Friday, January 22, 2016

Wow! Ridgefield Barbie Lives! When it comes to fundraising, anyway.

Perhaps the most cowardly congresscritter in the United States is our very own Jamie Herrera.

Unfortunately, like most in Sodom-on-Potomac, her only concern has nothing to do with representing us: au contraire.

It does, however, have everything to do with using her sick child as a campaign prop and it certainly does have everything to do with getting re-elected.

Unfortunately for us, that's not what she's supposed to be there for.

Exclusive of any of her positions, she's too much off a coward to even hold open town hall meetings.


Because we don't care.

What are her positions on the issues confronting us?

Damned if I know: she won't tell us.

When we needed her to kill the federal dollars for the CRC scam, where was she?

No where.

Oh, that doesn't mean she didn't go through a few of the motions: write a letter here and there (She's really good in having her staff write a letter or two for her)  get slapped around by Tim "The Liar" Leavitt because of it... but what did SHE, PERSONALLY, ACCOMPLISH on killing the CRC rip off?

Not a damned thing.  That was left to the locals to clean up her mess.
She had time to waste on a nowhere bill to undo the Pearson Air Museum fiasco... a bill that had no chance of accomplishing spit...
But no time to drop a bill to save us from the biggest boondoggle in the history of the Northwestern United States.

Marc Boldt got her appointed to the open legislative seat back in '07 because Cathy McMorris, who Marc had had something of a crush on during his legislative days, asked him to get her gofer a gig... even though that simple idiot hadn't even lived here in something like 11 years, had no clue what was going on, and sounded like a blithering idiot during the already greased county commissioner fake interview up in Longview.
Several times during Thursday's interview, Herrera confessed ignorance of various issues, saying for example that she hadn't known that Cowlitz County is not subject to the state's Growth Management Act.
Eh.  What the hell.  She's got no idea what's going on... give her the job anyway.

The rag described her then as a "family values conservative" because that's the scam she ran to get appointed.

Now, of course, they call her a "Republican moderate."

She is, all in all, a self-aggrandizing liar who has accomplished virtually nothing since it's been our misfortune to have her in DC.

In everything from lying to us to get appointed:
“I was honest about who I was before I was elected. I have not changed … I stuck to the issues that the people elected me to work on and I beat every Republican I ran against in the primary,” Herrera Beutler said. “If I change that now, I think that would be dishonest.
(No.  You weren't.  You were lying your ass off to get elected, just like you lie now on those infrequent occasions when you say anything at all)

To being such a coward and so thin on the issues that she can't intelligibly articulate them while refusing to hold open town hall meetings, Jaime Herrera has been a complete and total waste of effort in DC who has done far more TOO us (Like vote "yes" on the recent RINO Ryan budget that funded everything most Republicans hate) then she has FOR us.

She does the absolute minimum to keep the job.  She's mailed it in for years and will mail it in until we wide up and get rid of her.

Ridgefield Barbie, the Camas Manikin.

That will be her legacy.

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