Tuesday, November 17, 2015

So. Where's our Congresswoman?

As I sit here, this Nation is facing one of it's biggest threats ever: action by ISIS.

And from our Congresswoman?

Cricket chirps.

Nothing on military responses.

Nothing on security.

Nothing on the question of Syrian refugees.

Nothing on taking funds out of the VA to pay for these refugees.

Nothing on much of anything that matters.

Color me: Not surprised.

But then, her lack of doing anything but getting that horse face into the Columbian has long since stopped surprising me.

Whenever we want to know where she's at on anything... we pretty much have to guess.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is just sad.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Jaime Herrera Watch: back in business.

A couple of years ago, my former friend and colleague, State Senator Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers (Gas Tax -18) persuaded me to shut down JHW, given that Ridgefield Barbie was our Congresswoman and likely or BE our Congresswoman for quite some time, etc.

My brother-in-law had made a serious effort through others, to have me shut this down because he threw us all under the bus, having made first, a deal with former crush Cathy McMorris to give the Camas Manikin, who had been out of the area for 11 years and who had never once held a private sector job but who had, in fact, done a DAMNED fine job of getting McMorris her coffee every morning in DC.

Boldt persuaded the two male democrats in Cowlitz to vote with him for filling the vacancy in the 18th District back in 2007.  Barbie went along with the scam deliberations, being falsely described as a "young, family values conservative" in the Lazy C who has since morphed into a "Republican moderate" (as if she was ever anything else) and that launched the career of this do-nothing, card board cut out of a Member of Congress who is such a coward that she won't even hold open town hall meetings.

Anyway, at the end, watching her actually show up and speak about how much she "cares" about Veterans... got me to thinking: between "Gas Tax" Rivers personal and political betrayal of this district and Herrera's betrayal of Veterans... what could I do to get my point across?

Pulling this out of mothballs came to mind, so it's back.  I'll be updating it with the Herrera posts from CCP to provide more material.  But it's back... and I appreciate our esteemed Congresswoman's efforts for helping me arrive at this decision.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Reflections on Veteran's Day.

This is posted on the 12th, but I'm thinking about it today. (The 11th)

Veteran's Day... or Veterans Day, depending on your persuasion... what does it mean?

In the year 2015, it means that the promises made to us when we raised our hands and took the Oath are no closer to fruition now than they were when I enlisted. (One of the bigger whoppers was "free medical care for life."  Yeah, right.)

It means hundreds of thousands of claims remain at least as unresolved now as they were when the Liar-in-Chief took office promising to fix all that; meaning that hundreds of thousands of veterans are in pain not only because of the wounds and injury they suffered serving us, but because a non-responsive government ordains it.

We're still dying during the wait.  Veteran's Choice, the supposed cure-all for wait times, has proven itself to be a worthless joke; at least in my case.  And Obama has ripped off $2.5 billion from that and shifted it to Syrian

Veterans are still killing themselves at a rate of over 20 a day (The number varies depending on where it comes from, but it's a lot and it's far too many) and no progress has been made in that theater.

The sacrifices made by so many of our best and brightest have been thrown away by a clueless Administration... thousands dead, many more thousands wounded... and for what?

I served my country for many years.  Millions of us did and hundreds of thousands of us are as I write this.

But to our government, both left and right, that service is meaningless.  Locally, the value was show by naming a non-serving fringe-left former politician as Grand Martial of the Veteran's Day Parade.  Must have been because no veteran of any stature was available for the honor.  Even Jaime Herrera made one of her all too few appearances (In Battle Ground) where Mayor Bowman made the only mistake of the day and mentioned "representatives" of Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell, two more slimeballs who have done nothing for us but have done a great deal TO us. as the prelude of setting up the delusion that Herrera needed to speak... to lie about what she's doing for veterans and how important we are to her.

Herrera once told me that her time away from this area... going to the UDub, being a staffer in DC and doing a few weeks as an intern in Olympia was, and I quote, "a lot like being in the military."


It's a great Memorial.  And no politician should have been mentioned... for it wasn't about them... or even their low-level staffers.  It was supposed to be about those from here who gave the ultimate sacrifice.  The pols couldn't even do that right.

Her speech made me nauseous, and I left about 30 seconds in since it wasn't even a thinly veiled campaign effort.

The Weather God was obliging: I reached my car in about 90 seconds... texted my apologies to those I'd promised I'd be there... and the sky broke.  They were drenched. 

In my mind, the service of the newest clerk, or cook, or dental assistant in the Armed Forces exceeds that of any elected official today who did not put on the uniform.

Build a fake bomb, get invited to the White House.

Get killed for your country under that incompetent's policies, and nothing.

