Friday, November 13, 2015

Jaime Herrera Watch: back in business.

A couple of years ago, my former friend and colleague, State Senator Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers (Gas Tax -18) persuaded me to shut down JHW, given that Ridgefield Barbie was our Congresswoman and likely or BE our Congresswoman for quite some time, etc.

My brother-in-law had made a serious effort through others, to have me shut this down because he threw us all under the bus, having made first, a deal with former crush Cathy McMorris to give the Camas Manikin, who had been out of the area for 11 years and who had never once held a private sector job but who had, in fact, done a DAMNED fine job of getting McMorris her coffee every morning in DC.

Boldt persuaded the two male democrats in Cowlitz to vote with him for filling the vacancy in the 18th District back in 2007.  Barbie went along with the scam deliberations, being falsely described as a "young, family values conservative" in the Lazy C who has since morphed into a "Republican moderate" (as if she was ever anything else) and that launched the career of this do-nothing, card board cut out of a Member of Congress who is such a coward that she won't even hold open town hall meetings.

Anyway, at the end, watching her actually show up and speak about how much she "cares" about Veterans... got me to thinking: between "Gas Tax" Rivers personal and political betrayal of this district and Herrera's betrayal of Veterans... what could I do to get my point across?

Pulling this out of mothballs came to mind, so it's back.  I'll be updating it with the Herrera posts from CCP to provide more material.  But it's back... and I appreciate our esteemed Congresswoman's efforts for helping me arrive at this decision.

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