Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The closing of Jamie Herrera Watch.

There comes a time when all good things come to an end.

I was talking with a friend today... one of the few politicians I actually respect... and she asked me, "Isn't it time?"

"Jaime is our congresswoman.  She is likely to BE our congresswoman for quite some time to come.  You don't have to be a cheerleader.  But it no longer serves any purpose."

The friend is Ann Rivers.  She is the first elected official in any capacity to ever suggest that I take the blog down... that it's time was past.

Other electeds have claimed to discuss it with me (Right, Marc?) with a view towards shutting it down but they never have.


I thought about what Ann told me.

I had no real response to fault her logic... so I told her I would do it.

That does not mean that I'm happy with Jaime.  I'm not.

But I acknowledge that at times, I was over the top.  At times, I may have written things that hurt Jaime or her family and for that, I apologize.

Ann suggested that as well... and it made sense.

This is, then, my final post here on Jaime Herrera Watch.  I assure the reader that I made this decision on my own, that no one forced me or pressured me or threatened me in any way.

To the 20,000 plus visitors this blog has had this year, I will continue to write at Clark County Politics.

When I disagree with Jaime, I will let her know via that blog.

But there will be no further positing on this effort.

Thanks for stopping by.