Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Apparently, the only way to see our gutless Congresswoman without being pre-screened is to bring your checkbook.

We all know how much of a cowardly disgrace our local congresscritter has morphed into. Actually, this writer knew she'd be a total disaster as far back as 07, when Cathy McMorris parachuted her absentee behind in here to, well, run for Congress, her prior 11 year absence notwithstanding.

Part of the problem is her lack of intelligence. Part of it is her narcissism. Part of it is her lack of vision and the fact that most of the time, her keepers keep their foot firmly stepping on her neck.

But most of her problem is her cowardice.

It's a cowardice on display in every conceivable way, but primarily, her ongoing failure to summon up the courage to face her constituents.

Her latest effort?

Rep. Herrera Beutler holds 'community coffee' gathering in Longview

Rep. Herrera Beutler holds 'community coffee' gathering in Longview

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U.S. Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler said Tuesday she's happy with the smaller settings of her invitation-only "community coffees" and isn't planning to hold another large-scale town hall.

About 60 people attended her latest gathering at Judy's Restaurant in Longview on Tuesday morning, a fraction of the attendance at earlier town halls in her Southwest Washington district.

To Herrera Beutler, a Camas Republican in her first term, it's about maintaining the quality of discussion with constituents without the influence of outside interests.

"I get to hear what real people are thinking, not people who organize from Portland or Seattle," Herrera Beutler said.

However, some constituents said Herrera Beutler should make herself more available, even if she's exposed to tough questions. Some complained that they only learned about Tuesday's event from others who received invitations, which undoubtedly reduced the number of people participating.

"Fifty to 60 people out of 30,000 in Longview-Kelso is nothing," retiree Bill Kasch of Longview said.

More, of course, if you can stomach it.

Her cowardice is now, of course, sunk in concrete:

U.S. Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler said Tuesday she's happy with the smaller settings of her invitation-only "community coffees" and isn't planning to hold another large-scale town hall.


And this woman has been tasked to have an impact in the destiny of this Nation?

There is absolutely no excuse for this kind of controlled access, save one: fear.

Her handlers are afraid that Ridgefield Barbie, when forced to answer questions, will engage in the same kind of idiocy she resorted to when she lied to the Commissioners during her confirmation process for the legislature:

"Every step I have taken since high school has been preparing me for this," she said at Thursday's hearing, her voice cracking slightly. "There is not a job in the world I would rather have."

So, just over two years later, her imagination having sufficiently expanded to encapsulate the reason she was sent here in the first place, the only job she would rather have obviously did not include remaining in the Washington State House of Representatives.

Apparently, Congress was a job she would rather have. Apparently, when she was blubbering through her act to get the commissioner's votes (which were already in the bag, thanks to Marc Boldt) she was lying.

Tim "The Liar" Leave-it slapped her around like a rented step-child. Instead of kicking him in his miniature testicles, she just disappeared. Great message THAT sends, eh, Babs?

And, she's afraid of us. She doesn't want to hear from us.

Unless, of course, you bring your checkbook. That, apparently, is the only "invitation" you have to show to get in:

You are invited to joinCongresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler

for a special holiday fundraising reception
Camas Meadows Golf Club
4105 Camas Meadows Drive
Camas, WA 98607

Sunday, December 4, 2011
2:00 - 4:00 PM

Light appetizers and no-host bar will be available.

Requested contribution is $50 per person. All contributions are gratefully accepted.

Contributions are limited to $2,500 per person, per election.

RSVP to Anitra Beruti at (800) 968-1374 or

These are the acts of a coward.

You want this fricking job?

Then have the guts to face us. Even Brian Baird would do THAT.

If you can't, then quit screwing around and resign. You're not in it for us, anyway.

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Well, it shouldn't be Ridgefield Barbie, and it will never be Tim "The Liar" Leave-it. Who SHOULD be our rep in Congress? Someone like this:

Courage is in short supply in government today. Everyone is afraid to say... and do... what must be said.... and done.

I'm not. I'll always speak out against tyranny. My blogs are dedicated to that task.

But the Camas Manikin is one of those wind-up kind of dolls. I'd be surprised if there wasn't a hole in her back to insert the key and wind her up every morning so she can walk down the hall.

We need vision. We need courage. We need fearlessness and principle. Sadly, we don't have it, for if we did, there is no way.... NO WAY.... that we'd be in this horrific shape.

