Saturday, February 25, 2012

Contrasting Rep. Herrera with a random democrat Congresswoman: which one holds the town hall meetings?

Readers of any particular length of time are aware that I do not hold this district's representative in Congress, Rep. Jaime Herrera Buetler (She apparently found out she was married after she was elected to Congress) in particularly high esteem.

There are a wide variety of reasons for that, but not the least of these is her apparent inability to face her constituents in a town hall setting.

Part and parcel of the job, I believe, is the courage to face the people you represent... and people you DON'T represent... even if they don't bring a checkbook for the privilege.

Here's a democrat congresswoman getting nailed in one of her, open-to-all, even-those-she-doesn't-represent town hall meetings because of her support of the President's efforts to trample the First Amendment by ending the religious exemption to the requirement that birth control services be required on the part of religious employers.

I don't in any way agree with her positions. But compared to who we have, I can admire her courage... absent in our own representative.
Wow!… Democrat Booed By Christian Constituents Over Obama’s Anti-Religious HHS Mandate (Video)

Posted by Jim Hoft on Saturday, February 25, 2012, 1:03 PM

Wow!… Rep. Kathy Hochul wasn’t expecting this.

The far left democrat held a town hall last night expecting to focus on Obama’s failed energy and economic policies, instead she was loudly booed and harassed by Catholics over Barack Obama’s anti-religious HHS mandate.

WGRZ reported, via HotAir:

WGRZ has more on the raucous town hall:

The packed crowd was critical of Hochul for supporting President Obama’s plan to require religiously affiliated employers, such as hospitals and schools, to provide full contraception coverage to female employees.

The plan was later altered. It now calls for those workers to get free contraceptive coverage from health insurers, thus sparing religious based groups, morally opposed to paying for birth control, from having to do so.


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Friday, February 17, 2012

Just wondering: if Romney's people think "raising the debt limit" is bad...

...then why did Romney endorse Herrera?

Romney's super pac, "Restore Our Future," has trashed Santorum on a variety of issues. Many of the claims in these ads are "misleading," and gloss over Romney's own Gregoire-like performance in Massachusetts.

One of the issue's Romney's people raise is Santorum's votes to increase the debt limit.
The bits of Santorum's record cited in the ad are accurate. Santorum did vote to increase the debt limit five times, in 1997, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2006. Those votes, combined, raised the debt limit by nearly $3.5 trillion, according to a Congressional Research Service report
Apparently, no one disputes that he took those votes.

What confuses me is that our own Congresswoman has also taken votes that would do precisely the same thing: raise our debt ceiling. She took votes that accomplished that outcome both last year and, apparently, this year.

Does that mean that Romney will not drop his endorsement of her?

I mean, after all, if it was so bad when Santorum did it... why isn't it bad when Herrera does it?

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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Lars Larson seems to have had the boobs pulled over his eyes: "Congresswoman Beutler Stands Up For Her District"

I was stunned to read this garbage on Lars Larson's Blog:
I like Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler. She always fights for the people she represents, just like she's supposed to. When other house members tried to strip out a provision she had put in that gave the locals a say in the CRC vote, she decided to defend not only herself, but her district.

Despite opposition from the other side of the aisle, an impassioned Beutler just raised the intensity level. This issue brings up the argument that locals should decide local issues. That's the exact point that Congresswoman Beutler was trying to make, especially when Peter DeFazio spoke out.

Listen to the interview with Jaime Herrera Beutler.
I find it impossible to believe that Larson actually believes this pap.

Was she "fighting" for us when she co-sponsored SEIU legislation in Olympia that would require day care workers to be unionized and the day care owners to pay their dues?

Was she "fighting" for us when she voted with the democrats to clean out the last of our state's emergency fund?

Was she "fighting" for us when she was one of two Republicans in the US House to vote to continue funding Obama's non-working "Emergency Mortgage Relief Program?"

Was she fighting for us when she voted to jack up the debt ceiling?

Is she "fighting" for us when she lacks the guts to hold town hall meetings?

That Larson can even remotely believe that this orchestrated nonsense concerning the CRC was anything but eye wash shows a level of political naiveté that I didn't believe him capable of showing.

The GOP runs EVERYTHING in the House. They run the committees, the agenda... and the votes. That this worthless scam (A vote in a gerrymandered CTran district instead of county or district wide? How is THAT "fighting" FOR us in stead of just FIGHTING us?) was designed to fail is obvious, and it shows one of two possible outcomes: she really doesn't WANT a vote but wants us to THINK she wants or vote, or she's too incompetent to line up her ducks ahead of time.

