Friday, September 25, 2015

Local RINO's grieve over departure of Boehner. What will Herrera do?

It's been a long-held truth that continuing to do the same thing over and over again while expecting a different outcome is a true sign of insanity.

How many times did you read that we had to get behind the RINO's so the GOP could take charge of Congress and fix everything?"

A complete lack of control over all of Congress was the years-long excuse RINO's gave as to why Obama was engaging in reverse slavery over the GOP like the 13th Amendment was never passed and HE was the "Massa."

So, the base, or enough of them, bought into that lie.

Mitch McConnell and his crew ran on the same successful messaging the House had used: Get rid of Obamacare, and cut the budget.  Strong security for the country.  Reduce the deficit.  Bring order to the clown car of American foreign policy.

Well, that was the promise.  Has any of that happened?

Most recently, McConnell caved to Obama on the Iran rip off that will result in Iran gaining nukes... and using them.

Obamacare is worse than ever, the deficit is worse than ever, foreign policy is worse than ever... even though we're finishing our 9th month of complete GOP congressional control... because the RINO's are gutless when it comes to shutting government down.

The RINO excuse?

Well, Congress is powerless because they don't have an "R" in the White House... though they damned sure weren't saying that in the run up to the last election.

Well, if we DID have an "R" in the White House, these same RINO's would excuse the lack of action on some other grounds they make up to justify their cowardice.

Here's the thing: I'm all about shutting down government over principle.  The lack of guts to do that is what the left counts on.  Like every other enemy of this country since the end of World War 2, they know that if they can just hang on long enough, we'll get tired of it all and leave.

Because the RINO's refuse to shut down government or use the nuclear option, THEY MAKE THEMSELVES POWERLESS.

Anyone who replaces Boehner who WON'T shut down government will be as worthless as McConnell.

And anyone in House leadership today who is still in House leadership after the next Speaker is elected will be a sign that whoever replaces Boehner will be no different than he was: a blight on the system of government who has been part and parcel of why this country is as screwed up as it is.

Look at who leads the GOP presidential polls.  Look at who's buried in the back of the pack... and who was expected to win going away.

None of the top 3 have ever held office. 

In government when your party has control over a single of the legislative branches, you can hold out on matters of principle.  Because when you DON'T.... when you refuse to shut down government on the issues... then what you're effectively saying is there's no point.

When the outcomes are the same as if the democrats ran Congress, what the hell difference does it make whether the leftist democrats run it over the leftist RINOs?

When you put fear of losing your election ahead of fear of losing our country... what else can we expect as outcomes?

Unlike a RINO... such as Herrera or Boger, I simply do not care what the label is on a given candidate.  As a former state party executive director, I have seen the damage blind allegiance to a label does to a given situation.

Imagine where we'd be as a nation if the attitude of our leaders was more one of "Oh, well: I'd rather be right... than be _______________; so if doing the right thing costs me my job.... so be it."

Until now, control over a Congressional branch has been a meaningless gesture for the GOP.  Now, they can begin the process of healing by actually keeping their promises to get elected... or they can just continue to do what they've been doing: acting like Nancy Pelosi is the defacto Speaker and the lies they used to get elected were as meaningless as Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers' promise not to vote for a gas tax or tab fee increase.

Expect Herrera to vote for a RINO.  Expect the RINO's to rally around the leftists while they cower in fear.

Because that's what they do.

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