Thursday, May 21, 2015

Herrera goes full moron to the worshipful democratian.

While I have been ashamed of the worthless cardboard cutout of a congresswoman since her keeper, Cathy McMorris, and my brother-in-law, Marc Boldt raped the appointment system to get her into the state house back in 07, her racist-based position on providing yet another avenue and reason for illegal aliens to break the law by crossing our borders and scamming an enlistment into the military, something this worthless turd never bothered to do.

There is no excuse or justification for using illegals from anywhere in the military while we kick out combat-tested soldiers and Marines for having too many tattoos.


Herrera has repeatedly proven she doesn't give a rip about veterans, her grand-standing, "Hurray for ME!" Job Fair notwithstanding; Herrera has done absolutely nothing to address the multiple shortcomings of the VA, and absolutely nothing to locate a 24 hour, walk-in clinic here which means last night, my wife and I had to drive out to Portland from Hockinson to sit there for 4.5 hours to be told to call the surgeon tomorrow after one of the pins in my hand fell out.

Herrera knows as much about the military and our issues as she does performing a crainiectomy.  Her "race-based" vote and position would be another in the series of disasters for the military, but like so many non-serving pogues trying to screw up the military, she could care less since no one she knows and no one in her family will ever find their ass on the line as a result of her idiocy.

I am all about allowing those here legally to enlist, if they otherwise qualify.

But to provide yet ANOTHER reason for illegals to flood our borders, north and south?

If she really WANTS to do something that will matter to area veterans, she COULD drop a bill to build and open a 24 hour VA clinic somewhere in this county for a population that will soon exceed a half million people.

But no... THAT'S a heavy lift.  And Herrera's been mailing it in ever since she got here.

It was a stupid, politically motivated, "hey, am I gonna run for the US Senate?" move, from a stupid, narcissistic woman.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Family flak on my Marc Boldt position.

(FULL DISCLOSURE:  I freely admit that I am totally opposed to Marc Boldt's election this time, just as I was last time, since he's completely sold out to the left; forgotten/ignored GOP principles, supports the CRC scam in it's entirety and wants to hang tolls around our neck for the next several decades that will destroy a great deal of small business in Clark County as a result.

NO candidate or campaign or anyone involved or in any way concerned with any candidate or campaign was aware of or approved or had input into this post.

Further, Marc Boldt is my brother-in-law, and I worked for him as his legislative assistant for 6 years while he was in the state house.) 

I knew going in that my position on Marc's election... combined with my desire to express that opinion... wouldn't be all that popular among the family... or what I call, "The Regiment."  (It seems to be that big.)

As I have retired from any and all campaigns, I find myself with a certain freedom of expression heretofore held in abeyance from me.

Recently, my motives have been questioned, my right to oppose Marc has been questioned and my right to express my opinion has been questioned.

First and foremost, I do my very best to treat everyone either with... or wanting... a title... the same.

If you want to govern me, then expect me to examine you, your past record, your "vision," your respect of the will of the people, your positions on the issues confronting us ad if you represent the people?

Or are you arrogant or ignorant enough to ignore us in favor of your own personal agenda?

Do you listen when we talk?  Or do you lie... do you ignore... do you prevaricate?

Do you walk the walk?  Do you claim to be one thing while you act like another?

For far too long, Marc Boldt was like this guy:

I have been told that I shouldn't write what I write.  Just last night, one of the family challenged my assertion that i did not want to see Marc "humiliated."

I don't.

It would serve no purpose.

But knowing what I know... I simply do not want Marc... or anyone with his attitude concerning the people he would govern... in my government.

I also don't want Jon Russell there.  Or Jimmy Moeller.  Or Brandon Vick.  Or Chuck Green.  Or Mike Pond.  Or Mike Dalesandro.  Or Jaime Herrera.  Or many others.

To me, they're all the same, and their politics of self-flagellation and arrogance and hooray-for-me-ism is not what I spent 14 years in uniform for.

I write what I write about Marc for the same reason I write what I write about anyone in politics.

It's what I think.  It's what I conclude. It's my vision.

You see, the Will of the People reigns supreme in my political realm. 

If you deliberately ignore that will, then I don't want you representing me... not that you are anyway.

I only write about 25% of what I know about most in politics, particularly here locally.