This congresswoman is a coward who won't face us unless we bring a checkbook.. and Larson actually think she fights for us?

I suggest he re-evaluates his perspective. Herrera was a miserable waste of time in the legislature, and she continues that tradition in Congress. DeFazio was no more capable of stopping this then Herrera was capable of stopping Obamacare... unless, of course, this was the outcome Herrera wanted.

There is no "try." There is only "do," or "no do," ESPECIALLY when the GOP controls the House.

And anyone "wowed" by this kind of nonsense really needs to go back to a high school current events class.

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Herrera's CRC scam continues: "Herrera Beutler may try to block CRC light rail."

Readers know I have zero respect for this worthless caricature of an elected official... and what little respect I DID have (Which was precisely zero) has now dropped into the negative territory with her latest Leave-it-like fraud: Herrera Beutler may try to block CRC light rail.

On the surface, her election-year hi-jinks look substantive. It LOOKS like she's ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING!

She's not.

First, let there be no misunderstanding:

Barbie wants the bridge and loot rail scam and the generations-long tolls that will crush many who cannot afford the additional $1300 or more per-year in tolls in addition to paying Oregon income tax as a condition to working over there.

This election-year smoke and mirrors is just that.

Her dogged insistence on a "CTran district" vote instead of a county-wide or congressional-district wide vote FOR THE ENTIRE PROJECT proves this: she would, with her typical idiocy, enable a few thousand people in the gerrymandered CTran taxing district to assign taxes to a few hundred thousand of us who will not be allowed to vote.

Let's be clear: her ongoing failure to demand the largest possible vote instead of the smallest vote available shows the facts of the matter: and the fact is this: she's running a scam.

She WANTS Joe and Mary Sixpack to BELIEVE she cares. She WANTS them to ignore her message of cowardice and arrogance that is re-enforced every day, day in and day out, by her ongoing and corrupt failure to meet with the unfettered, unscreened public... unless, of course, they bring their check books....

Then it's "Hi! How the hell are you?"

Having effectively abandoned the northern end of the 3rd Congressional District to, essentially, zero congressional representation because of projected redistricting, Babs HAS to do SOMETHING to make us BELIEVE that she actually cares.

She doesn't.

Going back to yesterday's post, we must remain cognizant of the fact that the GOP controls every aspect of the House.

We control the committees. We control the agenda. We control what does and does not get passed in Committee or, for that matter, what gets passed in the House, period.

So, re-iterating, there can be only two reasons Bab's initial foray didn't pass yesterday: the first and most likely is that she didn't WANT it to pass, or, in the alternative, she's such an incompetent moron that she failed to do the work needed to GET it to pass. Remember: the GOP controls EVERYTHING. So, what does it mean that she lacked the chops to get this done?

The same thing it means that she lacked the testicular fortitude to kick Mayor McFly and Commissioner Slimeball in their miniature nards for publicly slapping her around as a result of the buffoonery of her "letters."


From her flawed and truly bizarre concept of a vote to her ongoing failure as a Congresswoman to represent ALL of the people in her district, it's clear that Ridgefield Barbie is everything I thought she would be in Congress... and much, much, less.

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Friday, February 3, 2012

A friend asks: "Could the GOP BE this stupid?" Cathy McMorris for VP?

Yes. Easily.

Regular readers of this blog are aware of the perfidy of McMorris's interference in our congressional district in her quest to first, become the "Jennifer Dunn" of Washington State and then, ultimately, to become President.

Recently, McMorris endorsed Romney in return for her brother getting the job of state coordinator or some such for the Romney campaign. The typical tit-for-tat, quid-pro-quo nonsense that lubes the tank treads of politics every day.

For newer readers, McMorris is the direct cause for the fact that we have Ridgefield Barbie as our representative in Congress, an utterly worthless, fake Republican who has had everything in her life handed to her on a silver platter... from her appointment to the State House, arranged by Marc Boldt and democrat Cowlitz county commissioners Axel Swanson and George Raiter.

Axel, of course, got a new job after he was blown out of office... working for Boldt.

At $80K a year.

That kind of underhanded crap is the norm, I guess, unless you have character and integrity. And that, ultimately, is why Boldt, Herrera and now McMorris are turning into a disaster.

Her name is being whispered as a VP candidate. That NO ONE is going to vote for Romney in Washington State because of McMorris is secondary to the fact that she played the system to get what she wants. Obviously, she's good at that, to give the devil her due.