Between the terrorist in training... and the widow and kids of that man who died serving in the Armed Forces, who was more deserving of the invite?

Today, as I write this, is a day of remembrance.

It's marked by few ceremonies... and locally, a parade taken over by fringe-left nutjobs, disrespecting what we have done for their own ends... without protest or concern from their fellow leftists in local media.

We get sales.  We get free meal scams... well, most are scams, but not all.  We get a free oil change if you've got the right car, because God Forbid that your vehicle require more than 5 quarts.

I don't do any of them.

Today, wedged between a business meeting and lunch with my lovely bride and our son, I'll be going to the Battle Ground Veteran's Memorial dedication.

But that's going to be it for me.

A government that doesn't care.  A people that allows them to get away with it.

More sick veterans.  More crippled and wounded veterans.  More homeless veterans.  A member of congress that doesn't listen and doesn't care or do anything... well, not just about veterans, but about anything else that doesn't serve her dreams of reelection.

20 to 25 of us will die today at out own hand.

20 to 25 of us will die tomorrow at our own hand.

No where to go.  No one to help.  The numbers prove we're not doing enough.

On this day, it's not a great day to be a Veteran.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

How the GOP lost me at the national level.

I admit to a simplistic view of government.  What it is, is not what it's supposed to be.

I, for one, refuse to take the view that our laws are, instead, a series of suggestions to be ignored by all of those who believe they don't apply... either to them, or anyone else... including those who govern us.

We are, allegedly, a nation of laws.  It is supposed to be a major ingredient in the glue that helps to hold us together.

It's supposed to be... a matter of faith.

And my faith is waning... no thanks to the Republican Party.

Pull out a dollar bill (Or any denomination, really.)  The paper of that bill is, effectively, worthless.

What gives that piece of paper any value at all is the idea that we, as a nation, BELIEVE it has value.  What happens when that belief collapses?

Our nation continues, I believe, because there's enough of it left that people like me cling to this bright, shiny city on a hill with all of our strength.  But we cannot hold on forever.  And increasingly, we have no one to rally to... no group to believe in.

I look at the candidates running for president, for example.

Did any of them love this country enough to serve it in uniform in any capacity that ever put them at risk?

(Yes, I know that Graham is/was a JAG officer.  But somehow, I don't confuse his exploits with that, of say, Harmon Rabb of the JAG TV series.)

Only Graham bothered to serve in any capacity.  And that he was a lawyer is utterly meaningless when you need a warrior.

That was why I likely would have supported and voted for Jim Webb had he made it to the general election.  With the second highest award for combat heroism, the Distinguished Service Cross, we would have had a warrior president when we needed one... and I could care less what the letter after his name is... this isn't about a label... this is what we need to be right and wrong.

And we do need a warrior.  We are, after all, at war, and the current clown in the White House despises the military as the Army has to prepare for another 10 brigade cut that we cannot afford... but, By God, those Obamaphones are going to keep on in the cells.

But none are running.  (General Mattis, where are you when we need you?)

The politics of this country today are Neroesque.

We know what's wrong.  Anyone paying attention can see that militarily we are weakened by budget cuts, manpower reductions, social engineering and policies that should see the president slapped by the Marine Guard at the White House, instead of saluted.

We are growing trillions in debt.  The debt is unpayable.

The GOP is complicit in the border follies that have resulted in an illegal alien invasion that will take far longer to undo than it did to make it happen

With GOP acquiescence, we are being strangled by a medical system that those who govern us wouldn't be caught dead using.

Most recently, the GOP caved on the budget, fully funding everything the fringe-left wanted while, for example, our social security was raped again and those who bleed for us didn't get a cost of living increase.

These things aren't happening in a vacuum.  They are happening with the assistance and abetting of the GOP leadership of both the House and the Senate.

Even that simple idiot who just became Speaker showed HIS opposition to this budget bend-over that resulted in the most recent sell out by voting for it.


THAT'LL teach them.

Our police are being slaughtered and the GOP remains silent... just like the president.

And that's the thing.

"Just like the president" should not be the GOP watchwords.

But they sure seem to be, since they refuse to do what must be done to rein him in.

And I don't need to be a part of that RINO parade.

I won't be.

Those in office at almost every level, from the wannabes like my brother-in-law up to Congress could care less what us little people have to say.

Liz Pike is the last remaining hold out.  But from there on up, the rest of them aren't worth the powder to blow them to hell.

A party where integrity and honor mean nothing,  A party where the "Right" thing is far too often not what they do.

A party where leftist policies are inevitably never derailed, but instead, only temporarily delayed if not joined by those we put there to do something completely different.

Isn't it strange that those politicians I write about the most here have "R'" after their names?

