Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Brancaccio wears out another pair of knee pads in front of Herrera: In Our View: Great Bill to Sponsor

Just like during the entirety of her worthless tenure in Olympia, "Ridgefield Barbie, The Camas Manikin" has accomplished absolutely nothing in Congress.

She has refused to hold town hall meetings, unless, of course, you paid $2500 a head for the privilege; she's voted to support Obama programs that the rest of her caucus have voted against (Gee, where have we seen THAT before?) shes TALKED about taking a pay cut like her replacement, State Representative Ann Rivers (R-LaCenter) took WITHOUT a press release... but has yet to actually take one... she spends hundreds of thousands of our dollars on staff and travel boondoggles... and she occasionally co-sponsors high profile, "Hurray for me!" bills that are, essentially, utterly worthless... just to have the local rag positively SWOON as a result.

This latest scam is no different.

Congress passes a variety of laws and then proceeds to exempt themselves from those same laws.

Just for one example, your taxpayer dollars go to support a race-based, partisan (democrat only) group in Congress that would be banned anywhere else under our civil rights laws: The congressional black caucus.

That such a group even exists, is absurd.

And now, our own empty suit follows in the footsteps of her fellow leftists (yes, Herrera co-sponsored SEIU legislation, requiring the mandatory unionization of day care workers with the day care owners paying their dues; yes she voted to help the democrats clean out the last $229 million then in the state emergency fund, for example... and that was all in her last session, in between her frequent absences from the floor of the House for her congressional fund raising... including flying to D.C. during session... where she voted for that) by picking up her hero's long-dormant bill... that somebody else is running.

Yes, Baird got a lot of mileage for running bills he refused to live by. He made a lot of mileage out of a so-called "72-hour" bill, where he demanded that all bills have 72 hours of public scrutiny before they are voted on... a rule that both Brown Shirt Baird and our own Camas Manikin have routinely ignored.

But while Barbie is at it, why doesn't SHE run a bill to end ALL Congressional Exemptions and presidential signing statements to exclude themselves from the laws they pass?

These despicable ways to circumvent our laws do exist... why isn't the rag saying something about that?

Babs' complete disappearance on the loot rail vote scam, having been given a political knuckle sandwich by a light weight like Tim "The Liar" Leave-it shows her lack of worth... if she had any nards, she would have kicked him in his miniature political testicles and left him a quivering mass on the side of the road north of Amboy.

Ain't.... happenin.

So, instead, we get press releases, where the local rag positively beats themselves with chains to just print them without critical thought one ever entering their empty heads.

Good. God. Is this empty-suited bimbette paying them for this babble?

Once again, all she can do is jump on someone else's band wagon. SHE isn't "SPONSORING" ANYTHING. PLEASE tell me that you inept clowns at the rag (Must be Brancaccio who wrote this garbage, since he's already worn out kneepads in front of this woman) know the difference between "SPONSORING" a bill, where you do the heavy lifting, the research, build the language and get leadership support, and CO-SPONSORING, which mean you sign your name to it and send out a press release where morons like this paper will then pat her on the butt and say "good job!" over and over when, as usual, she has done precisely dick.

Herrera must have incriminating video of Lou, because I can't fathom any other reason why he'd let this simple idiot twist him around her little finger.

Herrera did nothing worthy of this praise heaped on her. In fact, during the totality of her elected tenure, she has done nothing to be proud of. And the rag has been totally, yet mystifyingly, complicit in that... and this puffery on their part in carrying her water is no exception.

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