"Knowing" something isn't the same thing as "proving" it.  And I do my best to avoid going out without proof.

"Proof," for me, includes first hand knowledge, documentation, and trusted sources.

Among the many reasons I write this effort is the fact that the leftist media around here won't tell the truth.  Just yesterday, for example, democratian reporter "Kaitlin Gillespie" wrote this concerning Don Benton's emailer/fundraiser/letter of support for Mary Benton's run for district 2 councilor, when Benton wrote:

(It also helps that she (Mary Benton) is 100% opposed to the CRC resurrection being promoted by many of her opponent’s backers).

 Why does her stance on a dead transportation policy make her a viable candidate for county council?
I replied:

"Why does her stance on a dead transportation policy make her a viable candidate for county council?"
And what might that be?

Because if you're referring to the CRC, you're either ignorant or being deliberately obtuse.

The CRC is as dead as the paper you work for. Please don't confuse this undercover effort to keep it alive with being "dead." It's so "dead" that Annette Cleveland has thrown multiple hissy-fits over that project THIS legislative session, including multiple efforts to amend the transportation budget to resurrect it.

Your claim that the CRC is a "dead transportation policy" is the kind of thing your newspaper is known for.

In short: a lie.

And that's the thing, you see.

I bring up what I believe to be true because somebody has to do it, and that somebody does not include the local daily paper.

So, that's another part of why I write about Marc.

Since Marc has dropped even the facade of being a RINO by his "No Party Preference" epiphany (Having announced, in his words, as a "conservative Republican" to segue to a "moderate Republican" to now, "no Party Preference," even though he remains a Precinct Committee Officer in Precinct 605 of the local Republican Party.) it hasn't made my efforts any easier.

But people have the right to know what I know.  And the name-calling by those both inside and outside the family, the failure to understand and the questioning of my motives, which amounts to a personal attack on my integrity, doesn't change the facts of the matter.

I am not going to blindly follow anyone.  Marc's record, his quotes, his promises to me to hold an unheld advisory vote on the CRC only to laugh at the idea when asked in the newspaper, his tax increases and his vote to confiscate our weapons in the name of a commissioner-declared emergency remain in play... as does his rabid support of the CRC Scam and CTran rip offs.

How can I even begin to question what he's been and what he would be without doing it publicly here?

I am not going to treat him or anyone else any differently.

There are only two questions, then, to ponder as these words are read.

"Is Hinton telling the truth?"

And this:

"Is Hinton making this up?"

As I responded in the discussion last night: I reserve the right to speak my mind.  Being related in now way provides any kind of cache' that changes that in any way.

It would be easier to just end all this (blogging) if the local media was truthful and not an extension of the political left, all under the guise of a false lack of bias when it's inculcated in every story, every editorial, every endorsement.

Those who feel compelled to question my motives certainly have that right.  But I would hope that those doing such a thing after all these years would direct their concerns back to Marc as well.

Perhaps his motives should be questioned as much as mine.

This stuff didn't happen in a vacuum.  While it's likely unfortunate for him that he is my brother-in-law, that's not my problem.

Because speaking truth to power... no matter the name... is what I do.  And everyone gets the same treatment as much as humanly possible for me to provide it.

Besides... no one reads my little effort here, so what difference does it make?

Friday, May 15, 2015

Jaime Herrera makes Breitbart's GOP traitor list.

Gee.  Imagine that.

Not like I haven't been warning folks since Cathy McMorris parachuted her back in here after an 11 year absence back in 07.

But I guess you should expect this sort of thing when your cardboard cutout of a congresswoman votes to allow illegal aliens to take the place of multi-tour, battle hardened combat veterans, among other things.


Despite 20 Republicans defecting to join Democrats, Republicans and conservatives won big on Thursday evening: An amendment from 
Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL)
passed onto the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) stripping amnesty for illegal aliens from the defense bill.

Brooks’ amendment, which stripped from the NDAA language that was inserted during the Armed Services Committee markup by 
Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-AZ)
—a freshman liberal Democrat who wants to amnesty all the illegal aliens in America—passed the House of Representatives 221-202 on Thursday evening.

