Tuesday, September 29, 2015

With the news that McMorris will continue as chair of House GOP Conference, Boehner leaving means nothing.

While Boehner should have been deposed from his job 6 years ago, the change in the Speakership is meaningless... utterly meaningless.

The only way Boehner's resignation would have meant anything is if the rats he surrounded himself with, including Cathy McMorris, left with him.

McMorris, primarily responsible for foisting our worthless congresswoman, Jaime Herrera off on us in her bid to become the next Jennifer Dunn, claims that she'll remain in her position as House GOP Conference chair instead of taking a run at Speaker.

Of course, given her record of acquiescence to Boehner, she has zero chance of winning the Majority Leader gig, but that's beside the point: unless all of the current leadership goes with Boehner, his departure merely means we'll have a different face on the same RINO leadership who has put us where we are today: no where.

McMorris Rodgers says she won’t seek House majority-leader role

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