Thursday, March 25, 2010

Taft vs. Herrera: and the winner is?

(This link is to Victoria Taft's complete interview of Rep. Jaime Herrera on the 24th of March. This is a download of around 2.2 meg)

Listening to Ridgefield Barbie as someone actually holds her accountable for her votes in the Legislature reminds me of that color guy on ESPN: "Rumblin, stumblin, bumblin!"

Some of Herrera's votes have been absolutely mystifying in their breathtaking leftist inclination.

Sponsoring and voting for SEIU legislation; voting as she did a few days ago to clean out the better part of our emergency fund... to help the democrats spend more tens of millions on their pet programs... all of these are indications that her vote has been for sale here, and in the unfortunate event she's elected to Congress (God Forbid) it will be just as for sale their... also indicated by the her attendance at a fund raiser she ditched us to go to in DC during session.

Taft gets it in a way Herrera can never even dream of. She tries to get her to understand, but Herrera is a fake conservative of the old school.

That anyone could or would support a fake Republican with no depth, vision or experience for Congress is the kind of thing that resulted in a Barack Obama as president.

And Jamie, by the way? It wasn't the $200,000,000 you claimed, it was, in fact, $229,000,000. It's nice to see your finger so tightly on the pulse of $29,000,000.

HB 3197

Brief Description: Transferring funds from the budget stabilization account to the general fund.

Sponsors: Representatives Sullivan, Linville, Seaquist, Ericks and Haigh.

Brief Summary of Bill

Ÿ Directs the State Treasurer to transfer $229 million from the Budget Stabilization
Account to the state General Fund.

The more she talks, the worse it gets. The other candidates... almost ANY of the other candidates... look better all the time.

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