Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What Herrera can only WISH she had.

The Republicans running for Congress in the WA03 all have one thing in common... except for one:

Except for Herrera, they've all served their country. And I'm fairly sure they would join with me in pointing out that college, multiple internships and being a minor functionary in your boss's office is NOTHING like "serving in the military," as you once told me.

Here are 4 such people.. all veterans running for Congress... any one of whom I would cheerfully vote for and help to get elected.

These people understand. These people would not have taken the place of Gold Star mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and spouses at a Memorial Day Ceremony.

These people have a clue as to what being in the military really means... just like Castillo, Hedrick and Boyd have a clue.

Just like Herrera does not.


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