Friday, February 3, 2012

A friend asks: "Could the GOP BE this stupid?" Cathy McMorris for VP?

Yes. Easily.

Regular readers of this blog are aware of the perfidy of McMorris's interference in our congressional district in her quest to first, become the "Jennifer Dunn" of Washington State and then, ultimately, to become President.

Recently, McMorris endorsed Romney in return for her brother getting the job of state coordinator or some such for the Romney campaign. The typical tit-for-tat, quid-pro-quo nonsense that lubes the tank treads of politics every day.

For newer readers, McMorris is the direct cause for the fact that we have Ridgefield Barbie as our representative in Congress, an utterly worthless, fake Republican who has had everything in her life handed to her on a silver platter... from her appointment to the State House, arranged by Marc Boldt and democrat Cowlitz county commissioners Axel Swanson and George Raiter.

Axel, of course, got a new job after he was blown out of office... working for Boldt.

At $80K a year.

That kind of underhanded crap is the norm, I guess, unless you have character and integrity. And that, ultimately, is why Boldt, Herrera and now McMorris are turning into a disaster.

Her name is being whispered as a VP candidate. That NO ONE is going to vote for Romney in Washington State because of McMorris is secondary to the fact that she played the system to get what she wants. Obviously, she's good at that, to give the devil her due.

But her desire to play politics trumps her desire to do what is right (And her interference in the 3rd Congressional District to stick an empty-suited staff stooge into the job was not right) and any politician who puts ambition ahead of what's best for the people is frightening.

On the plus side, if she took this chance, we'd at least be rid of her in this state, and that's hardly a bad thing.

That will require, as a first step, a Romney nomination... because no one else would have her.

But the reason this won't happen is first, Romney would need a VP candidate that would have a chance to deliver that state's electoral votes. No one will need them by the time our "polls" close, and no one but Obama will get them from this state anyway.

Second, McMorris brings zero throw weight or gravitas. There's be a splash because of her gender, but after that... what has she accomplished?

Even the article states:
McMorris Rodgers, who was elected in 2004, has one distinct claim to fame: she's the only woman ever to give birth twice while serving in Congress. Her first child was born with Down syndrome.
And that's a reason... or qualification... to be VP? Eight years in Congress and your only achievement is to have a couple of kids?


But never over-estimate the GOP. If there's a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, they'll find it.

So yeah... we are, in fact, "that stupid." Just don't hold your breath waiting for it to happen.

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