Sunday, May 30, 2010

As we ponder this Memorial Day...

I look at those we have running for Congress here in the 3rd District, and on the GOP side, I see that of the 4 GOP'ers running, 3 of them felt strongly enough about their country to actually serve it in uniform.

Jaime, of course, was far too busy being a professional intern to actually consider joining the military.

She was far too busy pouring coffee and taking credit for what others accomplished... like taking credit for raising $2 million at a Bush fundraiser in Bellevue when she wasn't anything more than a receptionist for those who actually put that money together... or answering phones in the White House for a few weeks, or working for Zarelli for 20 minutes or so in Olympia.

While she despicably told me to my face that her decade-long absence from this district was the SAME THING as "serving in the military," I pointed out to her at the time: "No, Jaime... it isn't."

Any one of the other 3 candidates are better qualified to serve us in the midst of a war. Any one of the others have displayed their patriotism and sacrifice for this country by strapping it on and standing a tour on the Wall.

The only place Herrera has "stood on the Wall" is at any one of her legendary clubbing expeditions.

As i go out to my flag pole to lower it to half-staff on Monday in remembrance of those who've gone on before in defense of this great country, I will ponder: How ANYONE support this woman for Congress or any other elective office is simply beyond me.

The choice is clear: we can vote for someone who has already exhibited the best of us by putting their lives on hold and serving this country, or we can vote for someone who's most complex decision has been to choose a color of fingernail polish... since it damned sure wasn't to serve this country.

It's simple, really.


  1. Attending the Memorial Services at Fort Vancouver today, I was struck to see Jaime and others being escorted to what looked like reserved seating down front and then, individually recognized, before even the Gold Stars Mothers where recognized as a group.

    Disturbing to me is that she, at 31 years of age and Bart Hansen at, I believe, 35 years old and both very healthy, took seats as "honored guests" while aging Veterans, many with canes and trouble walking around, had to stand due to all the seats being taken.

    To his credit, Democrat Jim Moeller stood throughout the entire ceremony, not taking a seat that a Veteran might have occupied.

    Today is not a day about Politicians, Democrat or Republican, especially young ones who consider themselves "honored guests."

    Today is a day set aside to pay respects and homage to those who gave their life in service to our country while engaged with an enemy.

    The over all ceremony was very nicely done, as usual and Tim Leavitt gave a nice speech, along with others.

    But, individually recognizing politicians as "honored guests" while Gold Star Mothers received recognition after wards as a group and young elected people sitting while aging Veterans had to stand, doesn't set well with me.

    It isn't about politicians or campaigning.

  2. Words fail me.

    Row after ow of honored dead... and she and Bart did that?

  3. All of our local politicians had such seats down front, but at least some of them are Veterans.


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