Thursday, February 4, 2016

The confusion of motion with action: Jaime Herrera's letter to Tim "The Liar" Leavitt

Much of the local "Facebookasphere" is buzzing over the letter our local Congresswoman had her staff write to smack Tim "The Liar" Leavitt around over his childish snit thrown yesterday at my Representative, Liz Pike, over her efforts to move us on from his CRC/Loot Rail scam and by trying a different approach to addressing our cross-river vehicle transportation issues. Leavitt, of course, has offered nothing as an alternative, save to trash any other effort not spelled "CRC."

As far as that goes... neither has Herrera.  Where's her proposals?

No where.

Unfortunately, there's a harsh reality to this note as there is to all of Herrera's half-hearted, bogus efforts towards the CRC rip off, particularly in this election year: for most practical purposes, save for highlighting Pike's efforts to actually solve this issue when no one else is trying to do much of anything, it's worthless.

Not unlike Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers' Bogus Baby Bill of a few days ago, it's a rather sordid, worthless effort by Herrera to first, prove she's alive and second, continue to make her electorate believe she's actively involved and working to protect us.

Many of the more ignorant continue to (wrongly) believe she played a role in the demise of that gigantic rip off that cost us $200 million for nothing.  On the contrary: she did nothing or next to it, leaving the heavy lifting to be done by local legislators.

Well, when I say she did "nothing," that's something of an oversimplification.

What DID she do?

The same thing she did for Pike: she wrote a few letters expressing her "concerns."

The problem is that like this letter, those letters were just as worthless when it came to making an actual difference on the issue at hand.

No legislation.  No congressional action of any noticeable kind.

The "worth" of an action by anyone in the legislative branch at any level is judged entirely by it's impact.

For me, this letter has no real value because, frankly, as accurate as it is... it changes absolutely nothing concerning transportation.

Are we any closer to solving the problem because of this letter?  Will those seething in hatred of the major players in the demise of that ripoff suddenly undergo a change of heart?

Do you remotely think for one second that The Liar Leavitt gives a damn about this letter?  He certainly didn't care about any of the others Herrera's staff has written in the past.  What on earth makes anyone think he cares about this letter?

As stated, this is an election year.  Herrera is, of course, naturally concerned that the base is restive because she votes typically more like Maxine Waters than a GOP Congresswoman.

Nothing in this letter changes any of that.

Which, come to think of it, is exactly what her hide and seek letters over the years after she was elected accomplished: absolutely nothing... her concerns notwithstanding.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is a classic case of the confusion of motion... over action.  It's designed to make it look like Herrera is doing something... but when the dust settles from this... how much closer will we be to the goal?

None.  No closer.  Zero.

But Herrera got earned media out there and, as I stated, even ardent opponents within the conservative GOP are congratulating her staff's letter writing skills.

From her perspective, it was a win all around... for her.

For the rest of us, it might make us FEEL better... but it accomplishes nothing.

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