HERE is the kind of person I want representing us. HERE is the kind of person I want to stand up for what's right, what's just and what's Constitutional: and he's not even American.

Uploaded by on Nov 16, 2011!/Nigel_Farage
• European Parliament, Strasbourg, 16 November 2011

• Speaker: Nigel Farage MEP, UKIP, Co-President of the EFD Group in the European Parliament (Europe of Freedom and Democracy)

• Debate: EU Economic Governance - Statements by the Presidents of the European Council (Herman Van Rompuy), the Commission (José Manuel Barroso) and the Eurogroup (Jean-Claude Juncker) - [2011/2902(RSP)]:

"Here we are on the edge of a financial and social disaster and in the room today we have the four men who are supposed to be responsible. And yet we have listened to the dullest most, technocratic speeches I've ever heard.

You are all in denial. By any objective measure the euro is a failure. And who exactly is responsible, who is in charge out of all you lot? The answer is none of you because none of you have been elected; none of you have any democratic legitimacy for the roles you currently hold within this crisis.

And into this vacuum, albeit reluctantly, has stepped Angela Merkel. And we are now living in a German-dominated Europe - something that the European project was actually supposed to stop. Something that those who went before us actually paid a heavy price in blood to prevent. I don't want to live in a German-dominated Europe and nor do the citizens of Europe.

But you guys have played a role, because when Mr Papandreou got up and used the word 'referendum' - or Mr Rehn, you described it as 'a breach of confidence', and your friends here got together like a pack of hyenas, rounded on Papandreou, had him removed and replaced by a puppet Government. What an absolutely disgusting spectacle that was.

And not satisfied with that, you decided that Berlesconi had to go. So he was removed and replaced by Mr Monti, a former European Commissioner, a fellow architect of this Euro disaster and a man who wasn't even a member of parliament.

It's getting like an Agatha Christie novel, where we're trying to work out who is the next person that's going to be bumped off. The difference is, we know who the villains are. You should all be held accountable for what you've done. You should all be fired.

And I have to say, Mr Van Rompuy. 18 months ago when we first met, I was wrong about you. I said you would be the quiet assassin of nation states' democracy, but not anymore, you are rather noisy about it aren't you. You, an unelected man, went to Italy and said, 'This is not the time for elections but the time for actions'. What in God's name gives you the right to say that to the Italian people.

Video Source: EbS - European Parliament
Music from Velvet Choker (Cornerstone Cues)

EU Member States:
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Spain, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, United Kingdom

Friday, November 18, 2011

Ridgefield Barbie stupidly defends her lack of guts and town hall meetings.

We all know the deal. Unable to think for herself, Babs ignored her constituency and set up a carefully screened series of "coffees" with past and possible future campaign donors while the rest of us were ignored.

Open town hall meetings? Fugetaboutit. Screened meetings with "business leaders?" Check. Fundraiser with the Speaker, again, carefully screened with a checkbook to match... at $2500 a head? Check.

Meeting with The People?

Are you kidding?

Her lack of guts, intelligence and vision are shameful in this day and age.

In short, her decision to hide from her constituency, NO MATTER THE EXCUSE, in no way provides any justification for her cowardice.

Someone smarter then I once observed it's best that, if you can't stand the heat, then get the hell out of the kitchen.

Our congressional bimbette would be well-served to follow that advice.

And for God's sake, woman, will you STOP WHINING?

Where's Allen West when you need him.

Chronicle Newspaper Guest Commentary: Congresswoman Defends Use of ‘Community Coffee Meetings’

Washington, Nov 17 -

Last month, I hosted my 12th Southwest Washington “community coffee meeting” in Chehalis.

There were some media inquiries and news stories looking at how and why I hold these events, and I’d like to give a detailed account here. Folks in Southwest Washington deserve to know the facts.

Providing Southwest Washington residents with the opportunity to speak face-to-face with their member of Congress is a responsibility of my job. In my first 10 months in office, I have hosted multiple traditional town hall meetings in large auditoriums throughout the district.

For these, my office shares the details with local newspapers, who publish them well in advance. Here’s what we experienced: well-organized interest groups would use the information to mobilize their members — many from Portland to Seattle — to follow me around to each event and protest. Audience numbers swelled up in size, giving only a small fraction of attendees the chance to ask questions. Those who were able to speak often had questions interrupted by booing or screaming from others. You can see an example for yourself; watch my Vancouver town hall online at

Organized groups from Seattle and Portland got their messages across. But my first responsibility is to hear from the people I represent, who live in Southwest Washington. And I have no obligation to create a stage for people outside our district to come and put on a show. Nor do I intend to let citizens in Southwest Washington be disenfranchised in their right to meet publicly with me.

