Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Herrera takes it in the chops again: FreedomWorks backs Castillo.

March has been a particularly bad month for Ridgefield Barbie.

Still stinging from the backlash of her co-sponsorship and vote for a horrific SEIU-backed bill to force collective bargaining on day care workers and businesses; hammered by an effective robo-call reminding everyone that Herrera wasn't even politically intelligent enough to wait until after session was over to ditch her job to bury her head in the special interest trough held up by lobbyist Slade Gorton and her puppet master, Cathy McMorris; getting positively bitch-slapped for having others vote in her place so she wouldn't be seen as absent, even though she WAS absent making fund raising calls... It has been a tough month for our own Little Miss Muffet.

FreedomWorks backing Castillo is something Barbs did NOT want to see. But in addition to House Republican Leader Richard DeBolt (The only elected official to work with both Herrera and Castillo) that Dick Armey and his Tea Party-aligned group came out in support of David Castillo HAS to hurt.

Combined with the endorsement of the Washington Republican National Hispanic Assembly's National Committeewoman, Milagros E. Rice - National Committeewoman, WRNHA (Thurston County) and you've got to wonder: are, as I suspect, the wheels coming off the cardboard cutout's campaign?

A lot of folks out there trumpet Gorton's endorsement of Herrera. But they either don't know or don't care that until Vander Stoep and McMorris made the ask, Slade had never heard of Herrera. Meanwhile, Herrera has the most vanilla endorsement list I've seen for a long time. And wasn't part of that McMorris directed buzz supposed to be that "young Latina" diversity bit?

As the campaign goes on, the endorsement of lobbyist Gorton will ultimately mean less and less as the people come to know what I know... and they will become to be as disgusted as I am.

Meanwhile, political alignments have put Castillo smack into the center of a resurgent GOP in the district in a way that can only make Herrera turn green with envy... in honor of St. Patty's Day, of course.

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