Thursday, May 21, 2015

Herrera goes full moron to the worshipful democratian.

While I have been ashamed of the worthless cardboard cutout of a congresswoman since her keeper, Cathy McMorris, and my brother-in-law, Marc Boldt raped the appointment system to get her into the state house back in 07, her racist-based position on providing yet another avenue and reason for illegal aliens to break the law by crossing our borders and scamming an enlistment into the military, something this worthless turd never bothered to do.

There is no excuse or justification for using illegals from anywhere in the military while we kick out combat-tested soldiers and Marines for having too many tattoos.


Herrera has repeatedly proven she doesn't give a rip about veterans, her grand-standing, "Hurray for ME!" Job Fair notwithstanding; Herrera has done absolutely nothing to address the multiple shortcomings of the VA, and absolutely nothing to locate a 24 hour, walk-in clinic here which means last night, my wife and I had to drive out to Portland from Hockinson to sit there for 4.5 hours to be told to call the surgeon tomorrow after one of the pins in my hand fell out.

Herrera knows as much about the military and our issues as she does performing a crainiectomy.  Her "race-based" vote and position would be another in the series of disasters for the military, but like so many non-serving pogues trying to screw up the military, she could care less since no one she knows and no one in her family will ever find their ass on the line as a result of her idiocy.

I am all about allowing those here legally to enlist, if they otherwise qualify.

But to provide yet ANOTHER reason for illegals to flood our borders, north and south?

If she really WANTS to do something that will matter to area veterans, she COULD drop a bill to build and open a 24 hour VA clinic somewhere in this county for a population that will soon exceed a half million people.

But no... THAT'S a heavy lift.  And Herrera's been mailing it in ever since she got here.

It was a stupid, politically motivated, "hey, am I gonna run for the US Senate?" move, from a stupid, narcissistic woman.

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