“Today is a great victory for Americans and lawful immigrants who wish to serve America in our Armed Forces,” Brooks said in a statement after the vote. “I asked my colleagues to consider how much American families are struggling in an anemic job and wage market and how much the Gallego amendment makes job and income prospects for Americans even worse. It makes no sense to me that, at the same time the Army is downsizing and issuing pink slips to American soldiers serving in Afghanistan, there are Congressmen who seek to help illegal aliens deprive American citizens and lawful immigrants of military service opportunities. I’m pleased the House chose to stand up for American citizens and protect the Constitutional duty of Congress to set immigration law. Today’s vote was the fourth rejection of the President’s unconstitutional DACA program, with Republicans overwhelming standing up for the will of the American people and the citizens and lawful immigrants who want to serve our country.”
Gallego’s amendment would have allowed illegal aliens who have received President Obama’s first executive amnesty—the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), which some 800,000 or so illegal aliens have received—to enlist in the United States military. It would have come with an NDAA that reduces America’s force size—meaning the NDAA would have, if it weren’t for the Brooks amendment bolstered by conservatives like Reps. 
Rep. Steve King (R-IA)
 and Dave Brat (R-VA) among others, put illegal aliens ahead of Americans. What’s more, it would have used a defense bill—rather than an immigration bill—to do it.

Despite the massive Republican success and passage of the amendment, a whopping 20 Republicans still joined all the Democrats in voting against the Brooks amendment. They are: Reps. Jeff Denham (R-CA), 
Rep. Mike Coffman (R-CO)

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL)

Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler (R-WA)

Rep. Carlos Curbelo (R-FL)
, Charles Dent (R-PA), 
Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL)

Rep. Bob Dold (R-IL)

Rep. Chris Gibson (R-NY)
Rep. Richard Hanna (R-NY)

Rep. John Katko (R-NY)

Rep. Frank LoBiondo (R-NJ)

Rep. Tom MacArthur (R-NJ)

Rep. Martha McSally (R-AZ)

Rep. Dan Newhouse (R-WA)

Rep. Dave Reichert (R-WA)

Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL)
Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY)

Rep. Fred Upton (R-MI)
, and 
Rep. David Valadao (R-CA)


Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Analysis of Boldt dumping GOP affiliation. (Updated)

(FULL DISCLOSURE:  I freely admit that I am totally opposed to Marc Boldt's election this time, just as I was last time, since he's completely sold out to the left; forgotten/ignored GOP principles, supports the CRC scam in it's entirety and wants to hang tolls around our neck for the next several decades that will destroy a great deal of small business in Clark County as a result.

NO candidate or campaign or anyone involved or in any way concerned with any candidate or campaign was aware of or approved or had input into this post.

Further, Marc Boldt is my brother-in-law, and I worked for him as his legislative assistant for 6 years while he was in the state house.)

It was inevitable at some point, I suppose: Marc Boldt has dumped the GOP.

Boldt, who is a Republican Precinct Committee Officer for Precinct 620 even though he has never shown up to a GOP meeting or function since he was first elected 3 years ago, has served as a genuinely Republican state representative for 5 terms and an allegedly Republican county commissioner for 2 more.

I don't believe, in the end, that it's going to help him all that much... particularly since, when he announced, he claimed he as running as a "conservative Republican" which later segued into a "moderate Republican" which has now led to "not Republican at all."

But what this DOES do is end any restriction on Boldt from rabidly campaigning for his fellow democrat's votes.  Further, no longer being a Republican spares him from those "inconvenient" pro-life questions: he won't have to worry about that now, and it frees up the fringe-left like Jimmy Moeller and that ilk to trot out their support of him... since principles are meaningless in the face of getting elected these days.

This will be grist for the democratian's mill: they hate Republicans generally and conservatives particularly; one need look no farther than Lefty Lou Brancaccio's jihad against Benton, Madore, Mielke, me, and even the more moderate Brent Boger. Expect a series of articles and Lefty Lou editorials telling us how wonderful it is that Boldt has dumped the GOP and how far Boldt has come since the democratian demanded his resignation while he was a state representative.

The result is their rabid support of RINOs: Kimsey, Herrera and now, Boldt.

That all three of them rabidly support the CRC/Loot Rail scam likely has a lot to do with it to be sure.