Imagine.  If they just told the truth and kept their word, I'd have nothing to say about them.

Weber, Rivers, Vick, Boldt, Herrera and that ilk are the ones who've earned our scorn so unnecessarily... but earn it they have by lying to get elected or forgetting who they are once we're stupid enough to vote for them.

But scorn at the national level has been an equal partner in shoving me out.

Boehner/Ryan, McConnell, McMorris, Herrera...  they routinely sell us out and run away from a fight... the fights we need to have.

We were told in the run up to the last cycle that we had to hold our collective noses and vote for the RINO's because the "R's" would change everything if they controlled Congress.

Well, I'm hard pressed to figure out how things would be any different if Reid and Pelosi were still calling the shots.

To that end, I will not be voting for Republicans at any level merely because they have an "R" after their names.

Boldt supporters, for example, stupidly claim HE is a Republican... when his record of governance clearly shows he is not.

Blind obedience and support is not the answer.  And I will never vote that way again.

It didn't have to be this way.

These clowns could have told the truth.  They could have kept their word.  They could have actually tried to get rid of their job from the ballot (Weber) they could have at least voted to allow US to have the final say on the gas tax/tab fee instead of ignoring the campaign promise that helped her get elected (Rivers)  They could have actually shown up the first year and avoided the lie that they were on 6 committees (Vick) and they could have actually done something to kill off the CRC Scam at the federal level instead of leaving us to fend for ourselves (Herrera) and then voting more with Polosi then an actual Republican.

But nope.  Didn't happen.

At the federal level, they could have dismantled Obamacare and forced the president to end his open border policies that have resulted in so many murders, rapes, robberies and the like.

They could have put the military back together and re-purposed them into what they are supposed to be:a lean, mean, killing machine.

They could have ended the insanity of these social programs that are going to reduce our military capabilities, get us hurt and get us dead.

They could have cut spending and reversed the budget deficit.

In short, these RINO's have accomplished nothing that we sent them up there to do.

But no... we've been standing there much like a dear caught in the headlights.

And their abysmal, inexcusable failure?

That means I'm out.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Missed last night's debate like I'm going to miss them all until a candidate is chosen for the general.

People, people, people.

What did we learn last night that we didn't already know?

The RINOs are still RINOs.  The leftist lamestream media is still the leftist lamestream media.

Candidates acted like they act.  The media, fully in the tank for Billary, acted like they act.

What changes?


State democrats have arranged to keep Washington State out of the decision making by refusing to consider moving up our primary.

Swell.  Meanwhile, we have no say or power in determining who represents the GOP in the general.  We won't GET a say until May, and this thing is likely long over by then.

So why get involved in any of this now?

Look, I'm not voting for anyone because of their label.

Locally, the fake claim to being Republican has led to political creatures like Marc Boldt, Greg Kimsey, Carolyn Crain, Scott Weber and most recently, Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers.

Nationally, we have Jaime Herrera; a RINO-led Senate and a RINO-led House.

It becomes increasingly unimportant to vote when those you vote for, from the local level on up, view their elections as a key to personal anarchy, where those elected stop representing us the moment the vote is finalized.  Like Marc Boldt's hero, Steve Stuart:

Our choices, then, are clear: we continue to vote for a label without bothering to look at a record, like the situation with the on-again, off-again democrat Marc Boldt, or we look at the record and chose based on what HAS happened as opposed to what MIGHT happen if Marc has a good day.

Meanwhile, I skip the waste of time known as the debates, where leftists with spears are allowed to beat on GOP candidates like they're piñatas and do so with impunity because the show is never about the issues, but instead, will always be about efforts to destroy the candidacies in front of us.

No one, I believe, should make up their minds based on the sound-byte snippets of these dog and pony shows.

For me, the equation is simple.

There is now no democrat running that I'd vote for if you put a gun to my head.

Those that I would consider voting for to this point are 1.  Those who have a shot and 2.  those who aren't RINO's.

Of those running, then, that leaves me with a choice of Trump, Carson or Cruz.

When the presidential election rolls around a year from now, if any of those 3 are on the ballot, I'm going to vote for them in the presidential election.

If they're not, it's kinda like Paul Ryan becoming Speaker: it won't be markedly different from what we've got now... so I ask you, again: what's the point of wasting your time watching this nonsense?

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Is the RINO Establishment finally getting it about Trump? RINO betrayal generally, at both the national and local level.

I freely admit I was among the talking heads who couldn't take Trump seriously when he started out: he'd taken the beginning of this path before, only to act like a 3 year old with ADHD ("Oh, look!  A kitty!") but in a short time, it became clear to me that he was actually serious.. and once he became serious, the fur began to fly.