These giant-sized town hall events beg the question: are residents being served by events where whoever shouts the loudest gets heard? People are sick of partisan bickering in politics, and I believe such events actually discourage many residents from participating. So I’m trying a new method.

You're a coward, Herrera. And it's just a damned shame you're in Congress.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Brancaccio wears out another pair of knee pads in front of Herrera: In Our View: Great Bill to Sponsor

Just like during the entirety of her worthless tenure in Olympia, "Ridgefield Barbie, The Camas Manikin" has accomplished absolutely nothing in Congress.

She has refused to hold town hall meetings, unless, of course, you paid $2500 a head for the privilege; she's voted to support Obama programs that the rest of her caucus have voted against (Gee, where have we seen THAT before?) shes TALKED about taking a pay cut like her replacement, State Representative Ann Rivers (R-LaCenter) took WITHOUT a press release... but has yet to actually take one... she spends hundreds of thousands of our dollars on staff and travel boondoggles... and she occasionally co-sponsors high profile, "Hurray for me!" bills that are, essentially, utterly worthless... just to have the local rag positively SWOON as a result.

This latest scam is no different.

Congress passes a variety of laws and then proceeds to exempt themselves from those same laws.

Just for one example, your taxpayer dollars go to support a race-based, partisan (democrat only) group in Congress that would be banned anywhere else under our civil rights laws: The congressional black caucus.

That such a group even exists, is absurd.

And now, our own empty suit follows in the footsteps of her fellow leftists (yes, Herrera co-sponsored SEIU legislation, requiring the mandatory unionization of day care workers with the day care owners paying their dues; yes she voted to help the democrats clean out the last $229 million then in the state emergency fund, for example... and that was all in her last session, in between her frequent absences from the floor of the House for her congressional fund raising... including flying to D.C. during session... where she voted for that) by picking up her hero's long-dormant bill... that somebody else is running.

Yes, Baird got a lot of mileage for running bills he refused to live by. He made a lot of mileage out of a so-called "72-hour" bill, where he demanded that all bills have 72 hours of public scrutiny before they are voted on... a rule that both Brown Shirt Baird and our own Camas Manikin have routinely ignored.

But while Barbie is at it, why doesn't SHE run a bill to end ALL Congressional Exemptions and presidential signing statements to exclude themselves from the laws they pass?

These despicable ways to circumvent our laws do exist... why isn't the rag saying something about that?

Babs' complete disappearance on the loot rail vote scam, having been given a political knuckle sandwich by a light weight like Tim "The Liar" Leave-it shows her lack of worth... if she had any nards, she would have kicked him in his miniature political testicles and left him a quivering mass on the side of the road north of Amboy.

Ain't.... happenin.

So, instead, we get press releases, where the local rag positively beats themselves with chains to just print them without critical thought one ever entering their empty heads.

Good. God. Is this empty-suited bimbette paying them for this babble?

Once again, all she can do is jump on someone else's band wagon. SHE isn't "SPONSORING" ANYTHING. PLEASE tell me that you inept clowns at the rag (Must be Brancaccio who wrote this garbage, since he's already worn out kneepads in front of this woman) know the difference between "SPONSORING" a bill, where you do the heavy lifting, the research, build the language and get leadership support, and CO-SPONSORING, which mean you sign your name to it and send out a press release where morons like this paper will then pat her on the butt and say "good job!" over and over when, as usual, she has done precisely dick.

Herrera must have incriminating video of Lou, because I can't fathom any other reason why he'd let this simple idiot twist him around her little finger.

Herrera did nothing worthy of this praise heaped on her. In fact, during the totality of her elected tenure, she has done nothing to be proud of. And the rag has been totally, yet mystifyingly, complicit in that... and this puffery on their part in carrying her water is no exception.

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Friday, November 11, 2011

On being a Veteran.


I sit here and look at the numbers. I ask myself... what's it mean? What's it mean to me... to America?

I'm one of millions. No one made us raise our hands and take the oath. Even draftees could refuse, do a few months in jail, and then return to something approaching a normal life... but they didn't.

I'm disgusted by political wannabes who attempt to use the military to their own ends. A most egregious example is that of US Senator Richard Blumenthal, (D-CT) who seemed to have forgotten that, in fact, he hadn't ever set foot in Vietnam... and who was then elected to his office ANYWAY.