But in the end, the problems that plagued Boldt in 2012 still remain:

He supported the CRC/Loot Rail scam

He campaigned for the hated CTran tax increase and he authored the CTran taxing districts that exclude tens of thousands of us from having a vote on their tax increases... but not from paying the taxes he set up.

He voted for an unconstitutional gun confiscation ordinance against my advice.

He spiked any effort to hold any kind of vote on the CRC Scam.

He rabidly supported the Charter scam as something of a hypocrite, given that he served 8 years as a commissioner and never once tried to change the government structure while HE was in it.

In fact, he voted so democrat the local GOP kicked him out... which makes me wonder why he's a GOP PCO.

In his announcement, Marc says:

As a county commissioner, I built a strong record of working with everyone—Democrats, Republicans, and those with no preference. As the only position on the county council that is elected countywide, the Chair needs to be able to represent ALL of Clark County, regardless of their party.”
He also built a strong record of ignoring those he would govern on the CRC, on tax increases, on advisory votes and on CTrans.  In short, he essentially ignored Tom Mielke, his fellow Republican on the commission while he doggedly supported the CRC Scam and rarely failed to vote with democrat Steve "I'm not a voice of the people" Stuart.. which led to his removal, first from the GOP and then from office when he was soundly thrashed in 2012 by David Madore after only receiving 30% of the vote in his own commissioner district.

How that kind of nonsense equates to some sort of record of "representing ALL of Clark County" is utterly absurd.

Locally, the C3G2 haters will rabidly applaud his departure from the GOP, of course.  For all the good it will do them.

Marc Boldt means the CRC Revival and Marc's efforts to yoke the 65,000 commuting families with a $2000 or more per year toll just to go to work..  Marc Boldt means higher taxes (He raised the sales tax without asking us and he raised property taxes 6 out of 8 years he was a commissioner) Marc Boldt means the people will be ignored... again... just like he ignored us last time.

So, there you have it.  And much more to come.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

When Jaime Herrera lies.

It's disappointing that the local GOP did not kick this worthless, cardboard cut out of a Republican out on her keister.

But while expected, it's even more disappointing that she has to lie about it.

I got this article in an email... and I glanced at it, expecting the usual "It's all about me" garbage this empty suit is most known for... and almost fell out of my chair at this one obvious lie:

“I was honest about who I was before I was elected. I have not changed … I stuck to the issues that the people elected me to work on and I beat every Republican I ran against in the primary,” Herrera Beutler said. “If I change that now, I think that would be dishonest.”
This is an utter and complete lie.  The rag, which knows better, and her apologists will just let it slide, of course, but the record is something completely different.

She won because the Bellevue Mafia and Cathy McMorris and the rest of the GOP establishment bought her and own her like the 13th Amendment was the 13th Suggestion.

When Marc Boldt got Jaime the appointment to the state House at the behest of his buddy, McMorris back in 07, this very rag described her as a "...young, 'family values' conservative."

Most recently, because she carries the rag's water like Gunga Din, they now describe her as a "Republican moderate."

I'm not altogether sure how that metamorphosis took place without the rag noticing, but I have to agree: she marketed herself as a fake conservative and now, well, she's become a RINO.

People, of course, did not vote for the truth of what she is; they voted for the lie of what's she's told them she is.

I don't buy the lie.  I'm much more a "record speaks for itself" kind of guy, and her co-sponsorship of SEIU legislation while she was in the House confirmed the deal for me, not that her cowardice and her mailing it in like Brandon Vick hasn't doubled down on my opinion of her worthlessness... because it has.

That she publicly confuses why and how she ever got elected with the truth is just a big part of the problem I have with that simple idiot.

She has accomplished nothing since McMorris parachuted her back in here after an 11 year absence or since my brother-in-law scammed her the gig by making the deal with 2 Cowlitz county commissioners... one of who works(ed) for the county making big bucks, having been hired by Marc at more money as a staffer than as a county commissioner after his one term tenure was up.

The reality is this:

She was, in fact, lying about who she was, what she'd done and what she would do when she was elected; her keepers keep her away from the public as much as they can... and she's lying about who she is, where she's at and what she'll do now that she's fooled so many into supporting her when we could have had someone with the basic competence and courage to be effective at the job.

"Worthless" doesn't come close to describing her.