you are.

    Well, that and your slavish devotion to the fringe left, I mean.

    Ridgefield Barbie stands for one thing and one thing only: herself. The rest of us are just props to her narcissism.

    Don't get me wrong: except for the usual idiocy of the democrats like our former cowardman, Brian Baird (her hero, as it turns out) I'd have little problem with her if she had ran as a dem... because she votes like one.

    But that wasn't the deal. She lies incessantly while lacking the courage to face us in a town hall meeting, and you see her as "standing on her own two feet?"

    Good God but you're gullible.


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