Friday, December 11, 2015

Herrera's silence continuuuuuuues.

One of the biggest problems I've got, of the many problems I've got with an utterly worthless representative in Congress, is that she says and does the absolute minimum required to keep you suckers voting for her each election, while she wrongly makes people THINK she does so much more.

Still suffering from the nausea that overtook me when Ridgefield Barbie got up and shot off her mouth about how MUCH she's done FOR veterans (as opposed, I supposed, TO veterans... a much longer list) while she was darkening the festivities at the Battle Ground Veteran's Memorial dedication, I again pondered the likelihood that patrolling Falujah was one of the few areas on the face of the planet more dangerous than the distance between this cardboard cutout of a congresswoman and a camera/newspaper reporter.

We continue on our course of adding to the numbers of terrorists that a grateful nation provides support and succor for and to, out military continues to shrink, our Veteran population continues tio suffer, out foreign policy is in a shambles, the middle east has become a nightmare of flypaper, the homeless situation continues to fester, Obamacare is still in full throat, nothing is being done about our cross-river transportation issues and what is this clueless idiot doing about any of these and the many other problems our region and our country face?

Beats me.

This simple idiot won't say.

Unsurprisingly, when your only concern is to keep your job and you've already proven yourself to be a coward by refusing to hold open town hall meetings, that you fail to provide a constituency you've trained to be mushrooms over the years through deliberate, benign, neglect, that pattern continues these days... as in most days... with the Camas Manikin's silence on the issues confronting us.

Of course, even a manikin knows that if you keep your mouth shut, you won't be "Rivered" by your words that subsequently turn out to be lies to get... and keep... you elected, so, I suppose that given the circumstance, for her purposes, at least; the less she says, the better.

Still, that's not what I want in a member of congress. 

I want someone who understands and represents US, someone with a horizon which, in fact, goes beyond her next re-election.

I want someone who actually DOES something.

I guess I'm destined to continue to be disappointed.

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