And it also became clear, shortly after his announcement, that he was going to be the guy talking about the issues that NEEDED to be talked about.  And, as I have opined, the only chance for the Establishment was to begin the process of hauling itself into Trump's general direction and co-opting his positions.

This is not a great time to be a RINO.  This is not a great time to be an Establishment Republican.

Instead, they run away like little girls in horror at the thought of taking the high road because you know what?

They'd sell their own mothers to win... the "right thing to do" be damned.  because, God Help Us, they might lose... and it's all about keeping their butts in government.

The reasons for that are, on the whole, obvious: of the Senators running, only Cruz speaks to the issues the way the base wants them spoken to... but Cruz is hamstrung with the mark of the anti-Christ Senate, a GOP group that makes Judas look like an all-star when the obvious comparison between those elected to the US Senate and their betrayal to their voters and the betrayer of Jesus takes place.  Paul is hamstrung by both that and some of his old man's idiocy.

For years, the base sat and fumed at the lack of courage and vision of the GOP Speaker of the House.

I knew we were in trouble when Cathy McMorris took a prominent role in leadership: after all, she threw Jaime Herrera together out of spare parts laying around the office and we know how worthless McMorris's former coffee gofer has been since McMorris parachuted her back in here after an 11 year absence.

This is another reason Boldt is not someone to be trusted... or elected.

Boldt's old crush asked him to support Herrera, and Boldt made the deal with the two male Cowlitz County commissioners in office at the time... and it was done weeks before the actual appointment was made to the legislature back in that fateful day in 2007.

Boldt also went on to hire one of those two clowns for the county, when that guy, Axel Swanson, a democrat, was tossed out of office in the next election... giving him a big bucks job down here in Clark County as something of a quid-pro-quo... as part of the mutual back-scratching that's just a normal day of business for Boldt.

Meanwhile, Trump has begun his run for president.  I'm sure that the RINO/Establishment felt the same way I and many others did, that this would be entertaining for awhile and then, he would fade and then quit.

Hasn't quite worked out that way, has it?

Trump discovered the thing that the RINO Establishment had long since blocked:

The Pulse of the Base.

That's right, ladies and gents... by accident or by design, Trump... and now Carson... have their fingertips on the pulse of the base and they can feel the hatred for those who've betrayed us, those who've ignored us, those who lie to us at all levels (Right, "Gas Tax?") to get elected and get power... only to forget all about that once they get the gig.

I'm sure the GOP, like most in politics, count on the stupidity and short memories of the voting public... except this time, that ain't happening.

Thanks to the debacle that has been the US Senate since the GOP took control and made NONE of the changes they promised to get elected in the first place, the base... the party bedrock is betrayed and disillusioned.

The result?

Unfiltered voices owing nothing to the Establishment RINOs are the ones getting the support.

I would be comfortable, at this point, with a Trump presidency or a Carson presidency.  I will remain comfortable with that for the most part until such time as either of those two are shown to be something they're not.

I believed, for example, with the entirety of my heart and soul in Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers.  I believed she was different.  I believed she was the exception to the rule... her other issues notwithstanding.

But when it mattered, she was the same as any other political opportunist, selling out Clark County and saddling us with a $700 million debt, while supporting the millionaires behind the pot initiative with her effort to cut the promised pot tax in half... instead of holding the liars accountable.

They promised us $582 million per year.  You remember the lie, don't you?

"Just legalize it, tax the hell out of it and all our budget problems will be solved!"



Gee.  Did that show them, or what?

That was a betrayal to me personally and to the entirety of her district.

In one of the last conversations I had with her husband and my formerly close friend last March, Fred, he opined when I asked him that the 18th District would likely have voted 65% "no" on the gas tax increase, had his wife given us the opportunity TO vote... which she made damned sure did not happen.

And yet, she voted for the increase... and the emergency clause in the bill... that went with it while refusing to even try to put a referendum clause on the tax bill so we COULD have a say in the largest gas tax increase in this state's history.

As for her district?

Well, she apparently knows better than the idiots who voted for her, at least in her mind, and that includes me.

Meanwhile, the base continues a pattern of rejection of the usual RINO excuses.  I'm not even remotely interested in what the Establishment types whine about when it comes to what they CAN'T do.

Local RINO's like Brent Boger kept telling us there wasn't a thing the House could do until we got the Senate, so we had to hold our collective noses and vote THOSE RINOs in before anything could happen.

So, the people of several states followed that fraudulent advice.

And what do they have to show for it?



So, what's the takeaway from that?

No matter which RINO is elected to the presidency, if a Bush, or Rubio, or Christie or that ilk gets the gig... there would be no changes made beyond the superficial.

The base knows this.  They intuit this.

And that's why the RINOs are stuck in dead, low, gear.

