Friday, June 12, 2015

Latest on GOP betrayal.

Jaime Herrera (aka, Ridgefield Barbie) has already thrown us under a bus on the TPA Scam, so I have no reason not to believe she won't call all the way and bend us over on final passage.

But then, I didn't vote for that empty-suited, vacuous ego-maniac who has accomplished absolutely nothing during her unfortunate elective tenure.

I am, I'm told, supporting the fringe-left and unionists on this bill.

That's a total crock.

What I oppose is these clowns generally and on ANY major legislation particularly, voting on a bill WITHOUT READING IT.


It continues to be locked up in a Capitol Building basement room.

I want the bill out here BEFORE the GOP shafts us with it.

Didn't we learn ANYTHING from passing and implementing Obamacare?

Apparently not.

So, thanks to the GOP for being everything I knew you would be... out-democrating the democrats.


Meanwhile, Remember this the next time our own "local" doesn't-even-live-here congresswoman demands that we vote for her.

The very definition of worthless.

House Kills TPA, Herrera, McMorris and Ryan vote for, BOEHNER votes "No."

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Today's reason to loathe our congress-critter: TPA What's her position? Or: Didn't Obamacare teach the GOP ANYTHING?

 Readers know that I believe Jaime Herrera has been a joke since Cathy McMorris slammed her together from spare parts laying around the office and parachuted her back in here to take on Brian Baird via Marc Boldt getting that waste of skin appointed to the vacant 18th District seat back in '07.

THAT skullduggery remains yet another reason to vote AGAINST Boldt, instead of FOR him... but that's a subject for another post.

Meanwhile, of the many problems I have with that vacuous, empty-suited idiot is that on the issues confronting us, the Camas Manikin typically remains silent... so we have to guess what she's going to do in any given situation.

I get why that coward does that.  If you keep your mouth shut until you vote, it's too late for anyone to complain.  The vote is cast, and that's it.

Of course, like her cowardice in failing to hold open town-hall meetings, that does not come close to actually "representing" the people in Congress.

It's a mirror of the Steve Stuart scam.  I'm sure that in a more sober moment, she'd say the exact, same thing as Stuart:

(Credit Lew Waters)

On the issues confronting us, the majority of the time that self-aggrandizing putz sits there like Buddha, equally responsive as she continues to fool vast numbers of people into thinking that she's a. Republican and b. that she gives a damn about us.

Her number one reason for existence begins and ends with her re-election.  She is the very example of a politician that most, were they even remotely interested in what she does or doesn't do, would despise.

The GOP in Congress is once again, lining up to throw us all under the bus, by once again, bailing that simple idiot in the White House out, this time over TPA, or Trade Promotion Authority.

The GOP in Congress is once again, lining up to throw us all under the bus, by once again, bailing that simple idiot in the White House out, this time over TPA, or Trade Promotion Authority.

So.... let me get this straight. You guys in the GOP are getting behind giving Obama the TPA.

OK, Fine.

Where's a copy of it that *I* can read?

How can you support ANY legislation that NONE of you have even read? That none of us CAN read?

Didn't Obamacare teach you people anything?

TPA may be the greatest piece of legislation ever devised by man. But until I can READ the damned thing, I will oppose it in every way I can. And that ANYONE would support this or any other legislation, no matter WHO supports it or opposes it without being able to read it first?

You people are nuts.

Meanwhile, where's that empty-suited idiot of a Congresswoman at on this legislation?

Don't know?

Well, that's the point of this.

WHY don't you know?

Because she doesn't want to tell you.

And it's not just about this... it's about almost EVERYTHING of substance.

There's a reason she's not a House GOP talking head like, say, Jason Chaffetz, or brand-newly elected Ryan Zinke.  Primarily, that when it comes to communicating and people skills, she's as dumb as a box of hammers.

The list of things she's remaining silent on and has been silent on ever since we were unfortunate enough to ever see her is stunning in it's breadth and dimension.

We'll all find out when she, likely, votes FOR this crap... again, without having a clue as to what's in it.

And that she acts this way, that she keeps us at arm's length, that fails to communicate with us in any meaningful way... that she CONTINUES to fail to work for US?

Give me Brian Baird any day.  At least you knew where he stood on the issues and you could go beat the hell out of him or pat him on the back (I did both) as the case merited.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Lowest approval rating ever: So, tell me again - how does the GOP take a hit for the Supreme Court dumping Obamacare?

Even democrats are dropping their support of our national nightmare.

So how is it that the GOP takes the hit for the Supreme Court if they properly interpret the democrat written... and passed... Obamacare rip off?

