Monday, March 22, 2010

Herrera ditches her caucus AGAIN: votes to clean out reserve.

State Representative Jaime Herrera (Fake R -SEIU) has once again ditched the Republican caucus and joined with her leftist buddies to empty out our state reserve by voting "yes" on House Bill 3197 "Budget Stabilization Account."

The bill transfers $229,000,000 out of the reserve account, effectively emptying it so her buddies can spend it. The bill passed with a 69 -28 vote, with Herrera AGAIN joining her fellow leftists.

Well done...

..if you're a democrat.

Herrera, best known for screwing us with her cosponsorship and voting for the SEIU bill requiring collective bargaining for child care workers, can now add this to her impressive list of leftist votes.

So, instead of sticking with the rest of the Republicans, Herrera bails AGAIN and gives the democrat money machine what they want.


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