Thursday, March 18, 2010

Herrera throws a hissy fit in the Olympian: stomps her widdle footsie.

Gee, Ridgefield Barbie REALLY got stung by lying about having others vote in her place. SO stung, in fact, that she throws a genuine hissy-fit in today's letters to the editor in The Olympian, who rightly popped her upside her vacuous little head for ditching her job and having others vote for her while she was out making fund-raising calls. In fact, here's her whining little hair pulling screech of a letter, hot off the web site:
Not off the House floor for hours

I am disappointed that this paper chose to restate untrue allegations to single out my voting record in the editorial “Voting for others in the House is unacceptable. The source this paper quoted is not exactly a nonpartisan source — until recently Rep. Deb Wallace was my opponent in the 3rd Congressional District election.

I don’t disagree with the editorial’s call for procedural reform. I would like House leadership to better organize vote timing so that the procedure of voting for others can be changed, and legislators won’t have to miss any votes at all.

What I take issue with is the restated claim by Rep. Wallace that I have been away from the House floor “for hours at a time” during votes this year. That is false. I have one of the best voting attendance records in Olympia. In three years, I’ve missed only 10 out of 1,863 possible floor votes, and all were before this year.

When I am not on the floor, it is typically because I am honoring a constituent’s request for a meeting. As an assistant floor manager, I must also move around the floor to work with legislators about to speak, or attend leadership meetings in the wings. Involvement in the legislative process does not equal hours away from the floor during votes.

I stand behind my voting record, available at, and I stand behind my hard work and service to the people of my legislative district.

REP. JAIME HERRERA, 18th Legislative District

YOU were "disappointed?" Imagine how "disappointed" we, your constituents were, to find out that you had others voting for you... and then have you deny it? Imagine how "disappointed" we were to find out you were too STUPID to stay here and do OUR business, instead of waiting until after session was over to go slurp at the special interest trough your puppet-master McMorris and lobbyist Slade put together for you. As you may have guessed, that disappointed the HELL out of me.

And then this lie about your "voting record" at

Your voting record, which includes your co-cponsorship and vote for an SEIU backed bill requiring collective bargaining for day care workers, is nothing to brag about in the BEST of circumstances.

But in THIS case, what has isn't YOUR voting record. What it's got is the voting record of YOUR voting BUTTON. And what it DOESN'T tell us is who was PUSHING THAT BUTTON.

Man, it wasn't that long ago. You remember the stupidity of the Kool Aid drinkers supporting her; the screeching, whining, moaning and wailing at the very THOUGHT that Ridgefield Barbie would allow someone to vote for her... in her absence... so she would actually appear to be there and voting... was simply, in their minds, untrue.

What was it she said to The Columbian?
Herrera, R-Camas, angrily denied that she was absent in order to campaign.

“Deb has no credibility, she has no proof,” Herrera said.

She said that as deputy floor leader for the House Republican caucus, she was busy
last week organizing testimony in opposition to suspending Initiative 960, a voter-approved measure that requires a two-thirds vote of each chamber to raise taxes.

“I have missed 10 votes in my entire time as a legislator here,” she said. “I haven’t missed any votes (by being) off the floor this session. I’ve been on the House floor fighting for I-960. As a floor leader, part of my responsibility is to manage the floor debate.”
Interesting. Our lying little cardboard cutout DENIES she was "absent in order to campaign," but mere days later, she ditches her constituents and her job, to, you guessed it, be absent from the House so she could campaign.

Of course, she didn't manage spit when it came to the floor fight, but that's for another post; and it's in keeping with her flair of being a drama queen and someone bent on exaggeration to puff up her paper-thin resume'.

That said, Barbs was not, as it would seem, denying that others had voted for her in her absence... au contraire, mon ami.

No, what Barbs was doing was quibbling about just how long she was off the floor, and what she was doing while she was gone.

Now, using the Liz Mair dodge, unnamed sources have verified to me that democrat State Representative Deb Wallace's allegations that Herrera both allowed others to vote in her place AND was making campaign fund raising calls while she was absent from the floor is true.

Of course, the way to solve this problem is to FOIA Herrera's phone records from her office... and ask her to produce her cell phone records... while looking to see the number of times she, say, called McMorris during session to nail down the arrangements for her DC special interest fundraiser... or check to see if those calls were to, say, one of the 8 people who provided the large bulk of her money for the December 31 FEC reporting cutoff... you know, to make arrangements for yet another fund raiser she bailed on us for, this one in Seattle that had lobbyist Slade's fingerprints all over it.

If only Ridgefield Barbie was an adult.

Remembering that old saw about Winston Churchill and the Madam at the party:
Churchill: Madam, would you sleep with me for five million pounds?
Socialite: My goodness, Mr. Churchill! Well, I suppose – we would have to discuss terms, naturally.Churchill: Would you sleep with me for five pounds?
Socialite: Mr. Churchill, what kind of woman do you think I am?!
Churchill: Madam, we’ve already established that. Now we are haggling about the price.
So, when it comes to the matter of others voting in Herrera's place, we've established who and what she is.

Now we're just haggling over how much time she was spending off the floor.

And frankly, knowing what I know?

My money's on Wallace.

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