The entire planet knows what we won't do, which is anything we NEED to do.

At this point, for the most part, Trump and Carson are the wildcards when we need one.

The only problem I'm having with this crop of GOP'ers is that none of them ever bothered to wear the uniform.

Only those who have served have a clue what it's like to be in the military responding to the orders from the White House.

But we don't.  And with Sen. Jim Webb dropping out on the d-side, we have absolutely zero military experience in or wanting to be in the White House.

I will never vote for a RINO.  I will never set myself up for betrayal again.

I see my life in politics coming to an end because I freely admit that what Battle Ground Deputy Mayor Phil Johnson belittled as merely a "lofty ideal" is the basis for my political realm.

I'm an anachronism.  Those in politics today, from the aforementioned Washougal City Councilman Boger, who strongly supports "Gas Tax" Rivers' lies and who also was instrumental in the political career of one of the biggest liars in politics here locally, County Clerk Scott "I'll get rid of my job as an elected position" Weber and people like Battle Ground Deputy Mayor Phil Johnson... thrive on the politics of lying.

Because we've let them.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is why the RINOs are having such a hard time of it.  That's why the ordination of Jebbie Bush was bit premature.

And that's why I will never vote for a fake Republican, like my brother-in-law Marc Boldt, ever again.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Yuk fest: Herrera has "no interest" in the Speaker job? As if.

Perhaps the most vacuous, self-important and utterly worthless member of Congress in our country today is Jaime Herrera.

Herrera has the singular RINO focus of remaining in office first, her fatally ill daughter's public relations second (which she uses to help continue the first) and carrying her master's water (McMorris) like Gunga Din, third.

Note, no where in that litany is "representing us."

So, imagine my surprise when, as a joke, someone sent me the article where the Camas Manikin, who goes out of her way to remain silent on most of the issues confronting this country, suddenly comes up on the net to tell us she's "not interested in the Speaker's job."

Wait.... what?

She might as well tell us she's not interested in levitating, or not interested in walking through walls, or shape-shifting or any other physically impossible feat.

She has as much chance of growing a brain as she does of ever becoming Speaker.

Herrera is the pent-ultimate back-bencher.  On the issues confronting this country and her district, she has accomplished absolutely nothing.  On the CRC Scam, for example, an agony she could have ended within days of taking office in Congress, she absolutely disappeared, save for getting her political face kicked in by Tim "The Liar" Leavitt.

Except for selling out on closing down government and voting to raise the debt ceiling while teetering on the brink of getting thrown out of the local Republican party (a failure to accomplish that I will rue until I die) you rarely hear a thing about this waste of skin.

A true conservative, such as, for example, Raul Labrador of Idaho; frequently communicates with his constituency on a wide variety of issues... while holding open town hall meetings.  Further, when you contact his office, you get answers that actually show where he's taken a position.

Not so our Ridgefield Barbie, who thinks so little of this district that she doesn't even own a house in it.

Herrera, who's intellectual cowardice is the stuff of legends, is, perhaps, best known for her cowardly failure to hold open town hall meetings; an exercise in democracy her democrat predecessor whom she so admires, was known for.

While claiming the Speaker issue is an embarrassment, she naturally refuses to explain the fact that SHE is, and has been, an embarrassment since she got back here after McMorris parachuted her in after a 12 year absence to take on Brian Baird for Congress, starting with Marc Boldt selling out to McMorris and getting her a legislative appointment.  Nor does she happen to mention HER role and responsibility in this "embarrassment."

No, she has no problem ignoring the actual Republicans of her district while she whines "I'm giving the best years of my life to travel back and forth to that place... (DC)" well, here's a clue:

Feel free to quit. All you've done to date is to achieve footnote status any way.

You no more "fight for us" than you work out in a gym.

As the penultimate back-bencher, you follow the "less-is-more" edict of politics, mainly, keeping your mouth shut so that you don't have to discuss the issues you SHOULD be working on (So, Herrera: what are you doing to end this "women-in-combat" idiocy?  What are you doing about the VA?  Why hasn't your office addressed the disparity of drugs, for example, costing some 170% more at the VA than many of them do at, say, Fred Meyers?

What are you, personally, doing about the debt ceiling, or cutting spending, or our idiotic foreign policy?

What are you doing to restore funding to the military, having voted to cut retirement and disability?

I get that you don't "want" to be Speaker.  I also get that you'd have a better chance of appearing in a Mike's Hard Lemonade commercial after you grew a second head. so it's easy for you to say that you don't "want" a job you have a less than zero chance of ever getting.

The mystery to me is why the democratian believed that a lightweight like Herrera's obvious decision to not seek a job she could no more get than she could gain 100 yards rushing against the Steelers somehow equates to news.