Or our own Ridgefield Barbie, Congresswoman Jamie Herrera, who personally likened her 11 year absence from this area, partying, interning, going to the UW but not living here as "the same thing as being ion the military."

Well, guess what?

It ain't.

On one hand, we are supposedly respecting our veterans. On the other, we see the Stock Exchange open for business, and all sorts of Veteran's Day sales going on, even as this is being written. So, obviously, the dollar is more important then observing the service and sacrifice of the millions who've served.

Back in the 50's, Robert Heinlein wrote a book called "Starship Troopers." The book, which was much more one man's political science tome then a science-fiction work, advanced the radical idea that only veterans or those who've engaged in the sacrifice of other "Federal service" should be allowed full citizenship, which included the right to run for office and vote in elections.
Interspersed throughout the book are other flashbacks to Rico's high school History and Moral Philosophy course, which describe how in the Terran Federation of Rico's day, the rights of a full Citizen (to vote, and hold public office) must be earned through some form of volunteer Federal service. Those residents who have not exercised their right to perform this Federal Service retain the other rights generally associated with a modern democracy (free speech, assembly, etc.), but they cannot vote or hold public office. This structure arose ad hoc after the collapse of the 20th century Western democracies, brought on by both social failures at home (and by extension, the poor handling of juvenile delinquency) and military defeat by the Chinese Hegemony overseas.[13]

Starship Troopers is a political essay as well as a novel. Large portions of the book take place in classrooms, with Rico and other characters engaged in debates with their History and Moral Philosophy teachers, who are often thought to be speaking in Heinlein's voice.[citation needed] The overall theme of the book is that social responsibility requires being prepared to make individual sacrifice. Heinlein's Terran Federation is a limited democracy with aspects of a meritocracy based on willingness to sacrifice in the common interest. Suffrage belongs only to those willing to serve their society by at least two years of volunteer Federal Service – "the franchise is today limited to discharged veterans", (ch. XII), instead of anyone "...who is 18 years old and has a body temperature near 37 °C"[16] The Federation is required to find a place for anyone who desires to serve, regardless of his skill or aptitude (this also includes service ranging from teaching to dangerous non-military work such as serving as experimental medical test subjects).

There is an explicitly-made contrast to the democracies of the 20th century, which according to the novel, collapsed because "people had been led to believe that they could simply vote for whatever they wanted... and get it, without toil, without sweat, without tears."[17] Indeed, Colonel Dubois criticizes as unrealistic the famous U.S. Declaration of Independence line concerning "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness". No one can stop anyone from pursuing happiness, but life and liberty are said to exist only if they are deliberately sought and paid for.

Starship Troopers is also widely-regarded as a vehicle for Heinlein's anti-communist views. Characters attack Karl Marx (a "pompous fraud"), the labor theory of value ("All the work one cares to add will not turn a mud pie into an apple tart..."),[18] and Plato's The Republic ("ant-like communism" and "weird in the extreme").[19]
We look around at our leaders... from the top down.

Has the president, our senators, our congresswoman, our governor, the vast majority of the legislature, the mayor of Vancouver, most of the city council or even a majority of the county commission ever set foot in uniform?


Can you imagine a couple of self-centered, arrogant liars like Tim "The Liar" Leave-it or Steve "The Liar" Stuart ever putting the country's interests ahead of their own by actually serving it in uniform? Can you imagine either of them putting their asses on the line for us?

How about Ridgefield Barbie? Jamie Herrera changing a track on a Recon vehicle. Jaime Herrera out in the field without a shower for 3 weeks,... eating MRE's and rolling around in the dirt.... Jaimie Herrera breaking a nail while opening up a grenade canister.

Fat chance. But that doesn't stop her from trying to take credit from the disasters that have befallen us for political gain.

The list goes on and on.

As a nation, we long for those to run for office who truly put the country ahead of themselves.

Do you know any?

Yes, I served. And there are many days I miss it. There's a level of honesty and immediacy in serving in the military that the political realm simply doesn't have... or even offer.

A great deal of my outspoken, call a spade a spade nature on this blog is based on my service in the military, where prevarication and whining and excuses have no place.

Unfortunately, we've become a nation of prevarication; a nation of excuses and excusers and a nation of whiners.

And look what that has brought us. Look where we are going.

I'll be thinking about that today in Willamette.

Think about this while you're at the sales today.