Overall, just 39 percent support the law, down 10 percentage points in a little more than a year to match the record low from three years ago as the Supreme Court debated the constitutionality of the individual mandate. A majority, 54 percent, opposes Obamacare, a scant 3 points shy of the high in late 2013 after the botched rollout of
Where I see those GOP idiots getting smacked politically is their failure to have a Plan B.

Like so many other issues confronting this country, even if the right decision is reached, only then will the GOP react, scrambling to get to some plan that, particularly in a case like this, should have long since been finalized and stuffed into a can... to be pulled out as needed.

What, after all, is it that prior planning prevents?

Instead, the same mouth-breathing knuckle-draggers running the show in the House and the Senate give the people nothing as they await this outcome.

Man, getting GOP control of Congress has made ALL the difference.


Meanwhile, because of remaining silent, the GOP nationally holds itself up as a piƱata, allowing itself to be beaten to death like someone tenderizing a steak.

I had no real hope for any difference in the outcomes this last cycle.

I expected (And wrote) that there would be no real change between leftist control and the incompetent control the GOP has now.

We were assured by the more moderate establishments in the GOP that we needed to put our concerns aside, hold our collective noses, and vote for whatever non-functioning, non-caring (except for keeping their own job) types running that had an "R" after their names.

In return, we get empty-suited cowards like our own Jamie (Mail It In) Herrera who is no where to be found on the issues important to Americans because she's as dumb as a box of rocks and incapable of stringing a coherent thought together without Cathy McMorris's hand up her back and into her head, not unlike one of Jeff Dunham's sock puppets.

We NEED leadership.  We GET silence.

Where's the plan?  Why is it such a big secret?

This is the exact same kind of idiocy concerning Obama's Trade Dictatorship Plan that the GOP is so actively pushing... but which none of us are allowed to read.

With less than 40% of the American people supporting Obama's scam... how, exactly, is the GOP supposed to pay some sort of price for it's demise?

THINK, people.  Do not believe it.

The numbers are simply not there.

And here's a clue: if the GOP is cowed into finding a way to keep this stupidity going,that will cost them far more damage than actually implementing the will of the American people ever would.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Congressional GOP prepares to screw us.

Yes, I remember those days, not so long back, when we were assured by so-called "GOP moderates" (Who are politically right up there with the mythical "muslim moderate" that we hear about... but never see...) that we HAD to hold our noses and vote for any leftist with an "R" after their names.

Right, Brent?

Much like voting for that vacuous waste of congressional skin, Jaime Herrera.

Well, once again, that course of action will screw the people generally and the people moronic enough to support these clowns particularly.

Right now, a trade bill is in front of Congress.  No one outside of Congress has read this heaping pile, you understand... and damned few, INCLUDING the GOP clowns pushing this stupidity, have read it, either.

So, these GOP scum want to support this... but WE can't read it.


This is NOT a military issue.

This is NOT a security issue.

This is a TRADE deal.


So.... why can't us untermenschen low lifes read it?

And WHY is the GOP so busy going along with this garbage to support the political anti-Christ?

GOP control of government at the federal and state level hasn't accomplished much of anything.

Here in Washington State, our attention is deflected to a few hundred million dollar budget battle even while the Senate GOP is doing their best to rams BILLIONS in tax increases via the gas tax down our throats without asking us... and, in fact, by doing all they can to KEEP us from having any say.

At the federal level, we hear nothing about getting rid of Obamacare, the cornerstone of GOP campaigns at the congressional level.  Nothing about restoring the military.  Nothing about fixing the VA.  Nothing about cutting the gargantuan and growing federal deficit the GOP so rabidly helped to build.

Locally, Senators who pledge to oppose a gas tax as part of THEIR campaigns are long over telling us that lie.

At the local level, recently re-elected GOP Clark County Clerk, Scott Weber, lied his ass off to get into office.... and the idiots re-electing liars didn't even care.

In large part, it's like we've ceased being adults... we're BEGGING to be lied to.  And our own version of the GOP electeds... from the "localist" of local levels, all the way to the very top and every level in between, is happy to oblige.  

Think about this betrayal of government... at all levels... the next time you slavishly vote for someone merely because of the letter sitting there after their name.

I used to do that.  Certainly, as a former state GOP executive director, I used to vote straight GOP.

Those days are long... and permanently... gone. 

THINK before you vote.  Look beyond party, since this year, party has proven useless.

Use your heads.  Hold these people accountable for betraying us and for God's Sake, stop rewarding their perfidy with your vote.