Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Another establishment "Young Gun" bites the dust: Labrador takes out Ward in the ID1

So, a clone of Jaime Herrera got clobbered in the ID1 primary when GOP Idaho State Representative Raul Labrador dough-popped Vaughn Ward, a rather clueless young man who joined with Ridgefield Barbie in achieving the allegedly "coveted status" of NRCC "Young Gun."

You remember all the babble about it a few weeks back, don't you? "Young Gun" this, and "Young Gun" that. Well, Ward WAS a "Young Gun." And I emphasize WAS. Unfortunately for Ward, plagiarizing the Hope-a-Dope doesn't get you elected.

Even more shocking was that Ward was a Sarah Palin endorsed-and-campaigned-for-as-late-as-last-Friday candidate... and it did absolutely nothing for him.

This, of course, is our empty suit's future. Being the establishment's candidate gets you clobbered.

Just like Ward.

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