Of COURSE she "has no interest" in a job she can't get.

I have no interest in the job of chief of staff for the Mayo Clinic, or to be an astronaut, or the blind side tackle for Russell Wilson (And God knows they apparently really need one) because as much as my ascension to any of those things is far more likely than Herrera ever getting any kind of leadership position in the House, even I know those outcomes are impossible.

Oddly, however, none of that is "news."

Just like our light weight congresswoman has a far smaller than zero chance of ever being confused with a congressional leader.

Don't think so?

When was the last time any of us saw her being interviewed over her thoughts... on anything?  Leaders get asked questions, usually in front of a camera.  And that means you're out.

And Barbie... there's nothing going on in the House that's a bigger "embarrassment" than your membership in it.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

With the news that McMorris will continue as chair of House GOP Conference, Boehner leaving means nothing.

While Boehner should have been deposed from his job 6 years ago, the change in the Speakership is meaningless... utterly meaningless.

The only way Boehner's resignation would have meant anything is if the rats he surrounded himself with, including Cathy McMorris, left with him.

McMorris, primarily responsible for foisting our worthless congresswoman, Jaime Herrera off on us in her bid to become the next Jennifer Dunn, claims that she'll remain in her position as House GOP Conference chair instead of taking a run at Speaker.

Of course, given her record of acquiescence to Boehner, she has zero chance of winning the Majority Leader gig, but that's beside the point: unless all of the current leadership goes with Boehner, his departure merely means we'll have a different face on the same RINO leadership who has put us where we are today: no where.

McMorris Rodgers says she won’t seek House majority-leader role

Friday, September 25, 2015

Local RINO's grieve over departure of Boehner. What will Herrera do?

It's been a long-held truth that continuing to do the same thing over and over again while expecting a different outcome is a true sign of insanity.

How many times did you read that we had to get behind the RINO's so the GOP could take charge of Congress and fix everything?"

A complete lack of control over all of Congress was the years-long excuse RINO's gave as to why Obama was engaging in reverse slavery over the GOP like the 13th Amendment was never passed and HE was the "Massa."

So, the base, or enough of them, bought into that lie.

Mitch McConnell and his crew ran on the same successful messaging the House had used: Get rid of Obamacare, and cut the budget.  Strong security for the country.  Reduce the deficit.  Bring order to the clown car of American foreign policy.

Well, that was the promise.  Has any of that happened?

Most recently, McConnell caved to Obama on the Iran rip off that will result in Iran gaining nukes... and using them.

Obamacare is worse than ever, the deficit is worse than ever, foreign policy is worse than ever... even though we're finishing our 9th month of complete GOP congressional control... because the RINO's are gutless when it comes to shutting government down.

The RINO excuse?

Well, Congress is powerless because they don't have an "R" in the White House... though they damned sure weren't saying that in the run up to the last election.

Well, if we DID have an "R" in the White House, these same RINO's would excuse the lack of action on some other grounds they make up to justify their cowardice.

Here's the thing: I'm all about shutting down government over principle.  The lack of guts to do that is what the left counts on.  Like every other enemy of this country since the end of World War 2, they know that if they can just hang on long enough, we'll get tired of it all and leave.

Because the RINO's refuse to shut down government or use the nuclear option, THEY MAKE THEMSELVES POWERLESS.

Anyone who replaces Boehner who WON'T shut down government will be as worthless as McConnell.

And anyone in House leadership today who is still in House leadership after the next Speaker is elected will be a sign that whoever replaces Boehner will be no different than he was: a blight on the system of government who has been part and parcel of why this country is as screwed up as it is.

Look at who leads the GOP presidential polls.  Look at who's buried in the back of the pack... and who was expected to win going away.

None of the top 3 have ever held office. 

In government when your party has control over a single of the legislative branches, you can hold out on matters of principle.  Because when you DON'T.... when you refuse to shut down government on the issues... then what you're effectively saying is there's no point.

When the outcomes are the same as if the democrats ran Congress, what the hell difference does it make whether the leftist democrats run it over the leftist RINOs?

When you put fear of losing your election ahead of fear of losing our country... what else can we expect as outcomes?

Unlike a RINO... such as Herrera or Boger, I simply do not care what the label is on a given candidate.  As a former state party executive director, I have seen the damage blind allegiance to a label does to a given situation.

Imagine where we'd be as a nation if the attitude of our leaders was more one of "Oh, well: I'd rather be right... than be _______________; so if doing the right thing costs me my job.... so be it."

