Friday, December 4, 2015

FBI concludes the obvious: San Berardino slaughter was terror. Our congresswoman remains silent.

The past few days have been rather uproarious.

Muslims slaughtered innocents, which is getting kind of old hat, and yesterday, the morons running the military decided to get more people killed by opening up combat arms to women.

They've done nothing about changing the physical requirements, you understand, and they're choosing to completely ignore the definitive study by the Marine Corps which shows what a complete disaster such a move will be, and moments ago, the FBI indicated that yes, this was an "act of terror."

So, leftist gun-control morons, the ball is in your court.

But that's not the point of this exercise: the point is this:

Where is Jaime Herrera?

Where is the Camas Manikin?  Where is Ridgefield Barbie?

Why isn't she talking about ANY of this?

Besides being dumber than a box of hammers and being so stupid she can't articulate any positions or ideas on the issues, I mean?

You see, this is why I despise this coward.  She's afraid of her own shadow, and lacks the guts to even hold open town hall meetings.

She has no business in government and represents nothing and no one save for her puppet master, Cathy McMorris, who built her out of spare parts lying around the office so my psychopathic brother-in-law could get her installed in the state house, where, exactly like her tenure in Congress, she accomplished nothing.

NOW is when we need leadership.  Neither of the two state cows in the US Senate are going to provide it.

Apparently, neither is that narcissistic putz in Congress.

Why am I not surprised?

But her silence on these issues just means MY silence on the ballot when the time comes to send her back there.  How the people of this area could send such a worthless waste of skin back is simply beyond me.

But back is where she no doubt will go until someone with money is ready to go toe-to-toe with this incompetent coward.

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