Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Convention speech review highlights - Jamie Herrera

Well, I don't know if "highlights" is the right word.

She has, she tells us, for the "...last 3 years... represented" us.

Like the rest of her exaggerations, that is false as well. While this will be her third SESSION, she is several months short of "3 years." But then, Herrera has been factually challenged from the moment she came back here after her 10 year absence.

"It has been the most tremendous honor, it really is."

Much like the lie she blithely told the commissioners already scammed into appointing her long before the actual meeting, when Herrera lied to them by telling them that there was "not being a job she'd rather have" (since she's running for congress)" it hasn't been an honor. How she got this gig and her actions since have been something less than "honorable."

Did she talk about the issues confronting us?


Did she talk about security? Jobs? The economy? Did she have any specific proposals?

No, no and.... no.

Did she talk about any qualifications she might have to be elected to Congress?


There was a massive amount of verbiage where she attempted to explain to US "what America is about."

As if we already didn't know.

As our representative, she "fought against tax increases. and she's signed the taxpayer protection pledge."

Oddly, she didn't speak about her sponsorship and vote for an SEIU bill that would force daycare workers into collective bargaining, a horrific bill that will hurt those who needed her help the most. She remained silent in the face of her plans to empty out the state reserve fund to the tune of $229,000,000, which she did a few days ago.

No. Nothing about that.

She closed with the unfortunate news that Linda Smith had endorsed her, while again lying about her involvement in Smith's campaign in 94... "we remember the fight to get her there" Really? "WE" remember that fight?

YOU weren't there.

I was. But you weren't.

And then that nonsense about her non-existent "independent, hard-working spirit."

"Independent?" If Cathy McMorris stopped suddenly, your entire head would disappear up to your shoulders.

"Hard-working?" There, I have to agree. Few have worked harder in their fund-raising efforts, to include screwing us by ditching us to go to DC during session, or having your seat mate vote for you in your absence so you could make those fund raising calls.

"Hard work" indeed.

And, of course, she will "stand with the people of Southwest Washington."

All while taking her orders from the congresswoman representing Spokane.

"It's going to be our year, folks."

True enough. But it ain't going to be yours.

The speech was, essentially, worthless. It was one huge generality filled with platitudes, and it provided exactly zero justification to support Ridgefield Barbie.

Herrera has no experience in any element that makes up what most sane people would consider to be a solid foundation to serve in congress.

She hasn't lived here for 11 of the past 13 years, which is reason enough to oppose her. She has no private sector experience. She has never owned a home. She has no experience in the military or defense. She has never owned a business.

She has done nothing in any of the areas where she CLAIMS she wants to help US.

And while that makes sense to the fringe right Cowlitz Kool Aid drinkers, it's not going to make sense to the rest of us.

All and all a pathetic, worthless effort that provided no one with anything along the lines of a justification to support this empty suited, vacuous cheerleader to do anything but be a secretary in a congressional office.

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