Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Make sure to thank Ridgefield Barbie who voted for this crap: Super-committee a super bust.

Headline tends to speak for itself. The market is reacting to this news as you might expect, but the fact is this: with gutless swine like the Camas Manikin running the show, did anyone expect anything any different?

The whole thing was a joke, doomed to fail from the beginning... but the irony... the horrific irony of all this?

It wouldn't have made any difference anyway.

We're talking $1.2 trillion.... out of FORTY TRILLION.

The equivalency?

2.5 cents from a dollar

Here's a clue, Babs: we're $15 TRILLION IN DEBT.... thanks, in part, to you. What are YOU, PERSONALLY, going to do about it?

Why even ask, when we all know this gutless little worm won't do a thing.

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Need even more proof that Ridgefield Barbie sucks? Read this:

Speaks for itself. I actually would rather have a democrat elected that actually at least went through the motions of giving a crap about ALL of her constituents then a thoughtless coward like Herrera.
County owes gratitude to Redistricting Commission

THE OLYMPIAN • Published January 08, 2012 Modified January 07, 2012

The Olympian


For South Sound residents, there’s a whole lot to like about the new congressional district boundaries drawn by the Washington State Redistricting Commission.

Going into this highly partisan battle – which will go a long way in determining the makeup of Washington’s next congressional delegation – we pleaded with the four redistricting commissioners to make Olympia the heart of the new 10th congressional district. That’s precisely what the commissioners did, and we owe them a big thank you for the favor.

The state was awarded a new district based on population growth as counted in the 2000 census. The four commissioners – two Democrats and two Republicans – have spent the better part of the year dividing the state into 10 congressional districts with almost equal population in each.

For the last 10 years, Thurston County residents have not been well served with a large portion of the county in the 3rd Congressional District and much of the Lacey and east county area in the 9th Congressional District.

Rep. Adam Smith, the eight-term congressman from the 9th District, is a north Tacoma resident. He has paid attention to Thurston County residents and their issues, and as a Democrat fits well with the progressive majority that dominates the political scene in the capital city area.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Republican Jaime Herrera Beutler, the congresswoman from the 3rd Congressional District. The Vancouver-area resident has all but ignored this end of her district since her election a year ago. She declined to open a permanent office at the northern end of the sprawling district, despite the concentration of constituents here.
Even Thurston County Republican Party Chairman John O’Callaghan admits that Herrera Beutler is not a frequent visitor. O’Callaghan said the congresswoman made a few visits early in her term and held a small-group meetings over coffee with Tenino-area residents. Republicans also held a barbecue fundraiser for Herrera Beutler last summer but O’Callaghan said, “I haven’t seen her since.”

Well, when you're a narcissistic, self-centered political waste of skin, and someone who won't meet with you unless you bring a check book, I suppose this sort of thing is inevitable.

But then, I've been writing about the Camas Manikin for years. Maybe, someday, someone will listen... and vote for someone else.

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Jamie Herrera: Coward.

here it is, from the article:
Herrera Beutler said her last large town hall meeting got out of hand. People booed and hissed, and it began to resemble the “Jerry Springer Show,” she said. 
At that town hall meeting in Vancouver last year, Herrera Beutler fielded angry questions about her support for restructuring Medicare and endured catcalls over her vote for the controversial Republican 10-year budget blueprint that included the Medicare language. 
A woman in attendance told Herrera Beutler after the meeting that she was planning to ask a question but changed her mind because of the unruly environment. 
“I’m not going to put everyone through that,” Herrera Beutler said. 
The congresswoman said she will continue her coffees, which tend to be less publicized. Visitors to her website,, are invited to send her their telephone numbers so they can be alerted when a coffee is scheduled nearby.
A WOMAN? ONE fictional woman.

And as a result, the gutless worm we have representing us in Congress will only see "the people" if they bring a checkbook or if they make it through her careful, not-publicized "coffees."

Even Cowardman Brian Baird was better than that.

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