Friday, March 12, 2010

The inanity of Ann Donnelly: a weekly column as campaign ad.

Ann Donnelly is the token Republican our local paper gives a platform to every now and then. She has done yeoman service to the GOP over the years, including a stint as chair back in the day.

Unfortunately, she has drifted leftward for quite some time... thus the justification the paper must have used to hire her as the token Republican in the sea of avowed leftists running the show.

So, it was not terribly surprising that she has joined the kool aid drinkers supporting SEIU activist Jaime Herrera.

What is a surprise was her use of her column as a not even thinly veiled campaign ad for Ridgefield Barbie, chock full of hyperbole and crap about the non-existent impact our local cardboard cutout of a state representative had when the democrats rolled us on getting rid of I-960 and then jacking our taxes up through the roof.

That Donnelly would stoop to such a moronic level is indicative of your basic Herrera supporter.

When asked why they would support someone of Herrera's ilk... someone who has lived here only 2 out of the last 13 years; someone who is proud of renting a house because she lacks the wherewithal to buy one, (and never planned on living here long anyway) someone who would ditch her constituents in mid-session to attend a lobbyist fund raiser in Washington, DC put on by her masters, McMorris and Gorton...

Someone who was obviously lying when she told the commissioners during the appointment process that "there is not a job in the world I would rather have," Herrera supporters typically have no answer.

Herrera only lacks the experience, the education, the character and the depth to be in Congress as anything but what she was: a minor-level staffer who even lied about that.

When the robo call went out from Castillo's campaign, accurately characterizing Herrera's malfeasance in office, Donnelly was among those who flipped. Many Herrera supporters, like Liz Mair, cobbled together loads of nonsense.

Keath Huff blew a gasket and ladled out a horrific load of crap. Calls were made by people who should have known better demanding to know the involvement of which people who had something to do with the call.

Well, between Herrera ditching her job of voting in favor of her fund raising calls and just plain ditching us altogether so she could bury her face up to her shoulders in the special interest trough held in place by her string pullers, something went wrong.

The loud and over the top response to the robo calls tells the story. Much like our resident whiny little punk's response to Wallace's allegations ("Deb has no credibility. She has no proof," hardly a denial.) and the failure of any of her colleagues to rush out to her defense (speak volumes, doesn't it?) shows that both Wallace's allegations and Castillo's robo calls have hurt HER badly, unlike the guck other bloggers have mentioned.

To use your column of alleged opinion to prop up a failing candidate by making outrageous and untrue connections between this political waste of skin and two of the giants of SW Washington political history... Williams and Smith... is simply beyond the pail.

In fact, it makes as much sense as comparing a Volkswagen bug with a turbocharged Ferrari.

It is, in fact, a despicable use of a column to shill for a candidate who has achieved a cult-like stature among some... people like Donnelly blindly supporting her but lacking any justification for that support when Herrera is compared to almost any of the other candidates running from either party, the majority of which having vastly more experience, judgment and actual time living in the district.

Herrera's campaign has taken on the stench of desperation. And Donnelly's middle-school effort to make Herrera shine just serves to re-enforce that smell.

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