Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Republican hypocrisy: it's what's for breakfast.

Still getting over the Bizarro Zone of Herrera's mouthpiece yesterday, pointing out that Heck is the "establishment candidate" from the mouthpiece of the GOP establishment candidate.

That said, I've got to wonder: those attending Herrera's self-flatulation show at the Hilton, orchestrated by Herrera's keepers: McMorris, Vander Stoep, et al... do they even care that Ridgefield Barbie is an SEIU sell out?

The idea that the sheep are following this political waste of space is simply beyond my comprehension.

Otherwise sentient beings lose anything approaching rational judgment when they're in her presence. Never mind that my cocker spaniel is more Republican.

The list of reasons and a leftist political history far outweigh any possible reason to elect this cardboard cutout... yet otherwise sane people refuse to see that which is so obvious: Herrera is completely unqualified to hold any elective office, let alone Congress, and these people are being so maneuvered by both special and establishment interests.

What will these people do when she is endorsed by the SEIU? Will even THAT make any difference?

We might as well have Brian Baird in office as this buffoon. How can these people not see that?

Or is it, as I suspect, that they just don't care?

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  1. It is also of note that Herrera continues to hold these money functions, building a war chest, while Castillo has been reaching out to the people, blue collar people and voters all across the 3rd District for over a year now.

    And, people like Keath Huff claim Herrera is the "grassroots candidate?"

    Just how much grassroots do you think is there in the Hilton's Ballroom watching Jaime prostitute herself for 30 pieces of silver?


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