Tuesday, May 25, 2010

You have GOT to be kidding me: Herrera is stupid enough that giving the democrats control of the House was a GOOD thing?

It takes a genuine, unvarnished political moron to indicate that the loss of the House by the GOP was a "good thing?"


Look, we were spending too much; I'll be the first to admit it. But comparing Bush spending to Obama spending... well, that's like comparing a fender-bender with "8 killed in the intersection."

If you love massive increases in government, spending, taxes and debt, it was just swell.

But then, the SEIU endorsed Jaime Herrera pretty much DOES love those things if her record is any indication.

Big H/T to Lew Waters: on the case as always!


  1. Unbelievable that she could see anything "good" about the Dems complete takeover in the 2006 election.

    True, the GOP had lost their way and was trying to out Dem the Dems, but in 2006, the ones voted out weren't the ones playing footsie with the Dems, it was conservatives in disagreement with the over spending.

    I defy missie Jaime to come forward and show anything that has gotten better since, unless she fels the swelling of public union membership is good.

    With her now well known support for public unions, maybe that is why and what she sees as "good."

  2. It's time for something new. You are taking her comment well out of context.. I'm not a fan of Herrera, but this is getting old..

    What I heard was We needed something like this to WAKE US UP ! Look at what has happened within America.. Alot of good will come of this bad thing that was done.

    However, I don't care for Castillo much either. I have been doing some research and he seems to be running on connections. He has been in Politics for a long time from one job to another.

    I guess this video on his YouTube channel must be due to the Youtube videos I believe Herrera put out on Castillo. I hate dirty politics, where does it stop and people talk about the issues?

    While the Videos are one sided, they are powerful and they are his words.

  3. Whoever you may be, you are certainly entitled to your opinion. But Jaime Herrera is anything BUT "new." She is a complete establishment puppet, entirely beholding to Cathy McMorris Rogers for everything she is or ever will be.

    There are precisely ZERO circumstances where losing control of the House to these leftist thugs could have EVER been construed to be a "good thing."

    That can be viewed in THIS context: That loss has buried us in debt that generations won't be able to pay. And what Herrera is saying here is that she SUPPORTS that kind of nonsense.

    The age for writing the truth about Herrera, which I intend to do as long as she darkens my political doorway, is timeless. I don't write to meet your approval or anyone else's. Those supporting her who refuse to allow the truth to enter in to their deliberations can feel free to avoid reading my hunble efforts.

    I've never been a very big fan of these kinds of "ends justify the means" perspectives. At the end of the day, Herrera's position, which you echo here, was that it was a "good thing" that the GOP lost control of the House.

    Well, given the outcomes of that loss, such a perspective could easily be applied to, say, Hitler or Mussolini, as in, "It was a good thing Mussolini took over Italy. After all, after that, he sure made the trains run on time."

    The videos you mention merely strengthen my resolve that he is the best choice. That some idiot has subtitled them into some twisted, untrue meaning doesn't make me believe that Castillo is not, in EVERY way from experience, education, background, vision and temperament a vastly superior choice over Ridgefield Barbie.


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