Monday, March 22, 2010

The Kool Aid drinkers supporting Herrera

The rank hypocrisy of the self-flagellating Herrera supporter is beyond belief.

As those paying attention know, FreedomWorks rightfully endorsed someone who wasn't Jaime Herrera, thank God.

Well, all the local Herrera Herd immediately ran off the cliff like the lemmings they are, whining that FreedomWorks allegedly hadn't bothered to talk to Herrera.

Exclusive of the fact that it wouldn't have made any difference if they had, given what a train wreck Herrera is as a candidate, I have to ask: where were these moronic hypocrites when Slade endorsed Herrera?

That answer?

Easy. They were nowhere.

Rank hypocrisy is easily overlooked when it's your candidate. Not ONE of these clowns complained when Slade did Vander Stoep and McMorris Rogers' bidding and endorsed Ridgefield Barbie who he otherwise wouldn't have known if she had bit him.

That's the curse of having a non-existent resume' like Herrera, who is no more qualified to be a member of Congress then she is to pilot an F-22.

So now, we get whining and sniveling not unlike the dog barf they spewed after Castillo's accurate robo-call went out reminding everyone what an SEIU sellout Herrera is, or that she was ditching us, her constituents, to do a special interest fund raiser in DC during session, HERE.

Otherwise sane people have lost their collective minds over this empty suit. Otherwise smart people who would demand depth, experience, vision and a mind of her own in a normal candidate can't seem to get beyond.... well.... something.... because it isn't her dismal legislative record (made worse today by her efforts to help the unions blow another $229 million of our money against her caucus... again...) and it isn't her record in the private sector: being a career intern shouldn't be that impressive.

And whining about how any organization chooses to endorse someone when others made THEIR endorsement decision the SAME WAY... well, that shows a series of thought processes that are frightening in their stupidity.

You can tell a lot about a candidate by the type of people they attract. And the typical Herrera supporter seems to view her as some kind of cult leader, someone they follow and fall on their swords for her not because she rates it or deserves it, but because, well, she is who she is, as if that's a reason to vote for anyone.

These cults of personality have resulted in other stellar political leaders. Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Obama come immediately to mind. And you'd think these alleged Republicans would know better, since we just got done electing the worst president this country has ever seen; a president much like the candidate they so slavishly support.

And it leads to crybaby whining like I have NEVER seen before. And otherwise honorable people engaging in rank hypocrisy like crybaby three year olds.

Double standards are what leftists engage in. One has to wonder: why are these people acting this way?

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