Friday, May 28, 2010

The rank hypocrisy of a Herrera supporter.

Imagine my surprise when I read this nonsense from a Herrera kool aid drinker, in this case, one who doesn't even live in the district!
hint 4 @castillo_2010 from Benton: http: // "Contrasts R 1 thing...attacking w/ negative charges isn’t appropriate" #wa03
Hhhhmmmm..... lessee... How about a "negative charge" that emanated from the very slimeball who tweeted the above, along with the ubiquitous Nan Malin, self-appointed political matriarch of the 3rd CD??
Eric Earling - lame: @castillo_2010 can't do big push w/out lying abt @JaimeLHerrera. latest Dick Armey email = laughable. #wa03
Nan Malin - .@billiegirltoo I dont like Maddow, but i know @freedomworks lastest email is full of BS. Complete lies!! Shocking!!! So sad. #wcot #wa03
Nan Malin - Lies frm @freedomworks> RT @ericearling: lame @castillo_2010 cnt do big push w/out lying abt @JaimeLHerrera latest Armey email #wa03 #wcot
Nan Malin - Never thought I would see day @Freedomworks spread outright LIES against a GOP candidate.Complete LIES against @JaimeLHerrera #wa03 #wcot

The hypocrisy here is obvious. The bizarre aspect that someone who doesn't even live close to this district (What's the deal, Eric... you looking for a job?) that put this kind of garbage out... the stunning dimension of hypocrisy that after piling crap on those supporting Castillo for doing the very same thing you and the other Winged Monkeys have done, you would come out with THIS trash?

The very conduct that YOU have engaged in. The very conduct that YOU have now condemned in others. The very conduct that YOU fostered and allowed uncondemned by you when it suited your purposes.

Rank hypocrisy on the part of Herrera's supporters are hardly grounds to vote for her. In fact, they're grounds to do just the opposite.


  1. And, don't forget the whisper campaign launched against Castillo and all the flase rumors they spread.

  2. Notice how that has ever been denied, either?

    Talk about situational ethics!


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