Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Bizarro Zone of Jaime Herrera.

At PubliCola, there's an article about Pridemore bailing. In it, once you get past the strange idea that Herrera is the "front runner," we're greeted with this cluelessness:
Bowman concluded with this zinger: “We welcome the campaign against Denny Heck. He’s been part of the establishment since before Jaime was born.” Herrera is 31.
So somehow, it's "bad" for Heck to be the establishment candidate.

But it's perfectly OK for Ridgefield Barbie to be the GOP's establishment candidate?

Totally clueless. Dangerously clueless.


  1. Talk about counting chickens before they hatch.

    But, it also displays the attitude her campaign has of her being "anointed" to the seat, like she must have obtained her 18th LD seat.

    Oh, and Jaime dear, that Hispanic last name isn't going to help you a bit, hon.

  2. I am also struck by Bowman saying, “at least Craig Pridemore was clear on where he stood. Heck’s been less clear, voters are going to have tougher choice there in supporting someone who’s been a little more vague.”

    Uh, does he not realize his words describe Jaime Herrera to a “T?”


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