Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Make sure to thank Ridgefield Barbie who voted for this crap: Super-committee a super bust.

Headline tends to speak for itself. The market is reacting to this news as you might expect, but the fact is this: with gutless swine like the Camas Manikin running the show, did anyone expect anything any different?

The whole thing was a joke, doomed to fail from the beginning... but the irony... the horrific irony of all this?

It wouldn't have made any difference anyway.

We're talking $1.2 trillion.... out of FORTY TRILLION.

The equivalency?

2.5 cents from a dollar

Here's a clue, Babs: we're $15 TRILLION IN DEBT.... thanks, in part, to you. What are YOU, PERSONALLY, going to do about it?

Why even ask, when we all know this gutless little worm won't do a thing.

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