Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Jamie Herrera: Coward.

here it is, from the article:
Herrera Beutler said her last large town hall meeting got out of hand. People booed and hissed, and it began to resemble the “Jerry Springer Show,” she said. 
At that town hall meeting in Vancouver last year, Herrera Beutler fielded angry questions about her support for restructuring Medicare and endured catcalls over her vote for the controversial Republican 10-year budget blueprint that included the Medicare language. 
A woman in attendance told Herrera Beutler after the meeting that she was planning to ask a question but changed her mind because of the unruly environment. 
“I’m not going to put everyone through that,” Herrera Beutler said. 
The congresswoman said she will continue her coffees, which tend to be less publicized. Visitors to her website,, are invited to send her their telephone numbers so they can be alerted when a coffee is scheduled nearby.
A WOMAN? ONE fictional woman.

And as a result, the gutless worm we have representing us in Congress will only see "the people" if they bring a checkbook or if they make it through her careful, not-publicized "coffees."

Even Cowardman Brian Baird was better than that.

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  1. Jaime is so good she makes you think you might want to vote for whoever the Democrats put up this time . . .


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