Tuesday, June 1, 2010

More of Herrera's cluelessness when it comes to Veterans.

I was never a big Herrera fan; but what really got my attention and set me off was a rumor during the appointment process; which she verified to my face; that she viewed her decade-long absence from the district her boss, Cathy McMorris Rogers, was arranging for her to take over as the "same thing as military service."

At that precise second, I knew beyond any doubt that Herrera was no more suited to become my state representative than she was to perform a frontal lobotomy. Her lies to the commissioners ( "There is not a job in the world I would rather have.") McMorris's interference in the process; her cosponsorship and votes for SEIU legislation while she lies about it; her vote to clean out the last $229 million from our state reserve fund along with the rest of the democrats; her ditching us to go to a failure of a fund raiser in DC during session; her lies about allowing others to vote in her absence while she made fund raising calls for her congressional run so she wouldn't appear absent by missing votes... even her ability to blow almost $500 in 3 days during one of her boondoggle "trips" to Seattle and Spokane.

Yesterday served to reinforce the impression in my mind that this empty suit has no more of an idea about the sacrifices and challenges of military service then she does about piloting a space ship. Here's Lew Waters with the details:
Attending the Memorial Services at Fort Vancouver today, I was struck to see Jaime and others being escorted to what looked like reserved seating down front and then, individually recognized, before even the Gold Stars Mothers where recognized as a group.

Disturbing to me is that she, at 31 years of age and Bart Hansen at, I believe, 35 years old and both very healthy, took seats as "honored guests" while aging Veterans, many with canes and trouble walking around, had to stand due to all the seats being taken.

To his credit, Democrat Jim Moeller stood throughout the entire ceremony, not taking a seat that a Veteran might have occupied.

Today is not a day about Politicians, Democrat or Republican, especially young ones who consider themselves "honored guests."

Today is a day set aside to pay respects and homage to those who gave their life in service to our country while engaged with an enemy.

The over all ceremony was very nicely done, as usual and Tim Leavitt gave a nice speech, along with others.

But, individually recognizing politicians as "honored guests" while Gold Star Mothers received recognition after wards as a group and young elected people sitting while aging Veterans had to stand, doesn't set well with me.

It isn't about politicians or campaigning.
No, it isn't about politicians or campaigning, or at least it's not supposed to be. It's about the men and women who have served and sacrificed, while Ridgefield Barbie partied. It's about the Moms and Dads who will never, ever hold their children to their breast again. It's about the wives and husbands and the children left behind.

THAT'S what it's about.

But then, anyone who equates a college campus, multiple internships and a low level staff position in Sodom on Potomac during their 10 year absence from this area to military service would show this total lack of situational awareness... and a complete lack of value to the real costs of service in the military does not surprise me.

Just look at Obama bailing on the Memorial Day Services at Arlington, or should I say the lack of Obama at the Arlington Memorial Day Services.

While Herrera actually did show up, her complete lack of situational awareness and understanding of the value of real, earned service to this country really means is expressed in her actions... or her lack of actions... at this ceremony to honor our dead who have actually served this country, a concept as foreign to Herrera as Sanskrit.

Any other Republican running has that knowledge. Any one of those announced with active campaigns has this knowledge because they've lived it. As a result, Herrera can't even begin to understand it, as her expressed opinions and actions show. And, especially in wartime, that makes her a tremendous liability when it comes to decision-making for either this district... or this country.

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  1. But, President George W. Bush on 2002 also absent, and George H.W. Bush (himself a WW11 veteran attended no ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery during his four years is office. As well as President Ronald Reagan was away from Arlington on four occasion during his eight years in office, this first time I would give him a break as he was recovering from a assassination attempt. President Obama was attending services.


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