Until now, control over a Congressional branch has been a meaningless gesture for the GOP.  Now, they can begin the process of healing by actually keeping their promises to get elected... or they can just continue to do what they've been doing: acting like Nancy Pelosi is the defacto Speaker and the lies they used to get elected were as meaningless as Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers' promise not to vote for a gas tax or tab fee increase.

Expect Herrera to vote for a RINO.  Expect the RINO's to rally around the leftists while they cower in fear.

Because that's what they do.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Latest on GOP betrayal.

Jaime Herrera (aka, Ridgefield Barbie) has already thrown us under a bus on the TPA Scam, so I have no reason not to believe she won't call all the way and bend us over on final passage.

But then, I didn't vote for that empty-suited, vacuous ego-maniac who has accomplished absolutely nothing during her unfortunate elective tenure.

I am, I'm told, supporting the fringe-left and unionists on this bill.

That's a total crock.

What I oppose is these clowns generally and on ANY major legislation particularly, voting on a bill WITHOUT READING IT.


It continues to be locked up in a Capitol Building basement room.

I want the bill out here BEFORE the GOP shafts us with it.

Didn't we learn ANYTHING from passing and implementing Obamacare?

Apparently not.

So, thanks to the GOP for being everything I knew you would be... out-democrating the democrats.


Meanwhile, Remember this the next time our own "local" doesn't-even-live-here congresswoman demands that we vote for her.

The very definition of worthless.

House Kills TPA, Herrera, McMorris and Ryan vote for, BOEHNER votes "No."

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Today's reason to loathe our congress-critter: TPA What's her position? Or: Didn't Obamacare teach the GOP ANYTHING?

 Readers know that I believe Jaime Herrera has been a joke since Cathy McMorris slammed her together from spare parts laying around the office and parachuted her back in here to take on Brian Baird via Marc Boldt getting that waste of skin appointed to the vacant 18th District seat back in '07.

THAT skullduggery remains yet another reason to vote AGAINST Boldt, instead of FOR him... but that's a subject for another post.

Meanwhile, of the many problems I have with that vacuous, empty-suited idiot is that on the issues confronting us, the Camas Manikin typically remains silent... so we have to guess what she's going to do in any given situation.

I get why that coward does that.  If you keep your mouth shut until you vote, it's too late for anyone to complain.  The vote is cast, and that's it.

Of course, like her cowardice in failing to hold open town-hall meetings, that does not come close to actually "representing" the people in Congress.

It's a mirror of the Steve Stuart scam.  I'm sure that in a more sober moment, she'd say the exact, same thing as Stuart:

(Credit Lew Waters)

On the issues confronting us, the majority of the time that self-aggrandizing putz sits there like Buddha, equally responsive as she continues to fool vast numbers of people into thinking that she's a. Republican and b. that she gives a damn about us.

Her number one reason for existence begins and ends with her re-election.  She is the very example of a politician that most, were they even remotely interested in what she does or doesn't do, would despise.

The GOP in Congress is once again, lining up to throw us all under the bus, by once again, bailing that simple idiot in the White House out, this time over TPA, or Trade Promotion Authority.

The GOP in Congress is once again, lining up to throw us all under the bus, by once again, bailing that simple idiot in the White House out, this time over TPA, or Trade Promotion Authority.

So.... let me get this straight. You guys in the GOP are getting behind giving Obama the TPA.

OK, Fine.

Where's a copy of it that *I* can read?

How can you support ANY legislation that NONE of you have even read? That none of us CAN read?

Didn't Obamacare teach you people anything?

TPA may be the greatest piece of legislation ever devised by man. But until I can READ the damned thing, I will oppose it in every way I can. And that ANYONE would support this or any other legislation, no matter WHO supports it or opposes it without being able to read it first?

You people are nuts.

Meanwhile, where's that empty-suited idiot of a Congresswoman at on this legislation?

Don't know?

Well, that's the point of this.

WHY don't you know?

Because she doesn't want to tell you.

And it's not just about this... it's about almost EVERYTHING of substance.

There's a reason she's not a House GOP talking head like, say, Jason Chaffetz, or brand-newly elected Ryan Zinke.  Primarily, that when it comes to communicating and people skills, she's as dumb as a box of hammers.

The list of things she's remaining silent on and has been silent on ever since we were unfortunate enough to ever see her is stunning in it's breadth and dimension.

We'll all find out when she, likely, votes FOR this crap... again, without having a clue as to what's in it.

And that she acts this way, that she keeps us at arm's length, that fails to communicate with us in any meaningful way... that she CONTINUES to fail to work for US?

Give me Brian Baird any day.  At least you knew where he stood on the issues and you could go beat the hell out of him or pat him on the back (I did both) as the case merited.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Lowest approval rating ever: So, tell me again - how does the GOP take a hit for the Supreme Court dumping Obamacare?