But her desire to play politics trumps her desire to do what is right (And her interference in the 3rd Congressional District to stick an empty-suited staff stooge into the job was not right) and any politician who puts ambition ahead of what's best for the people is frightening.

On the plus side, if she took this chance, we'd at least be rid of her in this state, and that's hardly a bad thing.

That will require, as a first step, a Romney nomination... because no one else would have her.

But the reason this won't happen is first, Romney would need a VP candidate that would have a chance to deliver that state's electoral votes. No one will need them by the time our "polls" close, and no one but Obama will get them from this state anyway.

Second, McMorris brings zero throw weight or gravitas. There's be a splash because of her gender, but after that... what has she accomplished?

Even the article states:
McMorris Rodgers, who was elected in 2004, has one distinct claim to fame: she's the only woman ever to give birth twice while serving in Congress. Her first child was born with Down syndrome.
And that's a reason... or qualification... to be VP? Eight years in Congress and your only achievement is to have a couple of kids?


But never over-estimate the GOP. If there's a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, they'll find it.

So yeah... we are, in fact, "that stupid." Just don't hold your breath waiting for it to happen.

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Herrera CRC effort a total scam.

Big article about Herrera's fake effort (and it IS fake) to get a few people to vote on a small part of the CRC scam. So, in the words of Mr. Miyagi... "there IS no 'try.' There is only do... or no do.

So, our choices here are that this entire thing is a scam... or she's an incompetent, blithering idiot.

Look, people, here's the reality.

The GOP controls everything on every committee in the House.

And by everything, I mean everything... and that includes this nonsense:

Herrera Beutler tries to force CRC vote

Amendment to transportation bill blocked by Oregon's DeFazio

Planning costs for the Columbia River Crossing have topped $140 million
Planning costs for the Columbia River Crossing have topped $140 million

A move by Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler to stop federal transit funding for the Columbia River Crossing without a local vote failed Thursday in House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee voting.
You Tube

DeFazio on the CRC vote debate

Oregon Congressman Peter DeFazio pulled language from a House transportation bill amendment that would have required a local vote on the Columbia River Crossing project. The amendment was drafted by Congresswoman Jaime Herrera-Beutler.
The Camas Republican has long said she can't throw her support behind the controversial $3.5 billion project, in particular the light rail component, without a public vote. However, her move Thursday before the committee is the first time she's attempted to block light rail unless there is public approval of the project, which would replace the Interstate 5 bridge, extend light rail to Clark College, and rebuild freeway interchanges on both sides of the Columbia River.
Her attempt to insert language in a bill that would require the public vote failed. Oregon Democratic Congressman Peter DeFazio pulled the language for debate, and succeeded in getting it pulled from the list of amendments.
He called the vote an earmark, which are currently prohibited in the House.
"I'm not sure what she’s trying to do here, except to perhaps excite people and appeal to a certain constituency in Vancouver -- I have no idea if it's a majority or minority," DeFazio said, adding such a referendum on the project would be the purview of local authorities. "For us to dictate that a city hold a referendum is outrageous."
You Tube

House debate on CRC Part 2

Transportation and Infrastructure Committee members debate Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler's amendment that would have required a local vote on the Columbia River Crossing.
Herrera Beutler shot back that the wording -- while it does not apply to any other current project in the United States -- is not an earmark, drawing catcalls from Democrats. She also asked that DeFazio not attribute motives to her amendment.

Do not be fooled.

Barbie supports this entire scam: always has. This dog and pony show was carefully scripted so that everybody gets something.

What the Camas Manikin THINKS she gets is the idea out to her constituents that she at least TRIED to get us a vote, when, in fact, she did no such thing.

That way, she can go back to the people who own her like the 13th Amendment was a suggestion and reassure them that she doesn't really mean it when she says she wants a vote... so, not to worry, she's not REALLY going to do anything to stand in the way of their ability to rip off these unnecessary billions... while simultainiously trying to get her constituents to believe this waste of skin actually gives a rat's ass for what we want.

Well, here's a bulletin: she doesn't.

I have and continue to assert that she wants ALL of this project, including loot rail and tolls... and she wants it without a vote. All the rest of this is eyewash.

If she can't make this happen, then it shows that either she's not really trying OR she's even more worthless then I thought.

And frankly, that's fairly low down the scale.

This entire episode is bogus; the GOP controls the committee, the agenda... AND the vote.

If she REALLY wanted this... it WOULD have happened, and no democrat could stop it any more than the GOP could stop Obamacare.

It's that simple, really: she's convinced we're stupid... and, in fact, is counting on it.

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