Wednesday, May 6, 2015

When Jaime Herrera lies.

It's disappointing that the local GOP did not kick this worthless, cardboard cut out of a Republican out on her keister.

But while expected, it's even more disappointing that she has to lie about it.

I got this article in an email... and I glanced at it, expecting the usual "It's all about me" garbage this empty suit is most known for... and almost fell out of my chair at this one obvious lie:

“I was honest about who I was before I was elected. I have not changed … I stuck to the issues that the people elected me to work on and I beat every Republican I ran against in the primary,” Herrera Beutler said. “If I change that now, I think that would be dishonest.”
This is an utter and complete lie.  The rag, which knows better, and her apologists will just let it slide, of course, but the record is something completely different.

She won because the Bellevue Mafia and Cathy McMorris and the rest of the GOP establishment bought her and own her like the 13th Amendment was the 13th Suggestion.

When Marc Boldt got Jaime the appointment to the state House at the behest of his buddy, McMorris back in 07, this very rag described her as a "...young, 'family values' conservative."

Most recently, because she carries the rag's water like Gunga Din, they now describe her as a "Republican moderate."

I'm not altogether sure how that metamorphosis took place without the rag noticing, but I have to agree: she marketed herself as a fake conservative and now, well, she's become a RINO.

People, of course, did not vote for the truth of what she is; they voted for the lie of what's she's told them she is.

I don't buy the lie.  I'm much more a "record speaks for itself" kind of guy, and her co-sponsorship of SEIU legislation while she was in the House confirmed the deal for me, not that her cowardice and her mailing it in like Brandon Vick hasn't doubled down on my opinion of her worthlessness... because it has.

That she publicly confuses why and how she ever got elected with the truth is just a big part of the problem I have with that simple idiot.

She has accomplished nothing since McMorris parachuted her back in here after an 11 year absence or since my brother-in-law scammed her the gig by making the deal with 2 Cowlitz county commissioners... one of who works(ed) for the county making big bucks, having been hired by Marc at more money as a staffer than as a county commissioner after his one term tenure was up.

The reality is this:

She was, in fact, lying about who she was, what she'd done and what she would do when she was elected; her keepers keep her away from the public as much as they can... and she's lying about who she is, where she's at and what she'll do now that she's fooled so many into supporting her when we could have had someone with the basic competence and courage to be effective at the job.

"Worthless" doesn't come close to describing her.

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