Saturday, June 6, 2015

Congressional GOP prepares to screw us.

Yes, I remember those days, not so long back, when we were assured by so-called "GOP moderates" (Who are politically right up there with the mythical "muslim moderate" that we hear about... but never see...) that we HAD to hold our noses and vote for any leftist with an "R" after their names.

Right, Brent?

Much like voting for that vacuous waste of congressional skin, Jaime Herrera.

Well, once again, that course of action will screw the people generally and the people moronic enough to support these clowns particularly.

Right now, a trade bill is in front of Congress.  No one outside of Congress has read this heaping pile, you understand... and damned few, INCLUDING the GOP clowns pushing this stupidity, have read it, either.

So, these GOP scum want to support this... but WE can't read it.


This is NOT a military issue.

This is NOT a security issue.

This is a TRADE deal.


So.... why can't us untermenschen low lifes read it?

And WHY is the GOP so busy going along with this garbage to support the political anti-Christ?

GOP control of government at the federal and state level hasn't accomplished much of anything.

Here in Washington State, our attention is deflected to a few hundred million dollar budget battle even while the Senate GOP is doing their best to rams BILLIONS in tax increases via the gas tax down our throats without asking us... and, in fact, by doing all they can to KEEP us from having any say.

At the federal level, we hear nothing about getting rid of Obamacare, the cornerstone of GOP campaigns at the congressional level.  Nothing about restoring the military.  Nothing about fixing the VA.  Nothing about cutting the gargantuan and growing federal deficit the GOP so rabidly helped to build.

Locally, Senators who pledge to oppose a gas tax as part of THEIR campaigns are long over telling us that lie.

At the local level, recently re-elected GOP Clark County Clerk, Scott Weber, lied his ass off to get into office.... and the idiots re-electing liars didn't even care.

In large part, it's like we've ceased being adults... we're BEGGING to be lied to.  And our own version of the GOP electeds... from the "localist" of local levels, all the way to the very top and every level in between, is happy to oblige.  

Think about this betrayal of government... at all levels... the next time you slavishly vote for someone merely because of the letter sitting there after their name.

I used to do that.  Certainly, as a former state GOP executive director, I used to vote straight GOP.

Those days are long... and permanently... gone. 

THINK before you vote.  Look beyond party, since this year, party has proven useless.

Use your heads.  Hold these people accountable for betraying us and for God's Sake, stop rewarding their perfidy with your vote.

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