Thursday, October 15, 2015

Yuk fest: Herrera has "no interest" in the Speaker job? As if.

Perhaps the most vacuous, self-important and utterly worthless member of Congress in our country today is Jaime Herrera.

Herrera has the singular RINO focus of remaining in office first, her fatally ill daughter's public relations second (which she uses to help continue the first) and carrying her master's water (McMorris) like Gunga Din, third.

Note, no where in that litany is "representing us."

So, imagine my surprise when, as a joke, someone sent me the article where the Camas Manikin, who goes out of her way to remain silent on most of the issues confronting this country, suddenly comes up on the net to tell us she's "not interested in the Speaker's job."

Wait.... what?

She might as well tell us she's not interested in levitating, or not interested in walking through walls, or shape-shifting or any other physically impossible feat.

She has as much chance of growing a brain as she does of ever becoming Speaker.

Herrera is the pent-ultimate back-bencher.  On the issues confronting this country and her district, she has accomplished absolutely nothing.  On the CRC Scam, for example, an agony she could have ended within days of taking office in Congress, she absolutely disappeared, save for getting her political face kicked in by Tim "The Liar" Leavitt.

Except for selling out on closing down government and voting to raise the debt ceiling while teetering on the brink of getting thrown out of the local Republican party (a failure to accomplish that I will rue until I die) you rarely hear a thing about this waste of skin.

A true conservative, such as, for example, Raul Labrador of Idaho; frequently communicates with his constituency on a wide variety of issues... while holding open town hall meetings.  Further, when you contact his office, you get answers that actually show where he's taken a position.

Not so our Ridgefield Barbie, who thinks so little of this district that she doesn't even own a house in it.

Herrera, who's intellectual cowardice is the stuff of legends, is, perhaps, best known for her cowardly failure to hold open town hall meetings; an exercise in democracy her democrat predecessor whom she so admires, was known for.

While claiming the Speaker issue is an embarrassment, she naturally refuses to explain the fact that SHE is, and has been, an embarrassment since she got back here after McMorris parachuted her in after a 12 year absence to take on Brian Baird for Congress, starting with Marc Boldt selling out to McMorris and getting her a legislative appointment.  Nor does she happen to mention HER role and responsibility in this "embarrassment."

No, she has no problem ignoring the actual Republicans of her district while she whines "I'm giving the best years of my life to travel back and forth to that place... (DC)" well, here's a clue:

Feel free to quit. All you've done to date is to achieve footnote status any way.

You no more "fight for us" than you work out in a gym.

As the penultimate back-bencher, you follow the "less-is-more" edict of politics, mainly, keeping your mouth shut so that you don't have to discuss the issues you SHOULD be working on (So, Herrera: what are you doing to end this "women-in-combat" idiocy?  What are you doing about the VA?  Why hasn't your office addressed the disparity of drugs, for example, costing some 170% more at the VA than many of them do at, say, Fred Meyers?

What are you, personally, doing about the debt ceiling, or cutting spending, or our idiotic foreign policy?

What are you doing to restore funding to the military, having voted to cut retirement and disability?

I get that you don't "want" to be Speaker.  I also get that you'd have a better chance of appearing in a Mike's Hard Lemonade commercial after you grew a second head. so it's easy for you to say that you don't "want" a job you have a less than zero chance of ever getting.

The mystery to me is why the democratian believed that a lightweight like Herrera's obvious decision to not seek a job she could no more get than she could gain 100 yards rushing against the Steelers somehow equates to news.

Of COURSE she "has no interest" in a job she can't get.

I have no interest in the job of chief of staff for the Mayo Clinic, or to be an astronaut, or the blind side tackle for Russell Wilson (And God knows they apparently really need one) because as much as my ascension to any of those things is far more likely than Herrera ever getting any kind of leadership position in the House, even I know those outcomes are impossible.

Oddly, however, none of that is "news."

Just like our light weight congresswoman has a far smaller than zero chance of ever being confused with a congressional leader.

Don't think so?

When was the last time any of us saw her being interviewed over her thoughts... on anything?  Leaders get asked questions, usually in front of a camera.  And that means you're out.

And Barbie... there's nothing going on in the House that's a bigger "embarrassment" than your membership in it.

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