Even democrats are dropping their support of our national nightmare.

So how is it that the GOP takes the hit for the Supreme Court if they properly interpret the democrat written... and passed... Obamacare rip off?

Overall, just 39 percent support the law, down 10 percentage points in a little more than a year to match the record low from three years ago as the Supreme Court debated the constitutionality of the individual mandate. A majority, 54 percent, opposes Obamacare, a scant 3 points shy of the high in late 2013 after the botched rollout of healthcare.gov.
Where I see those GOP idiots getting smacked politically is their failure to have a Plan B.

Like so many other issues confronting this country, even if the right decision is reached, only then will the GOP react, scrambling to get to some plan that, particularly in a case like this, should have long since been finalized and stuffed into a can... to be pulled out as needed.

What, after all, is it that prior planning prevents?

Instead, the same mouth-breathing knuckle-draggers running the show in the House and the Senate give the people nothing as they await this outcome.

Man, getting GOP control of Congress has made ALL the difference.


Meanwhile, because of remaining silent, the GOP nationally holds itself up as a piñata, allowing itself to be beaten to death like someone tenderizing a steak.

I had no real hope for any difference in the outcomes this last cycle.

I expected (And wrote) that there would be no real change between leftist control and the incompetent control the GOP has now.

We were assured by the more moderate establishments in the GOP that we needed to put our concerns aside, hold our collective noses, and vote for whatever non-functioning, non-caring (except for keeping their own job) types running that had an "R" after their names.

In return, we get empty-suited cowards like our own Jamie (Mail It In) Herrera who is no where to be found on the issues important to Americans because she's as dumb as a box of rocks and incapable of stringing a coherent thought together without Cathy McMorris's hand up her back and into her head, not unlike one of Jeff Dunham's sock puppets.

We NEED leadership.  We GET silence.

Where's the plan?  Why is it such a big secret?

This is the exact same kind of idiocy concerning Obama's Trade Dictatorship Plan that the GOP is so actively pushing... but which none of us are allowed to read.

With less than 40% of the American people supporting Obama's scam... how, exactly, is the GOP supposed to pay some sort of price for it's demise?

THINK, people.  Do not believe it.

The numbers are simply not there.

And here's a clue: if the GOP is cowed into finding a way to keep this stupidity going,that will cost them far more damage than actually implementing the will of the American people ever would.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Congressional GOP prepares to screw us.

Yes, I remember those days, not so long back, when we were assured by so-called "GOP moderates" (Who are politically right up there with the mythical "muslim moderate" that we hear about... but never see...) that we HAD to hold our noses and vote for any leftist with an "R" after their names.

Right, Brent?

Much like voting for that vacuous waste of congressional skin, Jaime Herrera.

Well, once again, that course of action will screw the people generally and the people moronic enough to support these clowns particularly.

Right now, a trade bill is in front of Congress.  No one outside of Congress has read this heaping pile, you understand... and damned few, INCLUDING the GOP clowns pushing this stupidity, have read it, either.

So, these GOP scum want to support this... but WE can't read it.


This is NOT a military issue.

This is NOT a security issue.

This is a TRADE deal.


So.... why can't us untermenschen low lifes read it?

And WHY is the GOP so busy going along with this garbage to support the political anti-Christ?

GOP control of government at the federal and state level hasn't accomplished much of anything.

Here in Washington State, our attention is deflected to a few hundred million dollar budget battle even while the Senate GOP is doing their best to rams BILLIONS in tax increases via the gas tax down our throats without asking us... and, in fact, by doing all they can to KEEP us from having any say.

At the federal level, we hear nothing about getting rid of Obamacare, the cornerstone of GOP campaigns at the congressional level.  Nothing about restoring the military.  Nothing about fixing the VA.  Nothing about cutting the gargantuan and growing federal deficit the GOP so rabidly helped to build.

Locally, Senators who pledge to oppose a gas tax as part of THEIR campaigns are long over telling us that lie.

At the local level, recently re-elected GOP Clark County Clerk, Scott Weber, lied his ass off to get into office.... and the idiots re-electing liars didn't even care.

In large part, it's like we've ceased being adults... we're BEGGING to be lied to.  And our own version of the GOP electeds... from the "localist" of local levels, all the way to the very top and every level in between, is happy to oblige.  

Think about this betrayal of government... at all levels... the next time you slavishly vote for someone merely because of the letter sitting there after their name.

I used to do that.  Certainly, as a former state GOP executive director, I used to vote straight GOP.

Those days are long... and permanently... gone. 

THINK before you vote.  Look beyond party, since this year, party has proven useless.

Use your heads.  Hold these people accountable for betraying us and for God's Sake, stop rewarding their perfidy with your vote.