Saturday, February 4, 2012

Herrera's CRC scam continues: "Herrera Beutler may try to block CRC light rail."

Readers know I have zero respect for this worthless caricature of an elected official... and what little respect I DID have (Which was precisely zero) has now dropped into the negative territory with her latest Leave-it-like fraud: Herrera Beutler may try to block CRC light rail.

On the surface, her election-year hi-jinks look substantive. It LOOKS like she's ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING!

She's not.

First, let there be no misunderstanding:

Barbie wants the bridge and loot rail scam and the generations-long tolls that will crush many who cannot afford the additional $1300 or more per-year in tolls in addition to paying Oregon income tax as a condition to working over there.

This election-year smoke and mirrors is just that.

Her dogged insistence on a "CTran district" vote instead of a county-wide or congressional-district wide vote FOR THE ENTIRE PROJECT proves this: she would, with her typical idiocy, enable a few thousand people in the gerrymandered CTran taxing district to assign taxes to a few hundred thousand of us who will not be allowed to vote.

Let's be clear: her ongoing failure to demand the largest possible vote instead of the smallest vote available shows the facts of the matter: and the fact is this: she's running a scam.

She WANTS Joe and Mary Sixpack to BELIEVE she cares. She WANTS them to ignore her message of cowardice and arrogance that is re-enforced every day, day in and day out, by her ongoing and corrupt failure to meet with the unfettered, unscreened public... unless, of course, they bring their check books....

Then it's "Hi! How the hell are you?"

Having effectively abandoned the northern end of the 3rd Congressional District to, essentially, zero congressional representation because of projected redistricting, Babs HAS to do SOMETHING to make us BELIEVE that she actually cares.

She doesn't.

Going back to yesterday's post, we must remain cognizant of the fact that the GOP controls every aspect of the House.

We control the committees. We control the agenda. We control what does and does not get passed in Committee or, for that matter, what gets passed in the House, period.

So, re-iterating, there can be only two reasons Bab's initial foray didn't pass yesterday: the first and most likely is that she didn't WANT it to pass, or, in the alternative, she's such an incompetent moron that she failed to do the work needed to GET it to pass. Remember: the GOP controls EVERYTHING. So, what does it mean that she lacked the chops to get this done?

The same thing it means that she lacked the testicular fortitude to kick Mayor McFly and Commissioner Slimeball in their miniature nards for publicly slapping her around as a result of the buffoonery of her "letters."


From her flawed and truly bizarre concept of a vote to her ongoing failure as a Congresswoman to represent ALL of the people in her district, it's clear that Ridgefield Barbie is everything I thought she would be in Congress... and much, much, less.

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