Saturday, February 4, 2012

Lars Larson seems to have had the boobs pulled over his eyes: "Congresswoman Beutler Stands Up For Her District"

I was stunned to read this garbage on Lars Larson's Blog:
I like Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler. She always fights for the people she represents, just like she's supposed to. When other house members tried to strip out a provision she had put in that gave the locals a say in the CRC vote, she decided to defend not only herself, but her district.

Despite opposition from the other side of the aisle, an impassioned Beutler just raised the intensity level. This issue brings up the argument that locals should decide local issues. That's the exact point that Congresswoman Beutler was trying to make, especially when Peter DeFazio spoke out.

Listen to the interview with Jaime Herrera Beutler.
I find it impossible to believe that Larson actually believes this pap.

Was she "fighting" for us when she co-sponsored SEIU legislation in Olympia that would require day care workers to be unionized and the day care owners to pay their dues?

Was she "fighting" for us when she voted with the democrats to clean out the last of our state's emergency fund?

Was she "fighting" for us when she was one of two Republicans in the US House to vote to continue funding Obama's non-working "Emergency Mortgage Relief Program?"

Was she fighting for us when she voted to jack up the debt ceiling?

Is she "fighting" for us when she lacks the guts to hold town hall meetings?

That Larson can even remotely believe that this orchestrated nonsense concerning the CRC was anything but eye wash shows a level of political naiveté that I didn't believe him capable of showing.

The GOP runs EVERYTHING in the House. They run the committees, the agenda... and the votes. That this worthless scam (A vote in a gerrymandered CTran district instead of county or district wide? How is THAT "fighting" FOR us in stead of just FIGHTING us?) was designed to fail is obvious, and it shows one of two possible outcomes: she really doesn't WANT a vote but wants us to THINK she wants or vote, or she's too incompetent to line up her ducks ahead of time.

This congresswoman is a coward who won't face us unless we bring a checkbook.. and Larson actually think she fights for us?

I suggest he re-evaluates his perspective. Herrera was a miserable waste of time in the legislature, and she continues that tradition in Congress. DeFazio was no more capable of stopping this then Herrera was capable of stopping Obamacare... unless, of course, this was the outcome Herrera wanted.

There is no "try." There is only "do," or "no do," ESPECIALLY when the GOP controls the House.

And anyone "wowed" by this kind of nonsense really needs to go back to a high school current events class.

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