Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Is the RINO Establishment finally getting it about Trump? RINO betrayal generally, at both the national and local level.

I freely admit I was among the talking heads who couldn't take Trump seriously when he started out: he'd taken the beginning of this path before, only to act like a 3 year old with ADHD ("Oh, look!  A kitty!") but in a short time, it became clear to me that he was actually serious.. and once he became serious, the fur began to fly.

And it also became clear, shortly after his announcement, that he was going to be the guy talking about the issues that NEEDED to be talked about.  And, as I have opined, the only chance for the Establishment was to begin the process of hauling itself into Trump's general direction and co-opting his positions.

This is not a great time to be a RINO.  This is not a great time to be an Establishment Republican.

Instead, they run away like little girls in horror at the thought of taking the high road because you know what?

They'd sell their own mothers to win... the "right thing to do" be damned.  because, God Help Us, they might lose... and it's all about keeping their butts in government.

The reasons for that are, on the whole, obvious: of the Senators running, only Cruz speaks to the issues the way the base wants them spoken to... but Cruz is hamstrung with the mark of the anti-Christ Senate, a GOP group that makes Judas look like an all-star when the obvious comparison between those elected to the US Senate and their betrayal to their voters and the betrayer of Jesus takes place.  Paul is hamstrung by both that and some of his old man's idiocy.

For years, the base sat and fumed at the lack of courage and vision of the GOP Speaker of the House.

I knew we were in trouble when Cathy McMorris took a prominent role in leadership: after all, she threw Jaime Herrera together out of spare parts laying around the office and we know how worthless McMorris's former coffee gofer has been since McMorris parachuted her back in here after an 11 year absence.

This is another reason Boldt is not someone to be trusted... or elected.

Boldt's old crush asked him to support Herrera, and Boldt made the deal with the two male Cowlitz County commissioners in office at the time... and it was done weeks before the actual appointment was made to the legislature back in that fateful day in 2007.

Boldt also went on to hire one of those two clowns for the county, when that guy, Axel Swanson, a democrat, was tossed out of office in the next election... giving him a big bucks job down here in Clark County as something of a quid-pro-quo... as part of the mutual back-scratching that's just a normal day of business for Boldt.

Meanwhile, Trump has begun his run for president.  I'm sure that the RINO/Establishment felt the same way I and many others did, that this would be entertaining for awhile and then, he would fade and then quit.

Hasn't quite worked out that way, has it?

Trump discovered the thing that the RINO Establishment had long since blocked:

The Pulse of the Base.

That's right, ladies and gents... by accident or by design, Trump... and now Carson... have their fingertips on the pulse of the base and they can feel the hatred for those who've betrayed us, those who've ignored us, those who lie to us at all levels (Right, "Gas Tax?") to get elected and get power... only to forget all about that once they get the gig.

I'm sure the GOP, like most in politics, count on the stupidity and short memories of the voting public... except this time, that ain't happening.

Thanks to the debacle that has been the US Senate since the GOP took control and made NONE of the changes they promised to get elected in the first place, the base... the party bedrock is betrayed and disillusioned.

The result?

Unfiltered voices owing nothing to the Establishment RINOs are the ones getting the support.

I would be comfortable, at this point, with a Trump presidency or a Carson presidency.  I will remain comfortable with that for the most part until such time as either of those two are shown to be something they're not.

I believed, for example, with the entirety of my heart and soul in Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers.  I believed she was different.  I believed she was the exception to the rule... her other issues notwithstanding.

But when it mattered, she was the same as any other political opportunist, selling out Clark County and saddling us with a $700 million debt, while supporting the millionaires behind the pot initiative with her effort to cut the promised pot tax in half... instead of holding the liars accountable.

They promised us $582 million per year.  You remember the lie, don't you?

"Just legalize it, tax the hell out of it and all our budget problems will be solved!"



Gee.  Did that show them, or what?

That was a betrayal to me personally and to the entirety of her district.

In one of the last conversations I had with her husband and my formerly close friend last March, Fred, he opined when I asked him that the 18th District would likely have voted 65% "no" on the gas tax increase, had his wife given us the opportunity TO vote... which she made damned sure did not happen.

And yet, she voted for the increase... and the emergency clause in the bill... that went with it while refusing to even try to put a referendum clause on the tax bill so we COULD have a say in the largest gas tax increase in this state's history.

As for her district?

Well, she apparently knows better than the idiots who voted for her, at least in her mind, and that includes me.

Meanwhile, the base continues a pattern of rejection of the usual RINO excuses.  I'm not even remotely interested in what the Establishment types whine about when it comes to what they CAN'T do.

Local RINO's like Brent Boger kept telling us there wasn't a thing the House could do until we got the Senate, so we had to hold our collective noses and vote THOSE RINOs in before anything could happen.

So, the people of several states followed that fraudulent advice.

And what do they have to show for it?



So, what's the takeaway from that?

No matter which RINO is elected to the presidency, if a Bush, or Rubio, or Christie or that ilk gets the gig... there would be no changes made beyond the superficial.

The base knows this.  They intuit this.

And that's why the RINOs are stuck in dead, low, gear.

The entire planet knows what we won't do, which is anything we NEED to do.

At this point, for the most part, Trump and Carson are the wildcards when we need one.

The only problem I'm having with this crop of GOP'ers is that none of them ever bothered to wear the uniform.

Only those who have served have a clue what it's like to be in the military responding to the orders from the White House.

But we don't.  And with Sen. Jim Webb dropping out on the d-side, we have absolutely zero military experience in or wanting to be in the White House.

I will never vote for a RINO.  I will never set myself up for betrayal again.

I see my life in politics coming to an end because I freely admit that what Battle Ground Deputy Mayor Phil Johnson belittled as merely a "lofty ideal" is the basis for my political realm.

I'm an anachronism.  Those in politics today, from the aforementioned Washougal City Councilman Boger, who strongly supports "Gas Tax" Rivers' lies and who also was instrumental in the political career of one of the biggest liars in politics here locally, County Clerk Scott "I'll get rid of my job as an elected position" Weber and people like Battle Ground Deputy Mayor Phil Johnson... thrive on the politics of lying.

Because we've let them.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is why the RINOs are having such a hard time of it.  That's why the ordination of Jebbie Bush was bit premature.

And that's why I will never vote for a fake Republican, like my brother-in-law Marc Boldt, ever again.

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